June 12, 2018

August Special

Mars retrograde Astrology Reading:

An opportunity for a 30 minute in-depth reading at a special price.

How the Mars retrograde now taking place impacts you. Phone, Skype or in-person.$65

Mars retrogrades once every two years. This year Mars is in unique alignment with Uranus, marking this retrograde as more powerful, with the potential for greater personal breakthroughs. June special reading focuses on how to utilize this alignment for greatest success.  For more info contact Susan, email or 831 479-3751

Mars in Aquarius is in its slowing process until it retrogrades on June 26th. Simplifying and letting go of over committing ourselves is essential. When Mars goes retrograde it is time to review what we have put in place, to review our intentions and reflect upon what we want to manifest in the future. It is advised not to begin big projects during the Mars retrograde, until August 27th. (For more info on these times and what we are moving through you can order a audio recording Susan’s June 1st talk   ).

Mars in its retrograde phase, especially squaring Uranus, can intensify impulsiveness, anger, reactionary behavior, impatience, and aggressiveness. Think of Mars retrograde as a time of testing our ability to remain calm, centered, and clear. I imagine the planets as master teachers offering opportunities for becoming skillful in moving through life, and instructing us in how to align with our creative powers most successfully. Humans are creators. We can use our creativity for positive or negative outcomes. Positive creativity nourishes the soul and builds love. Creativity can resolve polarity into integrated unity at higher levels of awareness. This is what is being called for now, in this great time of transition. Mars retrograde as master teacher, tests our ability to remain present and centered, while reviewing what we are putting in place for the future. Keep things simple in your schedule. All retrogrades bring what is unconscious up. We need space to honor this process, learn from it and reset ourselves.

Uranus in Taurus squares Mars in Aquarius through October. Get familiar with not knowing the exact answer. This is the time to be fully present as we can expect sudden turns of events. For the most beneficial outcomes and self nourishment deepen your practice of listening. With Uranus in Taurus, revelation comes through spending time out in nature and in sacred places. This is the time to balance solitude and gathering with like minds, sharing vision, and insight. As we walk through these volatile times, detach from taking things personally. There are eruptions from below (think of the Hawaiian volcano) and storms from above, and more to come! There are whirlwinds of change about us. To center and ground are the keys to stability. This is our mantra.

“Gather yourselves!  Banish the word struggle from you attitude and your vocabulary.  All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Hopi elder

Susan Heinz
831 479-3751
Center for Transformative Visions




Illuminating your ‘nodal axis’



The nodes are the points in space where the eclipses take place, the perfect alignment of Sun, Moon and Earth

They hold the keys to unlocking your potential and understanding the habitual behavior that limits your growth


30 minute reading, $65

in person, Skype, or phone reading


contact Susan now,

or 831 479-3751 to schedule your appointment

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