January 11, 2019

Planetary Alignments for 2019

2019, the year of the Earth Pig in Chinese astrology
Begins Feb 4th, at the 2nd New Moon after the Winter Solstice

The year of the Earth Pig begins with a New Moon in Aquarius on February 4th. We transition out of the year of the Earth Dog where integrity and honesty test political leadership, into the Earth Pig or Boar year. 2019 is called the Gold Pig year (fortuitous in the Earth element) as the Pig year brings abundance and enjoyment of the good life. This bodes well for the economy until 2020 in the year of the Rat when our expenses and debt become more alarming. We must be thoughtful of excesses. The year of the Pig cultivates more tolerance, charity and expansiveness. The Earth element grounds us and steadies us for the year.

The overall feeling of this Earth Pig year highlights honesty and fortitude toward our goals, while echoing the Jupiterian optimism and confidence. With Saturn now in Capricorn the importance of limits and humble movement toward our goals balances the indulgences of the Pig year.

Planetary alignments for 2019

Lingering influence of Dramatic lineup from 2010 to 2016–Uranus squaring Pluto in Cardinal signs – initiating and action orientated

This lineup brings the challenge of polarities, battle between views, and old narratives that have gone to extremes. As the old power structures are exposed there is a struggle between old and new, those in power stay in control by using fear. Our opportunity now is to birth a new paradigm of perception, consciousness, and social order for humanity, for the people and the needs of our planet. Pluto in Capricorn shows an end of an era. The structures, economies, policies, social hierarchies that have governed us are no longer viable, (like economies based on endless growth). Here is the battle for the soul of the world and the identity of the USA

Many of us are feeling its impact personally, especially those with the signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn in their charts. We have experienced the breakdown of the old identities and a reorientation takes place. Some of us experience an openness and healing, as trauma and past conditioning unwind themselves into a new sense of self. It is then that we can ground ourselves in the present, allowing greater consciousness, health, and new possibilities to evolve.

Pluto now in Capricorn (since 2008)

The last time Pluto entered Capricorn was in 1762-1778. Pluto in Capricorn breaks down and restructures governing systems, bureaucracies, old power structures, economies, and brings to the surface issues of authority and control that can no longer be of service to the evolution of humanity. Pluto in Capricorn intensifies power struggles, and the old systems of oppression, while at the same time bringing about destruction and catharsis to those systems. This described the end of British rule and the will and power to shape the Constitution. With Pluto, once again, in Capricorn, the transformative forces around governments return. Pluto brings to the surface what has been hidden and repressed in terms of these systems, especially repressed contents and wounds in the deep foundations of nations, people and social dynamics. (The forming of the USA constitution took place with Pluto in Capricorn.)

Personally, when touched by Pluto in Capricorn, we make a descent into the deep inner realm of the soul. Here we experience what has been exiled from our consciousness yet is in our body’s cellular memory. Pluto brings about letting go, and loss, confronts us with old identities that are no longer life sustaining, often accompanied by fear, shame, or self-hatred. It brings catharsis and rebirth, potentially healing trauma, and illuminating the unconscious preexisting identity patterns and stories. This brings about reclaiming a vital part of the self that had been loss and is now reunited.

Saturn in Capricorn (Dec 2017 through 2020)

Saturn entered Capricorn on December 19th, 2017. It was last in Capricorn from November 1988 through 1991. Saturn limits, focuses, and concentrates one’s experience in the sign it occupies. It is through Saturn transits that we are offered learning experiences, which register through our whole being; physical, psychological, and spiritual.

Saturn teaches us through our experience. Saturn builds and creates focus for our intention. It cultivates what we align with as the “voice of authority”. As we move forward into greater consciousness during the next two years we benefit by centering in our inner voice and truth, our own inner authority. Capricorn works best in manifesting our intention through step-by-step focus, effort, and staying power. Saturn utilizes quiet, stillness, and deep listening to activate its wisdom. Shifting from Sagittarius into Capricorn, Saturn crosses over into a Cardinal sign. All the Cardinal signs are about initiating new beginnings. This is your opportunity to set your navigating force on a new track. Ask, “What is my deepest yearning?” Set your intention to steady itself for the year ahead. Then get ready to climb on the Capricorn mountain trail. Stay steady on your path, bring in organization and patience for the year ahead. Take in the view!

Uranus entering Taurus, March 6th

Uranus jolts us into sudden and unexpected new realities/situations. In this way it wakes us up. It can disengage us from secure points of view, and cause sudden separations from what we have relied on and valued. It brings us to the Present as it is, open, spacious, full of uncertainty, yet also full of potential gifts. It promotes radical change in our lives, attuning to new ways of being that are more creative, freer, and life sustaining. In Aries, Uranus offered us new beginnings, and the impetus to change, to go for it, and the courage to begin new endeavors. With Uranus moving into Taurus on March 6th, we enter the next phase of what has begun to activate and develop in the world since 2010. It can shift the focus into awakening us to our values and our relationship with nature and the environment. Its potential is to bring idealism into reality, originality into tangible forms. It activates the Earth signs and the fixed signs to change, wake up and go for it.

Uranus and Saturn in Earth signs

Uranus will be nearby, in Earth sign relation with your Saturnian intention. Like a great Eagle soaring, Uranus reminds you to remember the power and intelligence of the wildness within all nature. Step into the Uranian Cosmos of wild imaginary forces, the ultimate freedom to fully be yourself, and lasso a vision, or open a portal to the possible, then day by day with perseverance and commitment let Saturn instruct you. This activates your soul’s expression. Honor Saturn, by organizing yourself and making a commitment to create this reality for yourself.

Jupiter into Sagittarius on November 8, 2018 to December 2, 2019

Jupiter, moving out of the intense water sign, Scorpio, which travels into dark places and transforms, now scales the Sagittarian heights of possibilities. Confidence and hope grow. Jupiter in Sagittarius seeks greater truth, expands our perceptions and views, and includes a larger view of who we are. It moves into the mythic for greater meaning. Universal concerns become more predominant. Jupiter in fire sign Sagittarius wants to move, to be free, to take risks. With its arrow pulled back and tense in the bow, we now aim toward idealistic targets and greater justice. Its shadow side can increase over doing, over promising, over eating, over spending, over confidence, and self-righteous adherence to fanatical or rigid belief systems. It is helpful to remember that the last degrees of Sagittarius align with the center of our Milky Way galaxy, bringing in awareness of the spaciousness in which we live and offers an alignment to our original source. Contemplate that!

Neptune in Pisces, (last there in 1874-61).

since 2011 to 2025

Neptune in Pisces can bring more attunement to the many dimensions in which we live and breathe, moving beyond identifying only with the physical into the spiritual and imaginative dimensions. Rules are changing. People are able to break out of roles that have for so long held us in place and dictated how we could be with each other. (i.e. gay marriage, gender identity) The oceans, music, the arts, spirituality, imagination, and meditation will all increase in concern and focus. (Note, the mindfulness meditation movement) The arts, music, and sound, and their role in healing will be accentuated. Prison and hospital reform will be up for us. Issues with refugees and large movements of people across borders will come to the forefront. Neptune in Pisces assists in dissolving the old paradigm. It can activate the powers of our imagination so to support breaking out of old paradigms and belief systems that limit us. What we can imagine we can create. The shadow side of Neptune in Pisces is an increase in verbal spin, manipulation through deception and propaganda, increase in denial and escapism through drugs and alcohol. Neptune is a very refined energy on an emotional level, extending our sensing and perceptional feeling body. Its properties are heightened when it travels through its own sign. The challenge: we can feel overwhelmed as the increase in emotional sensitivity takes place as open as we are to the collective emotional field. It can be very disorientating and confusing, stimulating emotional responses of victimization. So when Neptune travels through Pisces, meditation, contemplation, coming to inner stillness and utilizing our poetic imagination all promote connection to more inclusive dimensions of consciousness.

Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces

The first of 3 Jupiter squares to Neptune takes place on January 13, a very powerful and rare alignment. They challenge each other toward developing clarity and compassion. Fiery Sagittarian Jupiter seeks truth and greater moral alignment. It wants to expand, find greater meaning and justice, while dreamy Neptune in Pisces, amplifies the imaginative worlds. Neptune in Pisces is formless and exists as possibilities in potential states, is deep feeling, and porous to the collective suffering and hopes of humanity.

The square, through tension, establishes a new relationship between the two archetypes, creating a foundation, which guides philosophical changes in our belief systems. Neptune potentially provides the emotional and spiritual refinement, the imaginative powers to grow and evolve into more mindful, inspired awareness. It amplifies our highest nature.

Both represent idealism and have their shadow sides. So be vigilant to your values and sense of truth. Old solutions to old problems no longer work. Jupiter can overdo, becoming too idealistic and like Icarus, fly too high and near the Sun. Neptune in Pisces is susceptible to illusion, delusion, and denial. Let us be vigilant to collective and personal denial, knowing with Neptune in Pisces we are more sensitive to each other and the world condition, susceptible to overwhelm and confusion. The grace of the universal timing gives us the power inherent with Saturn in Capricorn to create healthy boundaries and cut away the dross of an over stimulated culture. Saturn teaches though inner quiet and listening.

Mercury retrogrades in Water signs

Mercury is the planet of the mind; how we form our thoughts and perceptions, how we communicate and connect mentally with others. Every year Mercury retrogrades 3 times, representing the need we all have to periodically retreat , go inward, and reconnect at deeper levels. It is a time for review, for fine-tuning our projects, for slowing down. We can expect delays or technology to stall, all with a drive to attain a natural rhythm that periodically calls us inward. Each year Mercury retrogrades in a different element. In 2019 it retrogrades in the water signs.

With Mercury retrograding through the water signs, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, we review the quality of our lives. We take time to understand what our emotions are communicating to us, and realize how much we are tuned into each other and the collective. It is a time to retreat, find ways to rest and rejuvenate. Imagination increases and is an excellent time for artistic, musical, and poetic souls to plumb the depths of their expression.

(March 5 – March 28, July 7-31, and Oct 31 – Nov 20)

North Node in Cancer, South Node in Capricorn

With the North Node in Cancer, collective and personal growth comes by bringing mindful awareness to our emotions and deep soul. Moving away from the Capricorn South Node of judgment, ideas of success and failure, of tight control and dominating voices of authority, we now turn to what nurtures deeper aspects of ourselves, our bodies, and our imaginative power. It’s not a matter of indulging feelings of victimhood but rather empowering ourselves with the consciousness that our feeling sense brings to navigating toward our purpose. Focus will be greater on children and families, on housing, on feeding people and caring for each other. Issues of mothering and motherhood come to the forefront as does the collective idea of our Great Mother, the Earth.

Eclipses in 2019

The nodes always indicate where the Eclipses will take place throughout the year. The nodes are the points in space where the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth are in perfect alignment, thereby creating pairs of eclipses that take place 6 months apart, first at one node, then the other.

Jan 15, partial Solar eclipse, 15 Capricorn, Jan 20, total Lunar Eclipse at 0 Leo

July 2, total Solar Eclipse, 10 Cancer, July 16, partial Lunar Eclipse at 24 Capricorn,

December 25th, Annular Solar Eclipse, 4 Capricorn

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