About Susan Heinz

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science…(the) pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe.”  Albert Einstein

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer with a unique combination of ancient lineages of study and creative approaches for embodying wisdom, with a practice in Santa Cruz for 42 years. Susan utilizes traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah, to illuminate the wisdom that resides within each psyche. She specializes in life readings which support one to enlarge their understanding of who they are, to understand their unique purpose and talents, and the diverse, and often opposing tendencies within their psyches. Through this, new levels of integration, self acceptance, and self embodiment liberate one into creative possibilities on their life path. She also offers transit readings for the year ahead, relationship readings, group or business readings, readings for children and newborns, and more. (see consultations)

Susan is an enthusiastic instructor with 39 years of teaching astrology. Susan teaches at her Center for Transformative Visions, as well as having taught through Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts, in Santa Cruz, CA. She teaches beginning, intermediate, and advanced astrology courses, learning the basics through more advanced techniques, transits, progressions, solar return, relationship analysis, in depth psychological make up, soul centered astrology as well as mundane, electional, and political astrology. She designs individual mentorship, whether in person, or on zoom, and offers groups classes.

Susan began her studies in 1980 with Leyla Rael, Dane Rudhyar’s wife. This course of study, through Rudhyar’s work, archetypal, psychological, and transpersonal, formed the foundation of Susan’s astrological perspective. Susan studied AstroCartoGraphy with Jim Lewis as well as private study with Alan Oken of Esoteric Astrology.

Love of nature, its intelligence, and the mysterious cosmos in which we live, have shaped Susan’s life and purpose. The time she spent living and working in the high elevations of Yosemite National Park contributed to physically knowing and experiencing elemental forces of astrology. It is here she learned the stellar constellations, watched the rising and setting of planets, the Moon’s majesty of the night skies, the singing of the stars, and experienced the luminous mystery of the night skies.

Susan has an in depth background in the Qabalah, the Tree of Life, and the Tarot. She has designed courses on the Tree of life, as well as the Tarot, which she has taught for over 28 years. The Tarot and the Tree of Life enlarge one’s astrological understanding, deepening the correspondences and archetypes of the planets and signs related to the journey of life and consciousness. Susan began her studies of the Qabalah, with Amber Jayante, Pamela Eakins, and Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi. She taught her first Qabalah class with Pamela Wylie in the 90s and since then taught courses taking students through the 32 paths of activation on the Qabalistic Tree of life, which includes the wisdom of the Tarot. Susan has developed a unique transformative painting course based on Qabalistic and Astrological Wisdom Teachings.

Susan says of her painting classes which began in 2007 with Majio, artist and dream facilitator, then in 2009, continued with her own students into the 22 paths on the Tree in her own studio, located on Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz, “I am overwhelmed by the incredible paintings that the painters bring forward out of the depths of their imagination and psyche. For many it has been a healing journey, a mirror of themselves, reflecting their unique essence, and a delight in continuous discovery.”  Susan continues to offer transformative painting classes designed for each student to bring the powers of creativity and artistic expression into beautiful and amazing manifestation.

Susan is also a SoulCollage@ Facilitator, anchoring mythic and archetypal images experientially through collage.

Since 1990, Susan has held a monthly astrological class, giving an overview on the global situation, while illuminating the meaning of these times, and how to best move with the energies present. (MP3s available through her website).

Susan also specializes in creating sacred space and ceremony, along with astrological timing, for groups, business organizations, and individuals.

Susan writes a monthly astrological column, highlighting the prominent planetary alignments for each month and the 12 signs. You can sign up to receive the monthly article here. And/or you can read it here.

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