August 3, 2020

Astrology for August

I took this photo of Comet Neowise with my phone on July 18th. Comets are messengers from beyond, marking the time as significant and important, asking us to listen more deeply to something beyond and outside of our habituated ways of being and reacting.

Classes for September

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A few words for the Astrology for August:

(Look for the 12 signs in September). I have taken a month away from work for my nourishment, though I am scheduling consultations.

This has been a gorgeous Aquarius full Moon with Jupiter shining near by. As we have moved into the fixed signs Leo and Aquarius, this is a time for consolidating, deepening in our hearts and in our breath. Typically it is a time of playfulness and gathering with friends, but now, during this pandemic time, we feel the square to Uranus in Taurus, disrupting and agitating for movement and freedom. Saturn and Pluto are once again coming closer together with the experience of contraction and holding to that which needs transforming. You may be feeling this push and pull.

Mars now in Aries emphasizes the need to move and to do. I find myself walking around my yard and on endless walks, but we can harness this fire energy. It’s so important to take good care of ourselves now, to soothe our nervous systems of the strain and stress of this pandemic, to get good sleep so our bodies and psyche can positively embrace the fiery Mars energy. The fire energy is the energy of spirit and inspiration. Do take walks, runs, yoga and physical outlets. Connect with what inspires you: creativity, nature, inspirational podcasts, teachers, books, gardening, and breathing deeply to enhance the spirit of fire in your life. Take time to focus on your purpose and on what you are wanting to cultivate.
Mars is now in its preshadow phase of its retrograde cycle, until September 9th, when Mars goes retrograde (until November 13th). This year it retrogrades from 29 Aries to 15 Aries. Watch what issues arise, watch your desires and drives, and take note. Don’t stay on the surface of them but allow yourself to dig a little deeper by writing about them or sharing with a friend. We might imagine this time as a momentum to seed a cycle of growth. What is it you are desiring for this next part of your life. What is it asking of you? Where is it calling you to deepen?
In the world and especially in the USA we will be watching this rebelliousness, the challenge to deepen and persevere, to ignite ourselves with spirit, positive action and deeper presence rather than reactive polarization. I think of the moving memorial for John Lewis, this potential of our humaness and the evolutionary pull to draw upon the deep feminine, our utter interdependency with all life. We are being rattled and cooked into a newness, shaking loose all the dark places into the light for we are in the alchemical process of profound transformation. May we awaken to its call and need.

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