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Astrology for July

July begins with a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer, on the 2nd. When the new moon becomes a Solar Eclipse, as it does twice a year, we can know and feel the perfect alignment of the 3 heavenly bodies that tend our daily life, our Earth, our illumining Sun and the circling reflective Moon. […]

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Astrology for June

June Celestial Events: Jun 3 – New Moon in Gemini, this new moon encourages expansion, imagination, and sharing ideas with others. While the Gemini energy supports connection and conversation with others, its opposite sign, Sagittarius, gives us important information about balance during this season, especially with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is about staying focused on […]

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Astrology for May

May Celestial Events: May 4, 3:46 pm – New Moon in Taurus, the fixed Earth sign of Taurus holds the force of spring into growth and blossoming. The power inherent in earthy Taurus is the power to illuminate the light which dwells in all forms. For this New Moon align yourself with the inner light […]

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Astrology for April

April Celestial Events: April 5 – New Moon in Aries, set an intention to commit to action, take a risk, step into something new. With the Moon soon to square Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, create a structure to continue to follow through with your plans. Apr 9 – Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. This […]

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Astrology for March

March Celestial Events: March 1 – Venus enters Aquarius, and squares Uranus. With Venus in Aquarius, we may notice an ability to step back and witness our interactions with others. Venus in Aquarius enjoys friends and collaborations with others. The square to Uranus ignites awakening and changing up in relationship. We are more supported to […]

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Planetary Alignments for 2019

The overall feeling of this Earth Pig year highlights honesty and fortitude toward our goals, while echoing the Jupiterian optimism and confidence. With Saturn now in Capricorn the importance of limits and humble movement toward our goals balances the indulgences of the Pig year.

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December Astrology

The Winter Solstice, the Sun moves into Capricorn. To the Ancient stargazers, the earth sign Capricorn was the most sacred of all the signs.
The ancients understood that the task of being human is to bring light into the dark and to transform that which is dark, or unconscious, into the radiance of spirit in the body, perceiving this radiance in all of nature.

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November Astrology

November Celestial Events: November 1st – Venus retrograde appears as morning star in Libra (see below) Nov 7 – New Moon in Scorpio – themes of intimacy, depth perception, vulnerability, truth, and power, understanding the dark impulses and the power to heal, to surrender and renew. Plant seeds for radical transformation Nov 8 – Jupiter […]

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