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Planetary Alignments for 2019

The overall feeling of this Earth Pig year highlights honesty and fortitude toward our goals, while echoing the Jupiterian optimism and confidence. With Saturn now in Capricorn the importance of limits and humble movement toward our goals balances the indulgences of the Pig year.

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December Astrology

The Winter Solstice, the Sun moves into Capricorn. To the Ancient stargazers, the earth sign Capricorn was the most sacred of all the signs.
The ancients understood that the task of being human is to bring light into the dark and to transform that which is dark, or unconscious, into the radiance of spirit in the body, perceiving this radiance in all of nature.

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November Astrology

November Celestial Events: November 1st – Venus retrograde appears as morning star in Libra (see below) Nov 7 – New Moon in Scorpio – themes of intimacy, depth perception, vulnerability, truth, and power, understanding the dark impulses and the power to heal, to surrender and renew. Plant seeds for radical transformation Nov 8 – Jupiter […]

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Astrology for October

October Celestial Events: A new planet discovered, “Goblin” (see below) October 5th – Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio (see below) Oct 8 – New Moon in Libra – themes of relatedness, balance, breath, and poise through our daily life, finding value moment by moment Oct 9 – Mercury enters Scorpio – all communication deepens, vulnerability […]

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Astrology for July

A partial Solar eclipse, July12th, at 7:48 pm, not visible from the USA and a Lunar Eclipse on July 27th! A powerful eclipse tonight, July 12th! We are already feeling these energies! (And will be feeling for the next several days). The Moon conjuncts the Sun in this eclipse, while opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Those […]

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Astrology for June

Humans have always celebrated the return of the light. On this day, June 21st, when the light lingers the longest, the Sun enters Cancer, marking the summer solstice. There has always been ceremony, honoring the light, contemplating its power, drinking in its radiance for renewal. During 2018 we engage with tumultuous times. Our shadow material […]

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Astrology for May

We strive for peace of mind, to find ourselves inside the beauty of this world. We pursue discovery, balanced on the edge of uncertainty, we embrace life. As astrologers, we listen deeply to the language of stars, bones, ancestors, earth and sea. Jupiter now shines its light to open our minds. It guides us to […]

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