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Planetary Alignments for 2022

Venus retrograde – December 18 – January 28, 2022   26 – 11 Capricorn
This important transit begins our year, requiring inner self-reflection, allowing us to more fully embody, with clarity, our personal journey through the year. Venus retrograde is a time to focus on our personal and collective values, as well as the quality of our relatedness to each other.

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Astrology for January 2022

2022 comes in with an intensity.  Flexibility and attentiveness become the keywords, as we adapt to changing circumstances. The more flexible and stable we are at the same time, the better.  (Influence of Saturn square Uranus.) So how do we find that inner stability, that inner mountain pose, grounded and centered, while alert to unfolding […]

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Astrology for October

In the Libra time of year, the Sun finds its midway point on the horizon at dawn, and we bring ourselves back to balance. From earthy Virgo into airy Libra, our needs to connect with and consider each other, to socialize, and to share the arts, music, and creative ideas are accentuated. Normally diplomatic and […]

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Astrology for September

Full Moon at 28 Pisces, September 20th. Now we feel the Virgo/Pisces pairing. The critical powers of Virgo meet the compassion and altruism of Pisces. Now we can step into our dreams and create plans. This full Moon accentuates our deep feeling life and what we share with all other living beings on the Earth. Under the Pisces full Moon the boundaries are thin…..

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