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Astrology for 2020

2020 will be a major “Turning Point” year for us personally and collectively. Hold the vision for powerful transformations for yourself and humanity. A rare planetary conjunction in Capricorn starts the year (Saturn conjunct Pluto) and another one (Jupiter conjunct Saturn) ends the year, in Aquarius, called the Great Mutation, leading us into new developing themes for humanity.

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Astrology for June

June Celestial Events: Jun 3 – New Moon in Gemini, this new moon encourages expansion, imagination, and sharing ideas with others. While the Gemini energy supports connection and conversation with others, its opposite sign, Sagittarius, gives us important information about balance during this season, especially with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is about staying focused on […]

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Astrology for March

March Celestial Events: March 1 – Venus enters Aquarius, and squares Uranus. With Venus in Aquarius, we may notice an ability to step back and witness our interactions with others. Venus in Aquarius enjoys friends and collaborations with others. The square to Uranus ignites awakening and changing up in relationship. We are more supported to […]

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