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Planetary Alignments for 2022

We continue in the tensional relationship (begun at the start of 2021) between Saturn, (structure, stability, tradition, control, constriction and master teacher) and Uranus (sudden change, rebellion, freedom, breakthrough to new ways of perceiving). While these two archetypal forces express opposing tendencies, exaggerating division, the greater effort is to embrace a broader perspective and a higher level of objective awareness to address the problems before us. The old solutions won’t work. A high tension, high conflict time, that seeks to break and disrupt old ways of doing things.

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Astrology for January 2022

2022 comes in with an intensity.  Flexibility and attentiveness become the keywords, as we adapt to changing circumstances. The more flexible and stable we are at the same time, the better.  (Influence of Saturn square Uranus.) So how do we find that inner stability, that inner mountain pose, grounded and centered, while alert to unfolding […]

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