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Astrology for December

Saturn moves into Capricorn on December 19th. As Saturn enters wintry Capricorn, these four qualities are worth remembering (and if you have Saturn in Capricorn in your birth chart). The first quality is contraction and focus, going down deep inside to find your own voice and inner knowing. If we stay outwardly busy, the contraction […]

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Astrology for November

Jupiter, the planet of increase, having entered powerful Scorpio, is revealing the hidden, and probing the depths. We find ourselves in a time that enlarges and intensifies our experiences and emotional responses. Deep layers of the subconscious and feelings are triggered. Our vulnerability increases. Our outrage grows. Three symbols help to describe Scorpio’s range and complexity. […]

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Astrology for July

In pondering these times a version of the creation story comes to mind. The story goes like this. Ten vessels were created to hold and channel the downpour of the divine life force and light which would create the world. The vessels were not strong enough to contain the life force and they shattered. The […]

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Astrology for June

    With Mars traveling through Gemini we experience a battle between the light and the dark, between consciousness and trajectory toward inclusiveness versus splintering into shards of polarized opposition of forces. As Mars opposed Saturn at the end of May, tension built, seeking resolution. The collective wound is up. We are pitched through the abundant […]

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Astrology workshop for Intermediate to Advanced Students

  A great opportunity to deepen your understanding of yourself, others and the mystery in which we live! Susan is offering an Intermediate to Advanced Astrology Class Workshop!  Workshop on Saturday July 15th  followed with 3 Thursday evenings This Saturday workshop allows the participants to be immersed in in-depth reading of the natal chart at a […]

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Astrology for March & April

Look to the north as twilight subdues the light. The Big Dipper stands upright upon its handle in its dance around the North Star. Venus is bright and beautiful in the West as it slowly descends below the western horizon on the 21st. We are witnessing the Venus retrograde cycle. It takes place once every […]

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