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Deepening our Interpretive abilities

Astrology of Relationships, Understanding Chart Comparison, and Composite Charts

Class dates: Tuesday, Sept 8 – Sept 29, 2-4pm PDT, continuous for 4 Tuesdays

An Astrology class for the intermediate astrology student

This class will teach the participants how to interpret relationship dynamics, relationship compatibility, strengths, challenges and how to support the relationship for growth and greater consciousness. We will work with natal charts, understanding the signature for what one brings in for relationship. We will learn to interpret synastry charts or two charts together for compatibility and lessons within the relationship. We will also learn about the Composite chart, a chart drawn up from the two natal charts.

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Beginning Astrology

Class dates: Wednesday, 1st session; September 16 – October 7th, 5pm to 7pm PDT, 2nd session; Oct 14 – November 4

8 classes complete the class.

Learning the language of Astrology, particularly Archetypal Astrology, gives us a view of each human life as being called to purpose and to know oneself. You will learn the basic format of the astrology chart, the power of the 4 elements in our lives, and the meaning of the signs and planets. You will connect to the wisdom of cycles as known through the 12 signs.  You will learn the depth and breadth of the planetary archetypes, ie Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus etc. and how they express themselves in our lives.

We are called to meaning and to be of service to the needs of our time. The unique relationship of Earth to Sun, Moon, Solar System, and the backdrop of the starry cosmos holds patterns and meaning by which we navigate. Astrology allows us to stand back and observe the human story. Through this we develop compassion and understand more deeply the uniqueness of each individual and ourselves. Come join me in learning this starry language along with a beautiful meditative symbol of our lives.

Included in this course is your astrology chart, and other informative handouts. Learning astrology allows us to broaden our understanding of the universe in which we live. It is a healing and paradigm changing experience.

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 37 years. Susan’s purpose in sharing one’s chart is to bring more awareness into one’s life of the archetypal forces one is dealing with, allowing more choice and broadening one’s perspective on embracing a meaningful life. She brings together archetypal astrology, esoteric astrology, the Chinese the Nine Star Ki, as well as Tarot and Qabalah.

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Monthly Astrological Group

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