Current Class Offerings, & Susan’s 2022 talk 1/8/22

See below to register for “Navigating your Transits 2022”, January 29th, Saturday workshop

Join Susan on Saturday, January 8th, 6:00 pm PST

for a presentation on the Astrological Perspective for 2022
Crossing the Great Divide, Imagination, Resilience and Visionary Engagement

Join Susan for an evening presentation to broaden your perspectives on the meaning of these times. Susan will discuss the astrological alignments of 2022 for your personal guidance throughout the year. She will also highlight the challenges and opportunities present in the year ahead for the USA .

With inspiration, story, and discussion of the archetypal forces that are shaping 2022, Susan will weave an overall picture of the times we are living in and how to best navigate our journey with meaning and purpose. Having greater understanding of the essential archetypal energies of the present allows us more choice in our engagement with this present time.

In these turbulent times of transformation and paradigm shift, Susan examines what this means for humanity and for the USA, focusing on how we can personally align with the energy for healing and to bring forth our unique gifts. There is a call that arises from Earth and Sky to awaken to our profound interrelatedness with all life. During this time of reckoning, when there is the surfacing of the deep cultural, familial, and political tensions, when the underbelly of our creations are revealed, we can step into that which we are meant to be on this sacred Earth, in this living intelligent Cosmos.

The talk will take place on Zoom, $20, sign up now

January 29th, Saturday workshop, 10 am – 3 pm PDT (break from 12-1pm)

Navigating Your Transits for 2022” 

a Saturday workshop 10-3pm, January 29th, 2022 

Your astrology chart, with the transits for this year, is a navigational map for 2022. The transiting planets have specific information: how to grow into the new and how to stabilize and center in 2022. The archetypal qualities of the transiting planets to your chart teach you where to prune and clear out the old, and where to open to new possibilities. This workshop is designed to support a larger view on your life, and for getting the most out of what is taking place this year.

 Each participant will work directly with their own natal chart with Susan’s assistance, visualization, discussion, and informational handouts. We will see what wisdom, challenges, and opportunities 2022 brings to you, and look to future instruction & direction.

 To be held on Zoom

Sign up here for the Saturday workshop, $95. There will be limited openings for a smaller class, so safe your spot!

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