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2021: The Arc of ImaginationChallenges and renewal ahead

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Classes for 2021

Beginning Astrology, level 2

In this series of 8 Tuesday evening classes, 2 sets of 4 evening classes

Beginning Tuesday, April 13th, 5 -7pm, $90 for 1st set of 4, $180 for all 8 classes

Classes: 1st set of 4: April 13, 20, May 4, 11, 2nd set of 4: May 18, 25, June 1, 8

On Zoom

In these Beginning classes, there will be a broad review of the signs and the meaning of the planets. We will delve deeply into the meaning of the houses and how to understand the meaning of a planet placed in the house. Charts, handouts, and home study questions will be utilized to deepen your engagement with the charts. We will use both example charts and the class members’ charts.

Beginning Astrology class series

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Electional Astrology: a Saturday workshop

May 15th – 10 to 3pm

Electional Astrology is the astrology of choosing dates for events. When one is looking for the best dates for weddings, starting a business, dates for surgery, and any events one wants to plan, we utilize electional astrology. It is also used for presidential elections, see what the date of the election favors.


Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 37 years. Susan’s purpose in sharing one’s chart is to bring more awareness into one’s life of the archetypal forces one is dealing with, allowing more choice and broadening one’s perspective on embracing a meaningful life. She brings together archetypal astrology, esoteric astrology, the Chinese the Nine Star Ki, as well as Tarot and Qabalah.

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Monthly Astrological Group

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