Understanding the Planets through the 12 signs

Date(s) - 10/12/2021
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Beginning to Intermediate Astrology Class, level 3 (continued) 

This class will focus on the description of the planets through each of the signs, along with the planetary aspects that color the planets expression in that sign.

The aim of the class will be to assist you in understanding each of the planets (including the Sun, Moon and Rising sign), as they express themselves through each of the signs. Bringing in the relationship to other planets in the chart (aspects) will flavor the expression of each planet in a sign. In this way we will touch on the subject of ‘Aspects’ as well. Chart examples will include public personalities and the charts of class members.

A series of 6 Tuesday evening classes – Oct 12, 19, 26, no class Nov 2, Nov 9, 16, 23.

5 pm – 7 pm PDT – $35 per class, or $210 for the series.

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Hunting the Moon

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