Painting Classes

“Open up Your Powers of Creativity”

Nurture your soul  with color, paint, and brushstroke

in sacred space

(This class is closed right now)

3.The Chariot by Susan Heinz, resized

This class is closed right now

painting weekly on  Fridays

 10 am – 1 pm

(no painting background necessary)

“In the painting process, guided skillfully by Sue, I have been given the gift of deeper connection to life, the creative process and trust in the mystery that unfolds. Painting with Sue and our group for the past 4 years has been truly a transformative life experience.” Anna Keck R.N., FNP

 “Before I joined the Painting Class I thought I was not an artist. Now I see we are all artists of our lives, painting our destiny. My destiny painting me. Through my paintings I am blessed by what I see and what sees me. This is why I do these painting classes.”  Lynne McGolrick D.C.

Class takes place now on Zoom and in person at Transformative Visions Sanctuary,

For more info, call Sue, 831 479-3751,

This class is designed to free up your creativity,

to create a space devoted to nurturing and opening up creative exploration,

and to join a supportive circle of painters.

Acrylic paints recommended. Purchase of canvas is recommended.

The class will begin with each member individually meeting with Susan to reflect on what is inspiring you now to take the class.

Are there personal images or artistic images that are calling to you?

What attracts you in the artistic world?

Susan will then create and hold the space for your creative exploration, imagination, and for the intuitive process to lead you forward.

“The act of painting itself taught me what I wanted to paint.” Susan Dorf, artist