Planetary Alignments in the Year of the Horse, 2014

Planetary Alignments in the Year of the Horse, 2014 

2014, The year of the Wood Horse in Chinese astrology

Begins Jan 30, at the new moon

This new Moon is potent, strong, and lively as the year of the Horse begins, having shed our skins, transforming into our true vulnerability in the year of Water Snake, 2013. The Wood Horse year is a fast paced, full of movement, adventures, and new synergies with others. Energy is high and being productive brings success. To move with the quick and free horse means decisive action and never procrastination. Otherwise you miss the flow. Trust your intuition and your extended senses to take up decisive action. You will have to be alert and conscious to be well served in the year of the Horse as impulsiveness can cause recklessness and moving down the wrong path.

On the worldwide situation the year of the Horse doesn’t dwell in the middle ground. We will see both growth and strength in some economies while collapse and chaos in others. There will be great fluctuation in financial markets and the demand for freedom will continue along with wars, and revolution all over the world. Peace and harmony are the keynotes of the next year, the Wood Sheep, but prepare yourself to attune to the power and movement of the Wood Horse, attune to your energy and body to align with the fast paced energy of this year. Free yourself up and be bold. Move into the new.


Planetary alignments for 2014

Pluto now in Capricorn

Last time Pluto entered Capricorn, 1762-1778, describing break down and restructuring of governing systems, bureaucracies, old power structures, economies, and bringing to the surface issues of authority and control that can no longer be of service to the evolution of humanity. Pluto in Capricorn intensifies power struggles and the old systems of oppression while at the same time bringing about destruction and catharsis to those systems. USA has Pluto in Capricorn. This described the end of British rule and the will and power to shape the Constitution. With Pluto, once again, in Capricorn, the shaping forces around the governments return. Pluto brings to the surface what has been hidden and repressed in terms of these systems.


.Dramatic lineup of 2014 – Cardinal sign Grand Square,

Cardinal signs are initiators and action orientated

 Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra

This lineup brings in the challenge of working with polarities that have gone to extremes, with the opportunity to birth a new paradigm of perception, consciousness, and social order for humanity. The call is for an understanding of our unity and to base actions on this interrelatedness and equality. Innovation, creativity and pioneering new beginnings, along with contraction and crisis, (structures and foundations of governing and authority need transforming), is the challenge and opportunity of this alignment

 Below is description of planets involved


Uranus squares Pluto through 2016

Upheaval and Revolution, transforming and recycling the old for innovation, and receiving creative insight to fuel a new paradigm; radical change of perspective, massive transfers of power, fueled by great drive for freedom. Peak dates, January, April, May, November and December

Jupiter in Cancer, enters Leo in June

Jupiter in Cancer brings benefits and protection to those born under Cancer and the other water signs. It is highly protective when in Cancer and promotes work to support those who are vulnerable. With Jupiter in Cancer, the housing market can become more stable. Jupiter in Leo brings out more expressiveness in all forms; theatre and the arts are highlighted.


 Jupiter in Cancer trines Saturn in Scorpio in May

 With Jupiter trining Saturn for the third time, it is a good time, for expanding business or projects. There is a harmonious balance between expansion and practicality. This can be an especially positive time for artists and innovation of all kinds, perhaps even around water issues.


Grand Cardinal Square “Cardinal Climax”

Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra, aligns with Uranus and Pluto in January

This marks a potent time for increasing the intensity of the outdated systems and governments breaking down, as well as people gathering to stand for their ideals of freedom and in collaboration to transform repressive leaders and systems. It can be a very combative, polarizing time, the sparking of violence and earth changes. It is also possible to move into the Libra themes of conflict resolution. Personally it can give you the energy and courage to make needed changes. Be flexible and open to possibilities, as the unexpected is sure to take place.


Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio intensifies all transformative process, uncovering hidden agendas. It challenges us in daily life to get beyond the superficial, and conditioned way of beings, to access our depths and authentic self. It confronts us with our shadow and repressed emotions, to clear out our deepest attachments. It has the potential to transform through challenges in feelings and relationship. It brings determination, and perseverance toward all goals.

Mercury retrogrades in water to air signs


With Mercury retrograding through the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, we explore the question, “What is the quality of my life?” This is an opportunity to rethink old habits and emotional responses to life challenges. One becomes aware of emotional issues that remain unresolved. These retrograde times are best utilized by moving into the depths of our being, attuning to our feelings and by both trusting and honoring the intrinsic value of our lives. As Mercury retrogrades into the air signs, it is best to reflect on the how one creates and develops associations with others, bringing in a deeper awareness of what guides relationship for you. (February 6-Feb 28, June 7-July 1, and October 4-25).


Neptune in Pisces, (last there in 1874-61).

With Chiron in Pisces

The Neptune Chiron conjunction can bring more attunement to the many dimensions in which we live and breathe, moving beyond only identifying with the physical. Rules are changing. People are able to break out of roles that have for so long held us in place and dictated how we could be with each other. The oceans, music, the arts, spirituality, imagination, and meditation will all increase in concern and focus. The arts, music, and sound, and their role in healing will be accentuated. Prison and hospital reform will be up for us. Neptune in Pisces assists dissolving the old paradigm.

Venus goes retrograde on December 21, at 28 Capricorn, Direct on January 31st, 13 Capricorn

When Venus retrogrades it is a time to turn inward and review what it is we value. It is a time to honor relationship and review the give and take in all relationships.

Mars goes retrograde on March 1 at 27 Libra, goes direct on May 19th

This is a time where reflection upon our actions is called for. Bringing our attention to our needs and underlying motives and bringing review to the validity of our goals and aspirations is important during this time as fine tuning and self correcting is beneficial to our movement forward.

Mars is in Libra from December 7 to July 25th

Mars in Libra promotes actions toward diplomacy, balance and collaboration. Partnership is highlighted. And yet here Mars is compromised for better or worse, though it can be the peaceful warrior, it can also procrastinate or be indecisive, not favorable in the year of the Horse. Let Mars in Libra bring out the witness in you as you pause and reconsider what is right action.

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