The astrological readings that Sue has done for me and my family members have been extremely insightful both in terms of understanding our unique personality traits and differences and in terms of the broader societal  and planetary settings in which we operate. Sue possesses that rare gift of being able to tune in to individuals on a soul level as well as on the personality level, and this combination makes the experience of a reading with her very profound and uplifting

Char Bridenbaugh

Anyone fortunate enough to have a reading with Susan receives not just astrological information, but a compilation of many ancient traditions which are the foundation of her own life. She has the sensitivity and clarity to tailor her readings to what her client is capable of understanding at a given moment in time. Because she records her sessions, it’s always possible to listen again at a later date to refresh key points. What has routinely surprised me is that on re-listening to a reading even 3 or 4 times it seems like I’m hearing brand new material. I think this is because her readings are very lyrical and almost poetic, so they open the door to receiving information on many levels, way beyond simple facts-in-time. Also, Susan is one of the best re-framers I’ve ever metshe can look at a perceived challenge in a chart and offer a perspective in which the challenge becomes an opportunity.  I’ve had readings with Susan for many years; each one has been a multidimensional experience that accelerated my insight and growth, and left me feeling optimistic and excited about life.

Judy L.

For many years I have been fortunate to experience Sue Heinz’s professional counsel. Sue is not only an outstanding, brilliant astrologer and teacher, but a true artist, scholar and intuitive in her craft. The depth of her knowledge, understanding and insight astounds me every time I have a reading. Sue has an amazing talent in holding the big picture of the cosmos and celestial forces, while being able to focus in on her clients opportunities and challenges with laser like clarity. Her personal and professional depth are expanded by her profound knowledge of the Qabalah and wisdom traditions, and greatly enhanced by her personal warmth, caring support and refreshing sense of humor.

Sue’s readings are a precious gift. Like a celestial psychologist, she adds the depth of her knowledge, understanding and powerful intuition to the cosmic constellations. Each year she provides a celestial roadmap for my life, and prepares me for the upcoming twists and turns, while making the most out of the cosmic blessings. I feel that Sue not only opens a window to the cosmos, but sees right into my soul and destiny.

Throughout the year, I frequently listen to the recording of Sue’s reading, and feel greatly enriched and prepared for the big and small decisions and choices of my life.

I highly recommend Sue Heinz for her professional expertise and high integrity. Not only will you experience an amazing astrological reading, but have access to Sue’s highly developed intuition, grounded presence and profound wisdom, which she has fine tuned over her 30 years of experience in her field. She will be a treasured ally and guide for your personal and professional life.

Karin H. Leonard Hypnotherapist and Cert. Life Coach

Knowing Susan Heinz for 25 years and having taken many classes through the years, I am still always astounded at how she is able to understand such multi-layered, complex information, distill the essence and teach a group ranging from complete novices to experienced astrologers, with everyone getting something out of the teaching.  Sue often reminds us that “We live in a sacred, intelligent cosmos.  We are an integral and significant part of this unfolding intelligence, born to answer a need of our participatory universe at this moment in time.”  She always points out the opportunity in each transition, teaching us to reframe any negative expectations into a new paradigm of observing, learning and integrating toward new possibilities.  Her classes teach us how view our life, both goals and issues, through the lens of the ancient wisdom of Astrology, Qabalah and Tarot, giving us a deep insight into our personal lives against the backdrop of a much larger picture.  This process has the effect of easing angst and providing concrete ways of moving ahead toward our visions in life with more knowledge and confidence.  She is a blessing to all of us.

Maura Kelsea RN, Family Nurse Practitioner

I’ve been getting astrology readings from Sue for the past 18 years. Each reading is a life altering experience, providing me with profound insights into who I am and my life purpose. Sue is an astrologer, teacher and healer all rolled into one with a gift for hearing what I am saying and revealing what is needed for my soul’s growth. She is able to easily convey complicated astrological concepts and intuitively step into, feel and describe the energies in my chart. Her readings are both personal and cosmic. Sue teaches me how to work with my astrological aspects and transits, which helps me understand what I feel, see my life objectively and connect with the greater universal energies at play. Sue is one of my greatest teachers. She has helped me to temper my being and find my path to my soul’s liberation.  Merci Beaucoup.

Diane Lake