July 1, 2012

Painting into the Tree of Life: Freeing Creativity

Begins September

painting weekly on Wednesdays, or Thursdays beginning Sept 5,

10 am – 1 pm

(no painting background necessary)

The painting process, guided skillfully by Sue, has allowed the healing mystery of this ancient cosmology to come into my life.  I have been given the gift of deeper connection to life, the creative process and trust in the mystery that unfolds. Painting with Sue and our group for the past 4 years has been truly a transformative life experience for me as a woman, artist, and student of the Qabalah.” Anna Keck R.N., FNP

This transformative painting course takes its weekly format from one of the most profound maps of consciousness, the Qabalistic Tree of Life.The Tree of Life not only maps out the psyche and its levels of being, but also our relationship to the creative powers of the universe which flow through us.

The aim of this weekly painting course is to offer each participant the opportunity to engage in the creative process through guided meditations using the ancient wisdom teachings of the Qabalah. This format supports sensing and listening to our inner direction, bringing forth images of wholeness and healing, and developing our abilities to express ourselves through painting!

Painting into theTree of Life: Freeing Creativity

Paints and paper are provided.

Cost is $190 per month (early registration $180)

Class takes place at Transformative Visions Studio, downtown Santa Cruz, 819 ½ Pacific Ave., above Zachery’s restaurant

The structure of the class consists of:

-one monthly discussion, 1st Tuesday eve of the month,setting the stage from which we will move into our painting time

-Painting time, weekly, Wednesday, or Thursday from 10am- 1pm

 Each month highlights a unique perspective of consciousness and creativity, from the Tree of Life, that allows a deepening of our relationship to ourselves, and our powers of creativity.

About Sue’s Qabalah Painting course

“I love Sue’s Qabalah class. And painting makes me feel like a kid again. 

Sue’s lectures are rich and insightful.  This translates to inspired painting by her students. I love this class.” Ginny Fette

I joined the Qabalah/painting class, Sue Heinz leads, this past October.  My thought was the class would improve process and heightened focus in my plein-aire landscape painting.  The Qabalah teaching would be a peripheral bonus as the Qabalah was only a mystery.  This class has touched me in more than I can say.   It is so much more than I thought.  The lectures and class discussion has opened my world to feelings and values that has deepened me as a person and woman.   Please let this be a testimonial to acting on an interest or impulse to join the class.  Susan will expand your universe.”   Cathy Puccinelli

I had no idea what I was signing up for… working with Sue has been just wonderful… are you ready yet? Is it time for you to enter into a multi dimensional and layered journey into your fathomless selves? Sue is an amazing consort of the mysteries and at this point in her life, we, her students, become the receivers of her in depth studies. As our guide, Sue translates them in a way, which provides an opportunity to bring us into our here and now living embodiment of our own unique heart, soul and mind. It has been truly transformational for me, as I enter through the lenses of the teachings, and wisdoms, of the Qabalah, Tarot, Astrology, physics, metaphors, archetypes, energetics and so much more. And I get to paint!!!! I feel daily greater freedom and the subtle and not so subtle shifts in myself on many levels since I started the revealing adventure into ‘deepen knowing of thyself.’ I am also learning painting techniques, which I am thrilled about. With great respect for Sue, I write this.” Kathleen Pouls.

Susan Heinz studied art at both UC Davis and UCSC, in the 70s and 80s. She started her Astrology practice in 1982, and soon after in 1984, Susan began her studies of the Qabalah, with Amber Jayante, Pamela Eakins, and Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi. She taught her first Qabalah class with Pamela Wyley in the 90s and since then taught courses taking students through the 32 paths of activation on the Qabalistic Tree of life, which includes the wisdom of the Tarot. In 2007, Majio, artist and dream facilitator, and Susan began the Qabalah/painting course, Painting into the Heart of Presence. In 2009, Susan, continued the course  with her own students into the 22 paths of the Tree, which are the ancient archetypes of the major arcana, (ie, the Fool, the Magician, the High Priestess), in her own studio, on Pacific ave., in Santa Cruz. Since then Susan has continued with 3 groups of students who continually bring the powers of creativity and artistic expression into beautiful and amazing manifestation. “I am overwhelmed by the incredible paintings that the painters bring forward out of the depths of their imagination and psyche. For many it has been a healing journey, a mirror of themselves, which reflects their unique selves, and a delight in continuous discovery.”