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Astrology illustrates a mysterious connecting wisdom between the solar system and the time of your birth; patterns of growth as related to the cyclic patterns of orbiting planets. It works not because planets cause things to happen, but because there is an innate structural process of development within all things.

Your chart reveals the need that calls you forth to birth.  Whether you are interested learning about career signatures, compatibility in your relationship, deeper understanding of yourself and patterns, your soul’s purpose, residual family matters, dealing with sickness, or at a crossroad of choices… having an astrological consultation is a re-framing of your life situation in to a space of much greater perspective and insight. The configurations within the horoscope illustrate opportunities to experience your life on a more creative level; to take the risk of uncertainty in order to jump beyond one’s fears and limitations; to create an art out of your own life.

Consultations and Services

Susan provides sliding scale as needed and requested. Please email her with your request, click here.

If you would like a consultation or would like more information, call Susan at 831 479-3751, send a message or use paypal below. During these powerful transformative times, as we reshape our lives, open our hearts, and center ourselves into the creators we are, Susan offers life readings and readings for 2019. Designed to support your alignment with the transformative energies within your life, and to move with the flow of the universal creative energies now present.

Natal Chart
Focus on your highest potential, your challenges and talents. Discussion of present situation and the coming year’s opportunities.
In Person – 60 min $185
In person – 90 min $215
Phone consultation w/ CD – $200

Progressions, Transits and Solar Return
Discussion of present situation and a 12 month overview of opportunities and challenges. (For those who have had a Natal Chart consultation).
In Person – 60 min $185
In person – 90 min $215
Phone consultation w/ CD – $220

Process Astrology
A series of three one hour sessions. In the first session we investigate a current dilemma through transits and progressions. During the second meeting we will illuminate the roots of the patterns causing the situation (which is expressed in the birth chart). Completing with a third session where we look at future prospects, how to meet your challenges by aligning with your higher potential and thereby expressing your gifts. Process astrology gives us a sense of our wholeness.
Three 1 hour sessions – $390

Astrology and the Tarot
Combines the Tarot with your current astrological transits and your natal chart. Using these tools we will investigate any questions you have for the present.
In Person – 60 min $185
In person – 90 min $215

Chart Comparisons / Relationship Reading
Discussing two individuals’ energies and pathways through life. How your dynamics of interrelationship can harmonize; what the hidden potential is within conflict. Natal charts also interpreted as a unit, a composite chart. One two-hour consultation.
Returning Clients – $215
New Clients – $230

Astrology and the Body
A session using the natal chart and transits to investigate health problems or issues in your life along with suggested meditations; referral to other health practitioners; how the health issue may reflect a deeper learning process simultaneously.
In Person – 60 min $185
In person – 90 min $215

The astrology of place. Are you thinking of moving? How does location affect you? Includes world map and interpretation.
In Person – 60 min $185
In person – 30 min $100

Electional Astrology
Using astrology to choose the best timing for events, weddings, opening a business, buying a house, ceremonies, etc..

Chart for Newborn and Children
A one hour consultation with parent(s). Focus on child’s potential, talents, emotional and family dynamics.
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