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Astrology Workshop on the mysteries of Saturn
Saturn is a profound archetype shaping and challenging us on our journey. It focuses us and teaches us how to create our realities in accordance with our deepest self. It is said to hold our potential and yet also be the harsh teacher.

This workshop focuses on Saturn in our natal chart, its meaning and purpose, its challenge and opportunity, its legacy in our family lineage and culture. We will look at its now changing dynamics as we move through the transition into a new paradigm.

This workshop will also focus on how it affects your chart with its transiting movement through time. We will look at where it is now in the heavens as well as what houses and planets it’s activating in your chart/life.

Sunday, October 28th, 10am to 3pm, Transformative Visions Sanctuary in Soquel. Please bring your lunch and your astrology chart. Contact Susan to reserve your space, 831 421-1012, 

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