Maura Kelsea

March 2, 2018

Knowing Susan Heinz for 25 years and having taken many classes through the years, I am still always astounded at how she is able to understand such multi-layered, complex information, distill the essence and teach a group ranging from complete novices to experienced astrologers, with everyone getting something out of the teaching.  Sue often reminds us that “We live in a sacred, intelligent cosmos.  We are an integral and significant part of this unfolding intelligence, born to answer a need of our participatory universe at this moment in time.”  She always points out the opportunity in each transition, teaching us to reframe any negative expectations into a new paradigm of observing, learning and integrating toward new possibilities.  Her classes teach us how view our life, both goals and issues, through the lens of the ancient wisdom of Astrology, Qabalah and Tarot, giving us a deep insight into our personal lives against the backdrop of a much larger picture.  This process has the effect of easing angst and providing concrete ways of moving ahead toward our visions in life with more knowledge and confidence.  She is a blessing to all of us.