Judy L.

March 8, 2018

Anyone fortunate enough to have a reading with Susan receives not just astrological information, but a compilation of many ancient traditions which are the foundation of her own life. She has the sensitivity and clarity to tailor her readings to what her client is capable of understanding at a given moment in time. Because she records her sessions, it’s always possible to listen again at a later date to refresh key points. What has routinely surprised me is that on re-listening to a reading even 3 or 4 times it seems like I’m hearing brand new material. I think this is because her readings are very lyrical and almost poetic, so they open the door to receiving information on many levels, way beyond simple facts-in-time. Also, Susan is one of the best re-framers I’ve ever metshe can look at a perceived challenge in a chart and offer a perspective in which the challenge becomes an opportunity.  I’ve had readings with Susan for many years; each one has been a multidimensional experience that accelerated my insight and growth, and left me feeling optimistic and excited about life.