June 1, 2013

Beauty and the Beast – Redeeming our disowned Instinctual Selves

Beauty and the Beast

Redeeming our disowned Instinctual Selves

With Eva Rider M.A. Dream Facilitator and BodySoul Rhythms® Synthesisteva

(A Marion Woodman® Community Workshop Event)

 In this 2nd workshop, of our series, we explore the alchemical process culminating in “The Sacred Marriage” (wholeness) through the lens of fairy tale. We re-enter exploration of the Self through the haunting story of Beauty and the Beast. In examining the shadow side of our disowned instinctual nature and the necessity of learning to love both the “beauty” and the “beast” in our selves to become whole creative beings, we engage deeply with symbols, archetypes, dreams, creative play, movement and art, enabling a discovery of a broader lens through which to understand and inhabit our emerging selves.

Friday, June 7th; 7 to 9 pm & Saturday, June 8th; 12 to 6pm

Includes follow-up 2 hour meeting, materials and snacks. Cost: $210

Contact Eva at 831-427-9108 or for registration and credit card payment

At the Center for Transformative Visions

819 1/2 Pacific Ave; Santa Cruz, CA (downtown near Maple St.)

Eva Rider MA, LMFT is a Jungian Depth Psychotherapist, Dreamwork facilitator and BodySoul synthesist. Eva has taught Jungian Theory, Dreams and Myth as adjunct faculty at JFK University until 2008. Eva specializes in unveiling the Dream, its relationship to personal and collective myth and the emerging creative process. She trained extensively with the Marion Woodman and is a graduate of the Marion Woodman Foundation® Leadership Training, and lectures and teaches classes and workshops integrating Alchemy, Myth, Fairy Tale, Dreams and Creative Expression into her study of The Tree of Life and BodySoul.

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