July 13, 2013

Harvesting Qi – The Earth Element


The Five Earth Phases

An abundance of personal energy is available to us from the earth. Making connections and understanding our relationships with the earth we live on and the cosmos we come from allows us to sync our mind/body/spirit with these cyclical energies.

I offer simple, practical and inspiring teachings on how to use the Chinese Five Element system to keep the body grounded and healthy , the mind focused and calm and the spirit light.


Harvesting Qi – The Earth Element 

Lecture /discussion on relationships of the Earth element. 

Diet, herbs, essential oils and flower essences for balancing.

Saturday, August 24 10 am-12 

Center for Transformative Visions 819 1/2 Pacific Ave

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Anastacia White, Chinese Herbalist is an expert in her field. Lecturing on Chinese medicine and philosophy since 1989. Ms. White is known for her ability to present Chinese medical systems in easy and accessible format. Anastacia has blended her simultaneous studies of meditation, psychology, astrology, movement and ritual to create this unique offering. 510.420.0904

Come and explore our relationships to the Earth element. This informative lecture on how to sync body, mind and spirit with the qi of late summer season will present diet, herbs, essential oils and teachings from the Chinese healing arts.

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