June 2, 2015

Painting into the Heart

“Painting into the Heart of the Tree of Life”

3.The Chariot by Susan Heinz, resized 2

Journey into the Heart and Connect with your powers of Creativity and Spirit through a painting experience
with Astrologer/Artist Susan Heinz

“The painting process, guided skillfully by Sue, has allowed the healing mystery of this ancient cosmology to come into my life.  I have been given the gift of deeper connection to life, the creative process and trust in the mystery that unfolds. Anna Keck R.N., FNP

 Immerse yourself in Discovery, Creativity, Healing and pure Enjoyment while connecting with your heart and source of expression through the wisdom teachings of the Tree of Life. The Heart of the Tree is named “Beauty”. It is from here that you will be guided to paint, from the intelligence of the Heart (no painting experience necessary),

Ongoing classes Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, 10 am to 1pm


call 831 479-3751 or email for more info


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