February 2, 2015

Mercury is retrograde in my natal chart. How will the current mercury retrograde affect me?

Suephoto2012When you are born during the Mercury retrograde phase, we can say that the way you think, perceive, and communicate would be very different from your parents and immediate family, as you grow up. You develop your own unique way of perceiving the environment around you. During Mercury retrograde we are given an opportunity to slow things down and allow ourselves to reflect, and to listen for what is calling for our awareness. Some people with Mercury retrograde in their birth chart have cultivated this depth of listening and  unique perceptions on situations. So those times when Mercury retrogrades during the year, may hold for you a time of tremendous insight and revelation of new ideas, especially if it is retrograde in the same element it was in when you were born. As this current Mercury retrograde is in air, in Aquarius, if you take the time, you may tune into the inventiveness and originality of Aquarius. Air brings out the qualities of relatedness and you may be getting insights during this Mercury retrograde about how you connect and network with others that can be helpful in the future. I would really take note of the insights that come to you during this time. It would also be very useful to see where this transiting Mercury falls in your chart and how it aspects your natal Mercury.  If we, as a society, were attuned to the rhythms of the cosmos, to the 3 times during the year that Mercury retrogrades, and we used that time to slow down, review, and reflect, than someone like you with a natal Mercury retrograde may be very skillful at this. You could use those times to tune into a deeper, and broader awareness, a perceiving outside of the box, so to speak, which when Mercury goes direct can be integrated and brought into your life. It could well be a unique ability that you carry.


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February 3, 2015 at 9:33 am

Thank you! Very informative and helpful.


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