Lunar Eclipse March 25

Lunar Eclipse in Libra March 25, 12:01 AM PDT – Lunar Eclipse at 5 Libra/Sun in Aries  We are now in Eclipse season, when the full and new Moon become the Lunar and Solar Eclipse. At these times, many of us experience a greater impact on our feelings, and/or surprise occurrences that bring up issues, […]

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Astrology for full Moon & February

Full Moon in Leo, 5 Leo The full Moon highlights two opposing signs and qualities.  Here in chilly and clear winter nights of Aquarius, the Moon reflects the Sun through the passions of Leo. These two signs describe our experience of interconnectedness in community, and the experience of our unique expressive individuality. It highlights the […]

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Gemini Full Moon

Full Moon in Gemini December 7th Dec 7 – Full Moon at 16 Gemini, at 8:09 pm PST, conjuncts Mars retrograde, Sun at 16 Sagittarius, squares Neptune – Each full Moon offers us an opportunity to pause and feel our connections to the archetypal energies as they move and unfold.  This full Moon carries a […]

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Astrology for June

         Mars hangs brilliant in the South East as the sky dips into deeper blues after sunset. This spectacular view of Mars is unusual, closer to the Earth right now, and crowning the head of the Scorpion constellation. Saturn, a dimmer light, lower, to the East, follows Mars through out the night’s journey. Prominent Mars […]

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my friend is concerned that Uranus will transit her 7th house cusp this summer when her partner will have transiting uranus opposite his natal Venus. What are the positive potentials of this upcoming dynamic?

The positive potentials are to move with the higher Uranian possibilities, 1) allow more spaciousness and independence in the relationship 2) You might engage in this time together by doing some things that the two of you haven’t done before. Take a class together where you stretch your minds, or your perspectives on things. What […]

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