August 1, 2014

Tree of Life Workshop with Susan Heinz & Judy Lomba

Discover the Wisdom, Beauty and Guidance of the Tree of Life

October 25th from 10 am – 5pm 

Through the deep insightful process of SoulCollage

Tree of life photo for J. Lomba 

Set in the beautiful surroundings and lush gardens of Bon Repos, in Aptos 

Join Susan Heinz, astrologer, artist, and SoulCollage facilitator, and Judy Lomba, hypnotherapist and artist, as we work with SoulCollage and visualization to explore the gifts of the ancient symbol of the Tree of Life.

October 25th, Saturday, 10am – 5pm

The Tree is a symbol that connects us with the 10 powers we possess to be conscious creators of our lives and enter more mindful states of consciousness. Through the creative process of SoulCollage, you will bring forth the archetypes that reside within you of this ancient wisdom teaching. SoulCollage (developed by Seena Frost, designed by you, taps into your own inner wisdom. In our first workshop, we will create one card which will represent the Tree of Life as a whole. The Tree consists of 10 Sephiroth, each representing a particular quality or power that is available for us to use in our daily life, such as beauty, wisdom, grace, etc. In each following workshop we’ll create one card focused on a specific Sephira on the Tree. It is those individual and archetypal qualities that we’ll connect with, as we open to the imagery of the Tree of life.  Guided visualization will bring us into a personal relation with the Sephira we are working with at the time.

For more info and Preregistration $125, by October 18th

Contact Susan, 831 479-3751 or

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