Rory Matthews

Astrology for October 2014

“As thousands of peaceful demonstrators descended on Manhattan on Sunday to draw attention to a warming world, U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry called on the world’s biggest economies to shake off two decades of gridlock and take significant steps to halt climate change.”

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Astrology for August 2014

As night falls the constellation Scorpio stretches its long body gracefully across the Southern skies. In ancient days this time of year was affiliated with the noble Lion, its flaring mane, its power, its playfulness.

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Astrology for July 2014

Watery Cancer arrives in summer when the light is strong and families gather. Bonds of belonging blossom with enjoyment of friends. Now the days’ length is waning and the Moon’s influence begins to grow.

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Astrology for June 2014

High in the Northern skies, the Big Dipper pours itself over the horizon, as the night reveals the sparkling cosmos. Turning to the south Mars is a red lantern, revealing its fiery nature. The bright star calling us to the West at twilight is Jupiter.

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Astrology for April 2014

Music of the Spheres Astrological Insights by Susan Heinz  Astrology for April 2014, The dawn stretches out rosy on the Eastern ridge. Venus, a bright lantern, calls us to wakefulness. And wakefulness we need tosuccessfullynavigate the tensions of this month. April becomes the ground for positive or destructive forward movement. In the early evening, to […]

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Astrology for March 2014

Astrology for March 2014, Year of the Horse gallops on Night hangs on the edge of dawn as Venus, a shout of shimmering brightness, calls us to awaken to the splendor and beauty of thiscosmos/earth in which we live! Scorpio rises to catch the Moon and the Big Dipper pours itself toward the northern horizon. Look up! This […]

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