May 23, 2012

Venus Alignment

Hello friends,

We are now in the 6 week Venus retrograde period. (May 15th – June 27th). This is the rare Venus retrograde alignment corresponding to the end of the great Mayan Cycle of 5,125 years. We are finishing a period of purification, as we will be submerged in the deepening of the values of the feminine, for those who open to this powerful energy.

Venus will be enacting the archetypal dance of death and rebirth, the descent and reappearance, that which the indigenous peoples of the world tuned into, to receive the wisdom of Nature and this Cosmos. On May 31, she will disappear from the evening skies, taking a sojourn through the invisible realms, there conjoining with the vital powers of the heart of our solar system, the Sun, seeding a new cycle. Then on June 13th, she will reappear, reborn as a morning star.

On Sunday, May 20th, there will be a solar eclipse will be exact at 4:47 pm,  (a partial eclipse) and be visible over Northwestern USA. This will be followed by a lunar eclipse at 4:12 am on June 4th, followed by the unique conjunction of Venus as it crosses the face of the Sun.

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The archetypal mythology of this cycle has informed our consciousness over eons. On June 1st, Friday evening at 7pm, I will be holding a talk to connect us with this powerful and important event and to take us into the portal of this time, to deepen our connection with the feminine, with all Venus demands during its retrograde period, revaluing our life, our direction, the quality of our lives. The potential it offers us at this acute time of breaking down is a deeper sense of wholeness and a reinvisioning the world.

On Saturday June 2nd, astrologer, writer and singer, Kelsey Ramage and I, will offer a one day experiential workshop to activate the space within ourselves so as to attune to the powers of Venus in Gemini. We will embrace this time of uncertainties as an extraordinary opportunity. To support this process each participant will give us their birth data, so that we more deeply understand the meaning of this time for each person. The workshop will take place from 9:30 to 5:30 at the Center for Transformative Visions, in downtown Santa Cruz.(see attached flyer). Registration is required for Saturday workshop as there is limited space. Friday evening no reservations required. (819 1/2 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz). To register or for more info contact Susan.

Let us touch, “The World Behind the World. Living at the Ends of Time,” as Michael Meade says. “ In the end all we can offer the world is the life we came here to live. That’s the way of this world: safety is found where living in meaningful ways has been fully risked.”

This initiates from an astrological viewpoint the quickening of events and transformative activity, which takes us into the powerful alignments of the summer, including the 1st exact square between cathartic and transformative Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, (government, all governing systems, global situations, and power structures) and the revolutionary, freedom activating, visionary, of the people planet, Uranus, in Aries, the sign of new beginnings and birth.

Blessings, and hoping to share this time with you,