July 2, 2012

July Astrology Readings

During these times of Great Transitions, Healing and Creative Envisioning, I have designed an astrology reading,

to support your deepest original self and your path of embodiment.

 The reading will address these issues

  1. Deepening your understanding and support of your soul’s purpose, freeing the radiance of your nature self
  2. The unique phase of development to which this life calls you
  3. The unique way you are called to navigate through your life, it’s challenges its opportunities, it’s teachings, and it’s great gift
  4. Support in naming and embodying your contribution to the community/world
  5. Examining this moment in time, it’s great challenge and opportunity and how it interfaces with your life path.
  6. Clear directions of the cyclic phase you are now moving through toward fulfillment, to support your organic growth and development


90 minute readings, recorded on CD, $185. July appointments, $10 discount

For more information or to make an appointment call Susan, contact Susan Heinz