February 24, 2012

Astrology for 2012 – Riding the Serpentine Waves of the Dragon

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Opening to the downpour of light – Susan Heinz

Music of the Spheres – Astrological Insights by Susan Heinz

We’ve arrived at 2012. Endings and beginnings are being experienced simultaneously.

Revolution and transformation will continue to take place on the deepest, most essential levels, within ourselves and in all governing and economic systems. The breakdown of the old ways continues, while the awakening to the powers we possess to create change, to collaborate and to manifest a new vision grows. Each of us feels the thrust of great change in our lives. Let our focus be on our creative powers and pioneering efforts to stimulate new beginnings. This is the year to be flexible, seeing possibilities, being activists for our visions of Oneness and egalitarianism.

As we set our course through the year, the target is December 21 2012, when at dawn, the rising Solstice Sun aligns with the earth and the center of the galaxy. This ritualistically marks a dramatic portal into a new paradigm. How fast it evolves depends on our choices. It is as if the indigenous peoples of the Americas, the Mayans are calling out to us, to remember to look to the cosmos, and to feel the sacredness of this life. Potentially we are in what is called the “Great Return”, which will evolve over the next 30 years, the Return of the Anima Mundi, the World Soul, the return of the Feminine. The Mongolian shamans say we have already begun the 5,000-­‐year cycle of the Era of Woman, having just left 5,000-­‐years of the Era of Man. Attuning to the uniqueness of this year, we will witness the second of a pair of Venus transits, a rare event, as Venus crosses the face of our Sun on June 6th, then not again for over a hundred years. From 2004-­‐ 2012, bookended by the Venus transits, we complete a powerful purification time. Now we attune to the quintessential Venusian qualities, the value of life and all our relations. Beginning January 23rd we enter the Chinese year of the Water Dragon, and must ride the serpentine waves of dramatic ups and downs. A year of surprises, strong acts of nature, stimulating us to act and think big. The energetic Dragon represents power, impetuosity, and potential for accomplishing great things. This synchronizes with Uranus in Aries themes of pioneering new beginnings and creative ideas. Under the Dragon, business can improve and the banks will make more loans. The element of Water brings balance to the intense and enthusiastic dragon, tempering the intensity.

Pluto in Capricorn forms two exact alignments with Uranus in Aries, continuing a driving force for freedom, for revolution and Promethean spirit of innovation in 2012. This planetary pair brings breakdown to breakthrough, calling forth the youth, earth changes, demands for freedom, and grassroots visionaries, forming a new vision of who we are. It breaks down hierarchies of elite power to allow the Aquarian spirit of equality to flourish. What was seeded in the mid sixties with the conjunction of this pair, now reaches a crisis stage, where pragmatic steps are needed to set the course and foundation for the future. It is now about instantaneous connection and collaboration, the threshold crossing for the Aquarian age, moving from power over to equal power among people, while each person contributes to making a difference.

With Mars in industrious, problem solving Virgo for an extended length of time (8 months instead of the usual 2), until the beginning of July, the symphony of the stars choreographs the stage for hard work and practical solutions. A grand earth trine, (Pluto, Mars and Jupiter in Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus); provide the perseverance, productive movement and transformation so needed to ground the innovative changes now being called for. It’s up to humanity to decide how to plug into these powerful energies, with service to a vision of peace, interrelatedness and equality, or with blame and continual polarization between extremes of old and new. This choice is our crossroads and the foothold through the portal into the new age, the 5th Sun as the Mayan calls it.

The New Year starts with a release of positive energy that is tested by step-­‐by-­‐step practical realism. Mars goes retrograde on the 23rd of January and brings a standstill in forward movement. Personally and collectively this is the time to realistically assess where we are going and our strategies for practical implementations of change. Patience is needed, especially for February and March. March and April once again bring the energy of productive hard work, transformations of structures and change. Neptune enters watery Neptune in February, bringing to our attention a stronger influence to attend to the conditions of our oceans and bodies of water, spiritual practices, health care, hospitals, refugees, and prisons.

Jupiter enters Gemini in June, aligning with harmonizing Venus and the Sun in Gemini, highlighting breakthroughs in communications and our ability to connect instantaneously with each other. Issues of transportation, the post office, publishing and the media will come into greater view. Jupiter aligns with Uranus stimulating quickening of events, new technologies and rapid change. June 24th is the 1st exact Pluto Uranus square, when worldwide tensions increase, especially through mid July, as Mars enters the alignment with its aggressive and warrior tendencies, along with the possibility of mediation and negotiation.

The 2nd Pluto Uranus square takes place in September, followed by Saturn entering intense and cathartic Scorpio in October. As we move toward the end of the year and elections, intensity increases, setting the stage for foundational changes. The people of the US will vote out the Congress and demonstrate their extreme disapproval. The picture of the elections is intense, to the point and conflictual. The election looks too close to call, and similar to the severe challenges of the Bush/Gore election, as Mercury will go retrograde before the end of day. Though the United States will try and hold on to its old identity, a new foundation and a positive sense of who we are as a people, will be emerging over the next 4 years. Occupy Wall street movements will continue to have a presence and voice, especially through July as it goes through its own clarifying and reshaping. The European Union will hang in there. Eventually, forming a new treaty, toward the end of 2012 into 2013. Its currency will continue its severe testing throughout the year. Personally we are in a high stress time that challenges us to heal and strengthen our bodies, attend to the earth and food we eat and produce, to clarify our minds, and to clear old psychological and family conditioning in order to ride the serpentine Waves of this Dragon year, carrying us to 12/21/2012. May we rediscover our essential self, understanding our delicate and amazing interrelatedness. May we attune to the quality of life, and overcome fear through courageous trust in the wisdom of the Cosmos that reflects back to us through the stars, this potent crucible, this chrysalis of metamorphous of the human race and earth, it is our potential toenact.


Twelve opportunities for 2012:

Aries (Mar 20-­‐Apr 19): This year choose to align with change, innovation, and liberation, as you let go or transform other aspects of your life (career, life purpose) The first part of the year focuses on bringing step-­‐by-­‐step practical solutions, while clearing, refining habits, health and working environment. June highlights refining and strengthening communications and relationships with siblings. Bring forward your dream. Build a new foundation, in your life. July and August require patience, with a heightened focus and balance in all relationships. End of year offers strong drive to achieve goals and career.

Taurus (Apr 20-­‐May 20): This is the year to liberate yourself from outdated conditions, realign with a spiritual practice, and tap your dreams. You receive inspiration as you carve out solitude. The year begins on a note of love and enjoyment and asks for continued consciousness of how your presence and way of expressing affects others. Refinement is a key word for you. Through June tremendous movement can take place toward goals, especially all creative expression. Review money situations, after June financial improvement. Embody what you value and love.

Gemini (May 21-­‐Jun 20): A new way of relating is opening up for you. Bring your talent to groups and try new things. You will be richly rewarded by a daily meditative practice that focuses your energy. Build a practical routine for yourself. Attend to your home space, clear your mind. Cathartic change occurs with time alone and with review. In June blessings and opportunities arise. Love and relationship are supported. Well being is strengthened. The creative arts and music are highlighted during the summer.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 21): Sometimes it feels like such a bumpy ride! Intensification of situations, change, grief, challenges in relationship and career. This is the time to take on new venues, new expressions of yourself. Your support and love comes from friends, while new groups offer you opportunities. Keep grounded and attend with patience to practical matters the first part of the year. Communication and writing are supported along with letting go of old mental tapes you tell yourself. June highlights work behind the scenes, love affairs, imaginative writings. Newbeginnings take hold in 2013.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Profound breakthroughs in your understanding of your life path and yourself take place. Seek out opportunities that provide you with new perspectives. Let go of old habits and focus on new routines to support your health and well being. The stage is set for being rewarded in career, finding new opportunities which bring you out in the world. Through May get your finances in order. Take time to review values, issues of security and self worth, which may be deeply transformed during this time. Connection and love with close friends is enhanced after June.

Virgo (Aug 23-­‐Sep 22): 2012 can be a very productive and transformative year for you. Let go of the old and dare yourself to enlarge your perspectives on life. All higher education and spiritual pursuits are highlighted. This is the year to investigate your mental patterns and focus on communication. June brings a new role for you in the public and creative possibilities in career. 2012 brings an idealized love into your life, or strong imaginative forces and spiritual connections. Be aware of balance in your life between yourself and others, as there will be strong feelings to help others.

Libra (Sep 23-­‐Oct 22): With a strong Saturn influence the last several years you have felt more responsibility or seriousness in life. Partnerships or marriages have experienced crisis or the cutting away of what’s no longer useful or healthy. You are transforming your relationship to yourself. Intimate love relations can deepen especially in March. In January through April be sure to schedule retreat times, so you can write, contemplate or create. June brings good fortune, love and opportunity in learning or travel, as well as enhancing your experience of school. Throughout the year you have the courage to break through and move into the new.

Scorpio (Oct 23-­‐Nov 21): You have been experiencing breakthroughs and unexpected situations in work and health or day to day relations. You are entering a new level of self wisdom and responsibility. Enjoy the love now present for you in relationship. Clear old patterns in order to deeply receive. February begins an enhancement of creativity, imaginative work, and love. October begins a period of honest self evaluation, personal discipline and focus on goals.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-­‐Dec 20): Creativity, your closeness with children, and opening of your heart continue into 2012. Supporting your health, refining your habits and routines, progresses through May. There’s a fine line between the new routines and slipping back into the old. Through June there is much focus and energy around career and the goals you aspire toward. Practical progress takes place. Slow down a bit after January 23rd to review the track you’re on. Adjust goals and help others do the same through March. June opens up to deeper love relations and enjoyment in marriage. Business partnerships are enhanced. Balance your busyness with quiet at home for reverie and creativity.

Capricorn (Dec 21-­‐ Jan 19): Deep changes to your life and sense of yourself continue to take place. Now is the time to be flexible. Be innovative and courageous in reaching out to new opportunities. Trust your intuition. Creativity, romantic love and relationship with children are enhanced through May. Keep a balance in your life with playfulness as you work toward goals. Through June you are energized to transform outlooks and to be changed through travel. Cultivate patient to bring about your dream.

Aquarius (Jan 20-­‐Feb 17): This is an excellent year to prepare for the changes in career that are coming your way in November. Publishing, writing, teaching, higher education, are supported. You have begun a new kind of writing, broken through to new levels of communication. Intimacy and sharing is enhanced the first 6 months of the year. These issues come up strongly for you. How open are you to receive and to bring through to new levels of trust? Deeper intimacy with the person you love is available. Take time to clearly define your financial situation.

Pisces (Feb 18-­‐Mar 19): Your life and interface with the community has changed since 2008. As this continues, new talents, resources and values are emerging. Teaching and writing is highlighted through May. With Neptune entering Pisces you move into a very imaginative and creative period. This also enhances spiritual development, all altruistic and visionary work. Neptune can confuse or distract you unless you give yourself enough time move into contemplative and creative spaces. From January 23rd to April 14th, review what’s taking place in relationships if you feel reactive. Otherwise you find yourself working hard with others to accomplish productive and practical results.