March 30, 2012

Astrology for April – Music of the Spheres Astrological insights by Susan Heinz

Music of the Spheres
Astrological insights by Susan Heinz

Astrology for April:

April begins with the dynamic energy of Aries, heightening the influence of Uranus, the planet of revolution and awakening! Venus enters the sign of the twins, Gemini, on April 3rd, beginning a long and important sojourn in the sign of relatedness, communication and polarity.  As Venus enters Gemini it comes into a tense relationship with Mars. Now is a good time for relationships and partnerships to get their issues on the table and clear the air. One wants exactness, the other wants better connection and just to talk! Can compassion hold the tension of the different points of view? Mercury goes direct on the 4th, making traveling, scheduling and communications easier, especially after the 16th when Mercury enters direct and fired up Aries.

On the 13th Mars goes direct, in Virgo. Now the inner work that we have been attending to can be externalized. We move forward in our lives more easily, being practical and hardworking. Virgo corresponds to health, our bodies, and habits. We refine our routines, attain to issues of health, food and the quality of life. With Venus in Gemini, the feminine becomes strengthened, increasing her influence of love, relatedness and the arts. April brings more possibilities for creative collaboration. The tension between opposing points of view is sharpening, as well. The best position to take is to observe what is taking place with calm, confident awareness as differing points of view are defined with the potential for new resolutions.

The full moon in Libra graces the skies near Saturn, bringing focus and disciplined effort. Easter takes place on April 8th, based on the ancient ritual of honoring the ripening of spring into germination and fertility of the earth. Named after the goddess Eostre, in the month of Eostre from the old lunar calendar, with the moon hare as her sacred creature, Eostre is a version of the Goddess Astarte, who laid the golden egg of the Sun. Astarte is known as the one who eliminates the old and generates the new, the Queen of the stars.

The debate over the identity of the USA and who we are as a people intensifies, as does the idea of twins or polarity, over the next 4 months. Health care, the wounds of war, the issues of racism, and use of violence come to the foreground for national review of values. With Gemini emphasized over the next 4 months, the use to which we now put information, technology and all forms of communication will increase.

The New Moon takes place on the 21st in Taurus, bringing a grounding and steadying rhythm to our hectic pace. Taurus encourages us to get out in nature and celebrate the earth’s gifts.

Twelve opportunities:

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): This month focuses on relationship. You are at an incredible turning point in your life. Drink in what is good and take in the deeper meanings, as you heal and move into the powerful dance of your own path. A new awakening is before and upon you. Be patient in
relationship and practice deep calm.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): A romantic energy begins to overtake you. Watch the kundalini of awakening open your senses. How do you want to direct this energy? What a choice! It’s yours. It’s easy right now to live in illusion or dream within your relationships, then to have conflict. Channel into the arts and build the energy of your soul.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Let the energy of Venus permeate your being. Define what the feminine is to you and open yourself to her influence. It’s more about you than about relationship with another, which can be an added bonus, but you are susceptible to seeing what you want to see. Situations become clearer after the 16th and you regain your decisiveness.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): You are working hard to break through and to create a home for yourself. This will serve you well. What you sense within may have more difficulty being communicated than you had thought. But don’t worry. Take your time. A new level of fulfillment will soon be unfolding in your life. Enjoy the friends you have and the groups you are involved in.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): You will be expanding into something new. Travel! Enjoy friends. Stand back and observe instead of getting caught up in the drama of personalities. Cultivate doing what you love in your life. Put your hands into the earth and feel this exquisite life on this planet. Transform negativity into gratitude, however large or small. Watch it grow like a garden.

Virgo(Aug 23-Sep 22): This month you stand in a space of openness. You enter into other dimensions of being and hear the song of our interconnectedness. Let your desire for productive action serve your love. Bring thoughtfulness and calm in making your decisions. After the 16th, life takes on more forward movement. It is a good time to declare what you are committed to.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Be flexible in your time for the needs of relationship, but set your boundaries. Those boundaries will guide your course with self-compassion. Retreat into your space, and feel the deep changes that are happening in your psyche. New people, new interests, or
renewed love enters your life. Let yourself fall into another’s arms and enjoy the rapture.

Scorpio(Oct 23-Nov 21): After the 14th things smooth out and move forward with more ease. You show leadership abilities more powerfully now, even though your role may be in service to others. Work needs to be balanced with quiet moments of meditation and enjoyment. Take time with communication with others. It is easy to misunderstand each other right now.

Sagittarius(Nov 22-Dec 20): Creative abilities and leadership are strong this month. Your heart wants to love with passion. Free your spirit. Do something radically different! It’s good to have attended to health and home. It has set a new foundation for you. Later in the month there is lots energy to affect big change through your work.

Capricorn(Dec 21- Jan 19): Within you a new energy is building. You are experiencing the build up to big changes, awakening to a new level of yourself. Listen to your inner direction. Let your heart awaken a new dream with a deeper expression of yourself. After the 21st you experience more creativity and love. Enjoy yourself and embrace change!

Aquarius(Jan 20-Feb 17): You are working hard to bring your sense of things into new understanding. This is a time of deeper connection with others or someone dear. Be very clear about money issues for beneficial results. The home and family are most important right now. Give it all your love.

Pisces(Feb 18-Mar 19): Dream a new dream for yourself this month! Another person, with practical advice, will collaborate to serve this vision. The power will grow during the month to affect change and growth in others, through what you communicate. Carefully sift through information for the best results. The new moon highlights communicating your ideas.