August 10, 2012

Astrology for August – Music of the Spheres Astrological Insights by Susan Heinz

Music of the Spheres
Astrological Insights by Susan Heinz
Astrology for August

"Through the Portal" by Susan Heinz

Astrology tracks movement and cycles through time. Time, itself, is a portal into energetic dynamics. This living dynamic is overlaid with humanity’s conditioned collective perspective. The conditioning has been built up through human experience and reactions as a way we automatically relate to certain archetypal forces. With Uranus now in Aries aspecting Pluto, we can either experience this moment through that conditioning, or we can wake up to a new orientation of being, as instructions for creative living. We observe how the collective is triggered by these forces, some holding tightly to conserve forms of rigid, exclusive, belief systems, some rising to the occasion and embracing the innovative, creative possibilities, enacting the Promethean archetype of bringing gifts for a better future to humanity and the earth. And like the Promethean story, we witness a backlash to these innovative creators; fear of change, fear of loosing control, fear of the power of women. We feel the deep controversy that we are embroiled in as, over the next 4 years, the USA redefines its values and national identity.

"Becoming the energy, Gevurah" by Susan Heinz

The summer carries an intensification of these energies. Mars aligns with Uranus and Pluto, heating things up, speeding things up, activating crisis, violence, and/or breakthrough. At this time all crisis can be breakthrough. We are offered the opportunity to source a deeper level of being that exists in the flow of presence. This Presence is the intelligence of the universe and our earth, with its aliveness and oneness. Humanity is in the labor pains of rebirthing itself to experience this oneness. All crisis at this time, calls us to attune to a deeper level of calm presence and to take actions that put in place new systems and daily routines, stemming from and anchored in, this transformed sense of ourselves.

August is the month of expressive and playful Leo, flowing into the earthy, practical, and industrious, Virgo on the 22nd. This follows the new moon in Leo on the 17th, which itself closes the night in darkness as the Perseid meteor showers take place on the 12th and 13th. With Venus now in Cancer, our affectionate nature is highlighted, and caring for others increases, as with all creative domestic affairs. Relationships reach a peak intensity on August 15th. An excellent time for patience and discipline. Mars enters deep feeling, and intense, Scorpio on the 23rd. This month gives us a Blue Moon on Aug. 31st, lighting the night skies with the second full moon for the month. The Piscean moon highlights our ability to take actions on our dreams, ideals and imaginings.

Twelve opportunities for August:

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): You feel caught this month between breaking free of what your life has been, and limiting conditionings. This will soon shift for you. Take advantage of this squeeze to learn how your habituated conditioning causes you to react. Letting go of control, or of controlling future outcomes, is the key. A new life is ahead for you. Keep positive a view, stay in the present, and refrain from projecting worry.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Find time to yourself and feel what it is you love. Imagine your ideals, then let go to being fully present. Relationships are changing. Be open, yet stay connected to your center. There are tests coming your way, a complexity of feeling through relationships. Stay grounded and take your time, you are being refined and transformed for greater intimacy and presence.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): This is a time of growth and expansion for you. You are creative, expressive, and socially interactive, with much to contribute. Step up your attitude of gratitude and choose to see what can be possible and positive. Practice slowing down to feel and communicate those feelings, while you own them as a response to conditioning and personal belief systems. Bodywork will assist deep release. Later, in the month, clean, clear, and reorganize your working space.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Just like the other cardinal signs, Aries, Libra and Capricorn, you have been undergoing deep change and crisis, as you cut through layers of conditioned ways of being, and expressing yourself. You can’t live on the surface these days. Soon much love, sweetness, and beauty, enter your life, highlighting more intimate interactions. You receive revelations of how you have been protecting yourself. At the Blue Moon, much healing comes into your life.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Throw yourself a birthday party! This month aligns you with creative, innovative, social energies, in exciting ways. Groups and friendships offer something new for you. You are poised at a crossroads. Trust your instincts and take up your leadership. The end of the month is an excellent time to make changes to support your health and/or working situation.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Retreat to receive inspirational and creative energies. You are the idea person behind the scenes and people find wisdom in your words. Focus on what you want to achieve or aspire towards, and open yourself to listening. You will hear instructions that bring growth. As the Sun enters Virgo, you are especially sensitive. Being aware of relationship dynamics by being fully present, rather than analytical, brings healing.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): This month is a creative and romantic time for you, especially as you allow change in your home life and daily routines. Give yourself the time and space to move into what you love and is soulful. Someone from the past comes into your life with a surprise. Learning, traveling, and writing, are highlighted. Midmonth encourages discipline for the best results.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): You have been very sensitive to the powerful energies now affecting all of us. These energies carry intensity and challenge you to liberate yourself from worn out patterns. Midmonth demands more patience and disciplined effort for progress. Patience asks you to step back and settle yourself by sorting through the many layers of feeling. You will be richly rewarded with renewed and rejuvenated energy.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): What you have been reading has opened up a new way of living and relating. Possibilities with groups of people present themselves, and innovative, creative leadership, and/or action, is highlighted. By slowing to be with nature and your deep feelings, all intimate relationships are enhanced. Old issues in relationship are up for healing. Listen well.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): You are moving into a new way of living, expressing yourself, and navigating through life. As you concentrate on your intention, what you want to achieve, gentle discipline is called for, a delicate balance between knowing your feelings, allowing yourself room to explore and disciplined, productive, action. Midmonth brings appreciation from others.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): This summer is especially creative for you, so write that book, communicate your passion through some medium! There is great potential for more intimate engagement with others, those you love, especially as you listen. Deep listening attunes your creative mind to the invisible information field around you. You receive messages. But mostly as you share your feelings, and compassion, healings take place.

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): This month highlights the best in your nature as you stay grounded. Now you have a keen ability to get to the heart of the matter, and bring out hidden information. Midmonth calls for awareness with boundaries and refocuses you on your own needs, and healing. The Blue Moon increases your sensitivities and highlights your perspective, and creative nature.