January 23, 2014

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2015, “Holding the Vision, Creating the Bridge”

4. CapricornHolding the Vision of the New Paradigm, we become the bridge, in this year of the Goat.

2015 brings us to the end of 7 turbulent years of breakdown, polarization and great challenge.

Personally, and globally, we are experiencing the break down of the ways we have been conditioned to live and relate. Systems, governments and economies are challenged to transform and reinvent. We are faced with challenges to transform our relationships to ourselves and each other, demanding a greater consciousness. What is called for is both an entirely new economic model, a new way of sharing the planet, understanding the profound interrelatedness of all life and personally to re-centering ourselves to the heart, to an inner alignment, free from old paradigm shame and conditioning. Our decisions are crucial in 2015. Susan’s talk describes the powerful and unique planetary alignments now present and how to best navigate through and with the energies of 2015.

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