January 2, 2013

Astrology for 2013

Music of the Spheres

Astrological Insights by Susan Heinz

Astrology for 2013;         Through the Portal into the Diamond Heart

Through-the-portal-detailAs we ride the tail end of the year of the Dragon, thrust through the winter solstice of 2012, we head toward a six-pointed planetary alignment in July 2013. We can think of it as a Diamond Heart, or as the Cosmic Diamond. This rare and unique planetary alignment supports our movement into the heart, into manifesting possibilities.  We are in a profound seeding time for the consciousness of humanity. All seeding takes place in the dark, just as creation stories begin in the dark, and surely we feel the darkness as well as the brightness of this time. 2013 marks a transition point; enough of us begin participating in a consciousness shift, so that a new consciousness can replace the old. This new consciousness will be as radical a departure from the old as when Copernicus let it be known that the Earth was not the center of the Galaxy.

We are coming to understand the interrelatedness of everything, moving away from old models of isolation and polarization to collaboration, cooperation and clear seeing. Certain sections of our society will continue to hold on to the old paradigm, while others embrace this new consciousness, masses of people becoming aware of our powers as co-creators of our lives and societies. Our choices become clearer. We are involved in a “Consciousness Revolution”.

2013 marks the middle of the tense Pluto Uranus square alignment, (until 2015). Pluto in Capricorn relentlessly breaks down the old structures of government and structures that govern our interactions.  Pluto erupts what has been repressed with power and intensity, in order to purge destructive elements to allow future life-enhancing growth. It rips away denial systems, when aligned with Uranus. Uranus brings sudden unexpected events that shock, causing cathartic change. Uranus is energy of innovation, awakening, and genius, a powerful force of revolution, liberation and the urge for freedom, now in the sign of Aries. This is the sign of new beginnings, pioneering efforts, and warrior like, courageous spirit. Uranus square Pluto creates great tension and momentum, labor pains to birth a new reality and social order. Stay flexible and open to possibilities in any given situation.

During the last two years these planets aligned with the planets in the USA chart that represent financial systems, wealth, our relationships and interactions with other countries. All of this is changing. Through 2015, Uranus and Pluto will affect our national identity, who we are as a country, our country’s leadership, our standing and role in the world. We are not what we were and we are not yet what we will become.

As we move into 2013, the full moon aligns with Pluto. This is a cathartic time for the U.S. We ride Plutonian themes into the New Year, death, debt, taxes, issues that have been repressed or ignored, the intensifying of power plays. With the full moon in Cancer, home, family, and supporting others, becomes the topic, especially with Neptune in Pisces, attunement to those less fortunate gains greater notice.

IMG_3408In 2013, Saturn aligns with Pluto, bringing the possibility of cooperation in finding solutions to existing problems. Saturn begins its sojourn through Scorpio, where consequences of our collective action cannot be avoided any longer. Expect heated debates over job creation versus the Earth’s environmental well being. Saturn with Pluto requires accountability along with the urge to reform. This reverberates within our personal lives. Saturn in Scorpio will challenge and test our ability to have real intimacy in our life and relationships, to bring out what we value as most essential.

Jupiter moves from Gemini into Cancer on June 25th. Jupiter in Gemini supports an expansion of social media and new forms of communication and publishing. As it moves into Cancer we see a deepening of feelings, and compassion. There will be a focused effort to enact laws that will help those less fortunate. Our spirituality can grow along with a renewed appreciation for the arts. More people will speak out for the sacredness of all life.  In June and July, Jupiter will form a triangle with Saturn and Neptune. This alignment will support movement and faith in a better future.

On July 29th, a rare grand sextile with 6 planets, along with the Moon in Taurus, will grace the heavens. This forms a 6 pointed star formation encircling the solar system, a Cosmic Diamond, as German astrologer, Antonia Langsdorf, named it. I like to think that it is a time that can move us into the Diamond Heart of Being. It holds the geometric form of our potential to seed a global heart of compassion along with an honoring of the Earth and the feminine, as the six yin or feminine signs are involved. We will see more support for Women’s rights and more women becoming influential.

We enter the year of the Water Snake on February 9th. The year of the Snake will be as powerful as the year of the Dragon. Both years carry the imagery of undulating ups and downs. The Snake year brings more resolutions to the problems posed in the year of the Dragon. While the Dragon was a more masculine/yang outward orientated time, the Snake is feminine and with an inner orientation, supporting us to go inward for change.


Twelve opportunities for 2013: For Sun and Rising Signs


Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): 2013 presents a unique situation for you. It is important that you continue to be flexible, to initiate change and new ways of being in your life. Your career and life goals continue to transform. This year you are called to deepen your connection with your feelings and your subconscious. Financial situations call for practical accountability and caution. Your home becomes a wonderful place for family and friends.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): This is the year you deepen your understanding of yourself and what it is you truly have to offer. It is time to get rid of the old, clear things out, organize what is important, and be prepared to encounter situations that will test your sense of comfort with yourself, in many different areas. Look at what needs to be clarified in your life. It is a fertile and creative year for you. You will share more love and compassion with others!

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): This year you benefit from the outreach that you did in 2012. Be flexible because unexpected matters will arise with others, perhaps leading into new possibilities. 2013 highlights creative and altruistic endeavors. Now you can manifest an ideal or a dream. Clarifying it as much as possible will bring more success. This is a time of hard work and focus toward your goals. By June you experience more help than usual.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): You are in a unique situation as the year begins. A greater focus begins on creative, expressive, endeavors. A new understanding has arrived. Important work alone will plant the seeds for growth in June and through the rest of the year. Meditation and spiritual contemplation set the stage for this time of growth. People take note of you, and are attracted to what you have to offer in the second part of the year.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): This year calls for careful attention to your interior life, your family, and home. If challenges arise, perseverance and patience are needed. You are in an inventive and creative period for your work, though flexibility is needed. Seeking new avenues of work or new people to work with will be helpful. The second half of the year calls for scheduled retreat, especially spiritual or meditative, supporting breakthroughs and new cycles beginning in 2014.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): This year you have the opportunity to more clearly understand your patterns of thinking and to end ways that no longer enhance your life. Staying focused on this process increases your ability to enjoy your life. Issues with siblings arise and with patience can be transformed. Greater understanding and compassion for others begin to change relationships. Taking up or continuing a creative expression promotes greater intimacy with yourself and others. You connect with a broader audience later in the year when group endeavors and friendships are favored.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): This year marks an important shift for you. Last year a greater drive for self understanding emerged along with a pressure to know how to create your life in the way that is valuable to you. Now you move into phase 2; manifesting this in your daily life; financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. This is a time to use your talents and implement them through a persevering focus. Teaching, learning, travel, and performing are all highlighted until June when your career goals will be supported and favored for the rest of the year.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): This year asks you to focus more deeply on how you create your life, especially looking at the emotional dynamics you experience. A new level of consciousness and greater understanding is entering your life. Choose a daily routine or discipline where you still your mind and affirm what is good and positive in your life. Learn good healthy boundaries in relationship and communicate what’s not working. After June your creativity, love and connection with spirit increase.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): You are entering a special time of deepening your connection with universal consciousness. You can choose to enhance this by daily meditation, keeping a dream journal and retreating several times this year. Now is the time to consider the level of intimacy within your relationships.  Ask yourself, ”How can I be more present? What issues need to be addressed or ritually released?” You are coming into deeper emotional fulfillment in your life and you will experience this in all relationships. Some important change has taken place that opens new rewarding life experiences.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): This year, you focus on life goals. It is a good time to look at your hopes and dreams, and envision the future. As you let go of one cycle of growth and accomplishment, a new one can be planned for that is deeply transforming to your life. The struggle between the old and the new has been intense and is polishing you like a bit of sand in an oyster to become a pearl. As relationships change and home dynamics change, have faith. Love, joy, and authenticity increase in your life. Keep your mind steady on the greater goal as you navigate this adventure.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): There has been a reorientation taking place in your life. This last year has dismantled the ways you see things and opened into your deeper feelings. This brings you to a profound wisdom, which will affect what you do in the public and in your career. In 2013, as you step into your knowingness and vulnerability, your work aids those in need of transformation, in unexpected ways. Your daily life is infused by compassion and greater imaginative creativity.

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): This year asks you to define what is meaningful to you, your life philosophy, and what shapes your daily attitudes. What is the big view of your life or situation? What is it you would like to draw on to reach your goals, to more fully embrace your career or life work? This will be a good year for publishing especially after June. Steady daily focus will bring the best results. Your creativity is enhanced and can bring positive results. Love, compassion and service are amplified as well as your heart opening with children, young people, or a love in your life.

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