January 5, 2016

Astrology for 2016

 “Crossing the Bridge, the Transformative Intention”

 In the clear cold winter nights the stars exclaim their existence! Orion with his jeweled belt climbs 4. the web of lifetoward Southern skies. Look up and wonder at the mystery within which you live! As we turn the wheel into 2016 we strengthen our intentions to recreate the culture and our own lives. The world as we have known it is no longer here and the world to be has not yet taken on its form. “We are here in the unraveling to reweave the world together. Invite yourself to be an agent of ongoing creativity. The deepest power is that of imagination. The Earth is a living being and the human is threaded into the soul of the world.”(Michael Meade). The cosmos and the spinning planets tell a story of breakdown of the old paradigm. In this interim time the universe calls on us to raise our consciousness, be courageous in making change, and to recognize our deep interconnectedness with all life. The truth of our relationship with the Earth must now assert itself. 2016 is the year to give form to these truths and to expound upon practical solutions. It is time to root out belief systems formed through the old paradigm that condemn, shame, polarize, and limit the potential of every human. Each of us has an important role to play, to tend the vision of a life-sustaining world. Each action we take to vitalize and shift our lives into creative possibilities rather than acting out the conditioning of the old paradigm, we create a collective luminosity that transforms our conditions and births a new world and self. The world now calls out to us to awaken!!!

heartTo survive we relocate our consciousness to our hearts and cultivate mindfulness. Such a major task of transformation for humanity! It calls on us to harness the arising power of the feminine, the receptive, inclusive, intuitive powers that understand our deep connectedness to life. That which has, for many years, been repressed challenges what holds tight to power. Polarization between peoples, races, governments, and within oneself is the old paradigm, causing a dying way of being on this Earth. The wounds of the old paradigm now surface, and must be addressed, so new levels of integration can take place. Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn linger in their tense square through 2016, challenging us at every level to take clear actions toward building the foundations for a new world and a new life with radically different views of who we are. We will continue to witness demonstrations, protests, revolutions, and rebellions against that which oppresses freedom. Each group of peoples will rise to assert what freedom means to them. We see this taking place all over the world. The question now posed to each of us, what is the definition of freedom? Our vision and our consciousness becomes the bridge into the new paradigm. We walk an edge between firmness and fluidity. Become a dancer! As Fania Davis says, “History is asking us to be healers”

Saturn and Neptune form a square during the year. This alignment brings forward a confrontation with unrealistic 3.The Healingexpectations, as well as with our ideals and dreams. It asks us to look very realistically at where we are, what we have created and are creating. Many can feel let down, disappointed or overwhelmed with what they see. But this is our task in 2016, to hold true to a vision of health and wholeness, and to persevere, hold steady, redesign our lives, and have courage to give form to that vision. We will be challenged with fear through its lower manifestation and asked to develop compassion for the world and ourselves as we step into the higher calling of this lineup. At what level will we partake in this Saturn Neptune drama? We take up the courage to face our attachments to old identities that are no longer serve our health and wellbeing and through persevering intention create and anchor a renewed self, a renewed world. Saturn will root out deception. It will confront what is evasive, confusing, hidden. During this time, “old forms of relating, feeling, behaving, along with social institutions, reveal their inappropriateness in the light of new understanding. A tension toward definite breakdown of all that has become obsolete develops. Before us is a challenge to radical re-evaluation out of which new insights, new values, and a new philosophical basis can eventually emerge.” (Dane Rudhyar, Leya Rael). The Saturn Neptune square also clarifies the need to create practical solutions for those who are homeless and those who are refugees. Will we react with fear or with compassion? We come to a major turning point in humanity’s consciousness, will compassion and inclusiveness be part of the new world, or will exclusivism, fear, and condemning judgment continue to polarize the peoples of the earth?

Jupiter also squares Saturn this year. On a cultural, societal level what started in 2000 reaches a point of radical adjustment in order to seed a new cycle in 2020. This new cycle will carry the Aquarian energy of equality among all, of innovative, creative, inventive energy. Mars goes retrograde this year in Sagittarius and Scorpio, April17th to June 29th. Expect delays in ones plans. What has been in forward motion must now reverse direction. This is a time to slow down, reflect on intention, and motivation. Review your course of action and revise. Watch the global situation especially around war, and revisioning direction.

46223442-2016-is-year-of-the-monkey-chinese-calligraphy-translation-monkey-red-stamps-which-translation-good-Mercury retrogrades in Earth signs this year, asking us to review the tangible results within our lives. Security and practical concerns are foremost. The deeper call is to become aware of what is most valuable in our daily living and consciousness. The Chinese year of the Fire Monkey begins on February 8th, on the New Moon. The playful trickster will abound through the next 12 months. Passion and energy moves us forward. Ingenuity in business increases and all mental pursuits are favored. This is the year to take risks, create change in your life, and shake things up. The challenge during Monkey year is to stay centered, grounded, and pace yourself.

 Twelve opportunities for 2016: For Sun and Rising Signs

 Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Opportunities for you exist as you slow down. New levels of integration will take place so that your daily life, your work, and your health benefit. The first part of the year you benefit from patiently developing a skill, perhaps something that was begun last year. This patient and careful attention to refinement brings more harmony and enjoyment in life and relationship. Examine what belief systems, or unconscious attitudes, no longer serve you. Look at your ideals or assumed expectations, and begin to sort out what is realistic. From April 17th to the end of June don’t push forward with plans. This is a time to take stock of where you are, have clear intentions, and sort out unrealistic expectations. This liberates you to new beginnings, which begin in July

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Opportunities this year abound in your creativity and self-expression. During 2016 you more fully embody yourself! A new love enters your life or you tap into core values that enhance your self-expression. You are very open to other people and engaged in shared spirituality, empathy, or creativity. You recognize your sensitivity to those around you. You now understand the need for clear boundaries to support your inner well-being. This is your balancing act for 2016. Much learning will come through relationships. You may feel more at the effect of other’s behavior or plans. Let yourself be witness to this. Your freedom develops through your conscious choice of response.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Your opportunities increase as you create new support systems for yourself, new inner foundations, which can include putting your home in order. Benefits will increase in your life as you dedicate time to clearing your space, and creating order, letting go of the old. Refinement of skills is also offered, paying attention to details in a way that you haven’t done before. As you set things in place, the 2nd half of the year offers you renewed creativity and enjoyment in your accomplishments. You feel more comfortable with who you are. Love is around you. Take time to clearly define your intentions and goals in your career or public life. Let yourself feel deeply to know your truth and take responsibility for who you are. From April until the end of June these are the issues asking for clarification.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Your opportunities for 2016 lie in making new connections, seeking out likeminded people and collaborating. Or perhaps you decide to share your knowledge by teaching, giving a talk, writing an article. All of this is favored for 2016. Communicating comes more easily. People respect what you have to say. Reflect on ideals or assumptions that have formed certain belief systems. Look carefully at those assumptions and if they are realistic. Find for yourself what is essentially true. From April to the end of June it is best to delay starting anything new, rather take time to fine tune your work. You may uncover emotions that you have set aside or repressed now come forward. Acknowledge them, and determine their root cause. This leads too much more enjoyment in your life.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): 2016 brings more abundance into your life. As you attend to the details of your life and work, doors open for you. Your self-confidence, based on your own perception of your self worth, grows. Be careful this year not overdo, take on too much, or exaggerate. There is learning going on about how to best express yourself. You are looking into your own values and what constitutes fun and enjoyment in your life. This year deepens you and brings forth your mature wisdom. You move into new areas of creativity and self-expression that are richly rewarding. Be thoughtful of what you may project onto others. During the year you develop more discrimination. From April through June review what is important to you and how your heart feels. It is likely that your financial condition improves.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): You are moving through a time of much self-awareness. This self-awareness can lead to greater confidence and enjoyment. It is a special time for you but don’t overdo or you are knocked off your center. Time alone in quiet enhances your inner stability and wisdom. You will find a balance that allows levels of integration within your subjective self to take place. This year you are learning the lessons of empathy coupled with discernment and steadiness. As you move through the year you make adjustments to your expectations. From April to June take time to put things in place in your home. Simplify. Try something new this year. Make a change, as this is a favored time for you.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): 2016 marks a year of completion, with the autumn bringing new beginnings and openings. It is beneficial to devote the early part of the year to completing projects, to sorting out and giving away things that are no longer needed. It can be a very fruitful time for recording your dreams, doing inner work, and for spiritual practices, all in regard to clearing, cleaning, and preparing for a rejuvenated self. In 2016, strike a balance between your openness and generosity to others, and your own limitations. When doubts or frustrated thoughts cross your mind while giving to others know that it is time to reassess. Look directly at what is working for you and what is not. As Mars retrogrades through April to June, reassess your own sense of self worth, and your money situation. More stability will be entering your life.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): In 2016, group endeavors are where your opportunities lie. Classes, and collaborations spark your inspiration and creativity. You bring great focus and planning to events. You feel yourself in a more outgoing phase of your life, wanting to learn new things. Your imagination is strong. Your romantic self is enhanced and sometimes you will not see things so clearly. This is the year to take your time in your responses, to pace yourself with your children, and with your projects. Though you may feel extravagant at times, clearly plan your finances. Mars dwells in Scorpio for longer than usual, from January 3rd to March 5th, once again from May 27th to August 2nd. Be mindful of your emotions and tendencies to react during this time, for it is a potent time of emotional growth for you!

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Your career and public standing are enhanced this year. You will have more opportunities to do your work. You will bring great focus and detail to your interactions. A lot of growth can take place in the area you aspire to. This will demand organization in your schedule, clear intention, and a certain amount of discipline. You will feel more responsible. During the year there is a great need to move into altered states, to loose yourself in visionary possibilities, or to daydream new possibilities With Mars retrograding in Sagittarius on April 17th through June 30, (later part in Scorpio), it is an important time to refrain from pushing forward. Instead take your time to assess how things are going. Are you doing what you really want to do? Is there an area where you can align your life with more integrity?

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): In 2016 your confidence grows. Travel is highlighted, as well as work on any larger project, as your determination, confidence, and staying power is strengthened. You clear away barriers that have been in your way before. Clear definition of issues aid this process. Being honest with yourself is extremely important now, watching where you might prefer to escape from your own inner pressure. Find ways to refresh yourself and your energy rather than zoning out. All Capricorns continue in profound transformation of their identities and life path. Let yourself think outside the box and go where your inspiration pulls you. During the year spending quality time alone, and following a discipline aligned with your intention will give you great benefits. Perseverance furthers.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Sharing and collaborating with others stimulate new ways of thinking, and new approaches. Your confidence grows as you work with others, and for others. In 2016 you are asked to define, and deal directly with monetary issues and more practical matters. With Mars going retrograde on April 17th through June 30th, stop and reflect on your career. Review your goals and the momentum that is carrying you. In what areas would you like to make adjustments? Is there something else you now understand that you didn’t before? As Mars goes direct in July, go forward with any revisions. The second half of the year brings rewarding travel and supports acknowledgement through teaching, learning, and publishing.

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): As we move into 2016 the sweetness that you have experienced in relationship, and some very specific relationships, continue. There is fun and new levels of comradeship. Relationships are more pleasurable and you find that new and old acquaintances present interesting opportunities to you. They open doors for you. You are involved with stimulating people. Your orientation with friends, or those you may collaborate with, goes through interesting transformations. You are especially sensitive this year. With your intention, you can bring awareness to this sensitivity, utilizing your special gifts to understand others, as well as assisting their understanding of themselves. Your sensitivity this year may also lead to works of art, music, or poetry, as you hold steady to your intentions.


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