April 2, 2016

Astrology for April

Confronting the ShadowThe fiery Aries energy of April finds Jupiter high in the southeast at sunset. It pushes the growth of plants, and sweeps the air clean. On April 7 the new Moon conjuncts with Uranus encouraging us to awaken, to make changes, to try something new, to find our independence. Of equal influence at this time, is the challenge of Pluto, unveiling deeper levels of psyche, bringing vulnerability, or loss, loss of family, loss of routine, loss of what was. While Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to look at our perspective and beliefs, especially what is under the first layer of our belief. What are the deeper motivating forces in our belief systems? Now is the time to root out that which is no longer working, or healthy. Yet many of us, on this edge between old and new, find ourselves disoriented, uncertain, overwhelmed by not knowing how these reorientations can take place. Lives that were one way will not be that way anymore. There are cracks and fissures to the old way of being. Focus on the light coming through these openings rather than the shaky ground. Follow the thread of connection, however narrow or small. Seek out different experiences, new people, and listen, reflect, then move.

2. BalanceA grand T square dominates the April skies, meaning a formation is taking place between 3 or more planets, causing opposing forces to compete, tensions to rise. Jupiter opposes Neptune, bringing up fantasy, ideals, imagination, big hopes, unfolding the siren song of melding into something beyond, some undefined place where things feel better. The square to Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius brings a hard edge to this dream, challenging consequences from overdoing, forcing confrontation with limits, checking us with the practical realities that are in front of us. How do we ride this energy? Slow down, take your time, think things through. Bring in a quiet of acceptance, take time to understand the deeper nature of the dilemma, and have faith that things will unfold, bringing more clarity, as new insights are seen and actions planned. Tune into your dream or ideal and create a step by step plan to manifest it.

On April 17th when Mars goes retrograde, that which has been in forward motion can stall, or come to a 2.reflectionstandstill. Time to review what you thought you wanted. Retrace your steps, and seek deeper understanding of your motivations. What unfolded in February and March will begin to make more sense over the next 2 months. Indecisiveness, reactive decisions, harsh judgment, may abound. They are red flags to pay attention and to slow down. These are symptoms of a deeper need. Find out what it is. Pluto goes retrograde on the next day, 18th, an inner pressure that creates a lot of discomfort. The powerful forces of momentum can’t move forward right now in the way we want. What will work is to see a greater vision, a plan and intention for transformation and implementation.

Truth telling comes to relieve the pressure. Choose who you wish to share this truth with. Clear discernment is important. Grounded practical movement is called for.

The Taurus Sun dawns on the 19th. What has been intense and conflicted, now moves to a new level, seeking more solid, harmonious ground (especially by April 29th as Venus moves into Taurus.)

imagesThe full moon takes place on April 21, highlighting the intense Scorpio Moon. This is the true Wesak moon, the Moon of Buddha’s enlightenment, though many celebrate this in May. As moods ebb and flow, the Scorpio Moon can be very full of feeling. Plant your bare feet on the Earth for balance and stability. Mercury goes retrograde on April 28th in Taurus, until May 22nd. This is a very interesting Mercury retrograde period, slightly longer than normal, with less planetary movement. A pressure with Mercury retrograde exists until we review the tangible results of our actions. Security matters, practical concerns, and basic needs come to the forefront. Look for possibilities that can be more fulfilling. Speak out and write about the needs of the earth. While illusion, ungrounded spin, and propaganda predominate, this year will highlight practical concerns and getting real, seeing through. Hold steady in exciting April!!!

 Twelve opportunities for April: For Sun and Rising Signs

 Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): You are acutely aware of the need to bring an end or transformation to your work, career or something in your life. A great desire to break free is present. This month carries the urge for a lot of change. Attune to the ideal of what this might be. It is important to slow down especially as Mars goes retrograde on the 17th, to retreat, or simplify your schedule, to settle yourself.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): You feel a restlessness, a desire to move and change things. But the changes you are seeking won’t entirely manifest now. Broaden your view, look toward the summer and fall and work in a step by step manner until then. It may feel like others are getting in your way of manifesting what you desire. In reality they are teaching you something very important about yourself.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Your friends and social circle is important to you now. Time to seed new possibilities in your life. Be determined and mindful about being grounded and complete the things you need to complete. There is a person who may frustrate you or cause you to compare yourself in a way that is not helpful. Refrain from polarizing though blame and take space when you need it.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): What an opportune time for you to stand out in the public and present yourself. You offer something unique and different. People experience your thoroughness in work and daily routines. Take your time. You may be acutely aware of what frustrates you and doesn’t reach your standard. Be patient and clear as things will unfold later. Give yourself time to review the last couple of months, or any work you are involved with.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): This month you have the energy and drive to complete and aspire toward something that is valuable and meaningful to you. It allows you to see yourself in a different light. When Mars goes retrograde on the 17th, slow down and review what you have created or manifested. Don’t push ahead forcefully. Travel to new places stimulates your creative juices.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): This month, there is a tendency to give more than you intent to. You could be idealistic and challenged with getting realistic about situations. A frustration may be taking place around the home. Be thoughtful and practical. After the 15th situations improve and you again feel inspired and find answers.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Unexpected situations arise with a friend, (even an enemy) or lover. It feels unpredictable. It brings the opportunity to wake up, to clear out the old, to recalibrate yourself, then to once again experience the preciousness of life. Situations carry intensity but can suddenly reverse after the 17th. Steady yourself and tend to immediate tangible issues.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Work takes center stage right now along with your every day routines. Something disrupts the normal. Don’t panic. You have deep inner resources of patience and endurance. Let these Scorpio traits calm you. Intensity can be strong for you this month. The best way to work with it is to be patient. Take your time, communicate clearly and don’t over schedule yourself.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Children and love are really highlighted this month. New situations give you more freedom and you benefit from independence. You may feel fueled with a strong mission or direction but you also experience its responsibility. You are ready to go but you can’t move as fast as you want to. After the 17th, situations shift. You may take a different approach or let go of things that once predominated.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Home is unsettling right now, either you have moved or things are being rearranged, or something comes up so you are in a new place. Realize that underneath the outer circumstances, a new beginning is taking place, not knowing what the results will be. Reach out in ways you haven’t before. Try something new. Balance this with quiet times when you investigate what’s wanting to be born. Align yourself with a project or intention that has a practical manifestation. Be patient. Resolutions aren’t immediate.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): This is an incredibly creative month for you, mentally stimulating. Inspiration and revelation bring about new possibilities. Writing, speaking, teaching, learning are all highlighted. And yet intensity is all around. Your friends or clients may be experiencing frustration or at an edge that is difficult, even sad. This month you can choose to hold the space with love and presence.

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Now is the time to ground. Seek out the blooming desert, the clear mountain air, the lone beaches. Walk and contemplate the abundance around you. It is an opportune time to shift your outlook, to redefine a vision of what is possible in your life. If you have a dream or ideal take action before the 17th. Put things in place, plan and review the second half of April.

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