July 5, 2017

Astrology for July

In pondering these times a version of the creation story comes to mind. The story goes like this. Ten vessels were created to hold and channel the downpour of the divine life force and light which would create the world. The vessels were not strong enough to contain the life force and they shattered. The life force fell into the darkness. The radiant light then descended into denser and denser levels of consciousness, becoming covered with shells of dust, hiding and obscuring the light.

Now seems to be such a time. Our job, as we move into a new world paradigm, where there is a struggle over what kind of new world we will create, is to find the light in the darkness. Together we must gather the light amidst a world split apart by polarization and negativity, while the deep shadow of the USA and the global world has been released. It is said that the negativity “separates us from humanity and God by psychologically covering our hearts with a thick membrane.” (Cooper, God is a Verb, p. 180)

It seems to me that the culture of the USA has turned inside out and emptied itself of contents, as if it has become an empty shell. Culture has forgotten its inner life, so that it has flattened out, become appearances, divided itself into sides. The values of health, well being, and the truth of interrelatedness of all that lives, has turned to values of business, profit, and endless extraction of nonrenewable resources from the Earth. These values have flattened out the culture so that it is one-dimensional. The human imagination has been exiled. And it is precisely the power of this imagination that supports this world, where the deeper soul resides. Now we are on a quest to renew, save, honor the Anima Mundi, the soul of the world, Anima Cosmos, the soul of the Cosmos, the soul of the USA and the soulfulness in each of us. Soul values culture, for culture is the cultivation of the ground of being, the soil of a healthy heart and mind.

Now is our opportunity to take up courage, and direct action, (Mars) commitment and perseverance to vision (Saturn in Sagittarius) justice and poised balance (Jupiter in Libra) while we are confronted and tossed about by unintegrated shadow forces, unbalanced development that has gone to extremes. Yet everywhere there are groups of imaginative visionaries, those that nurture soul, greater meaning, and purpose, and those who are activists for wholeness, cultivating a new culture of inventiveness, curiosity, possibility, kindness, and compassion. Seek it out!

Mars in Cancer seeps into the deep ground and penetrates underneath to the watery realms of unconscious reactions, and impulses. It activates the cardinal T-square of Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter through July 20th. This T-square illustrates the battle between old and new, between the linear masculine conquering and winning mentality, with the emerging feminine, wholistic, in-depth, intuitive consciousness. Mars releases the fears and resentments of the unfulfilled life and/or ego, crying out for revenge, so the old mentality finds its way. Or we can understand with compassion that this old mentality no longer serves us and know its release is beneficial. Jupiter in Libra, seeking justice and balance, equanimity in relationship, then continues to activate this polarity through October. We may ask ourselves these questions to bring about the higher manifestation of the energies during this time. For Mars in Cancer, “How can I best nurture and ground myself during this time? What desires and fears are arising and how might I move into (Jupiter in Libra) a place of witness, of gaining a much larger vista on life? Can I step into activating my imagination, letting go of the limiting views I may impose on myself and stay open to possibilities, synchronicities moment to moment? What actions can I take to move into new situations in my life? What lingering judgments need to be released? What are my values and `where can I contribute to the renewal of health and wellbeing of community and Earth?”

The full Moon takes place on July 8th, aligning with intense and transformative Pluto in Capricorn, while the Sun aligns with Mars. Be cool, find the middle way and observe what is taking place around you, and in the world. Let go of what’s not working, clean out accumulated stuff. Mars enters radiant and fiery Leo on the 20th. The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, while the New Moon takes place on the 23rd. This is a powerful time to seed your intention toward action. The world is lit up with intensity, leading us to the Solar Eclipse on Aug 21st. This unique eclipse will cast its shadow in a long path across the USA. Come to Susan’s Monthly astrology this Friday, July 7th at 9:30 to hear how astrologers view the meaning of this eclipse.

(Watch the unfolding of destiny in the Trump presidency as we move toward the solar eclipse of August 21st. This is a very powerful timing factor in the USA culture and political destiny as the shadow of the eclipse will move from the West coast across the country. (For more on the needs of this time and how to align personally with its call, the destiny of the USA and the Trump presidency come to Susan’s monthly talk this July 7, 9:30, Pacific Cultural Center or order the talk online, )


Twelve opportunities for July 2017: For Sun and Rising Signs


Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): You are being shown through events and situations how your inner life has created an outer manifestation which is now in the process of change. Nothing seems entirely solid. In fact you are touching into deep impulses and needs that now come to consciousness. The potential is for a new level of freedom, spaciousness, and revelation which shifts how you view yourself and life. The call is to stay centered in the present moment. Later in the month your uniqueness is felt, expressed, and embodied. Creativity and love support a fuller manifestation of yourself.


Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): There is a need to go within and sort out your thinking. What is it you are wanting, where are you now? Powerful impulses arise for big change, the need to break free, or perhaps you have already initiated these changes and are not yet settled, but busy. Take your time with relationships as unexpected desires and reactions may arise. At the New Moon, take time to focus on yourself. Let the gathering of yourself give over to quiet. The quiet opens you up to a clarity that will guide you forward into the next part of your life.


Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): As a Gemini you may feel curtailed at this time. It hasn’t been an easy flow, movement has, perhaps, stalled. There are complexities within yourself or your relationship that you may be unraveling. Through bumping up against others, you are shown that there is something you must let go of. Yet you also feel the ability to reach a level of appreciation and harmony with others. You are deepening, uncovering old behaviors in relationship that no longer serve you. The new moon brings enjoyment and a burst of creative energy.


 Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): You’ve been involved with a balancing act, finding equilibrium among the demands of career, relationship, and the need to retreat to nurture this phase of change in which you are involved. There is a restlessness, a drive to go, to be, to adventure, to feel the heart of your being! Identifying your needs and desires right now is paramount to everything else finding the right balance and perspective. It is bringing consciousness to those feelings and emotions that so stir you. Take the time now to follow your star. It will help you to heal and create the new beginnings you are looking for.


Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): You have retreated for a bit. It is as if you have been gestating, cooking something. Perhaps you have uncovered deeper aspects of yourself that want to be expressed. Or perhaps you needed to ground and feel the solidness of home and family. Something within you has gained momentum and is ready to burst free. Reflection at the time of the full moon, July 8th, helps to formulate clarity in preparation for participation and expression in more powerful ways. As a prelude, watch unexpected events and reactions around the 17th.


Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): June and the beginning of July has been hectic, busy with projects and other people. There is a goal you are working towards. On July 17th, be flexible. You may need to change directions but this change will lead to solid outcomes. A couple days before the New Moon you feel the urge and the benefits of turning inward, of gathering yourself. Desires that had been passed over now become evident and you find yourself busy with what you want to do for yourself. For a writer this is an extremely productive and inspiration time.


Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): In the beginning of the month you feel stretched. Lots of positive things are taking place but there is a pressure to keep up with a push that is stressful. You feel vulnerable and exposed at times, but you can also tap into a sense of confidence that what you are doing is right and appropriate even though the ground beneath you may feel uncertain. Become an observer among all the activity. There is an expansion of consciousness taking place. Sweetness in relationship takes place on the 18th and greater enjoyment comes with the full moon. Continue to know your boundaries, as you reset certain relationship patterns.


Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Late June and early July have felt rather intense for you. Desires and needs have been uncovered and difficult to manage. Perhaps at times you have felt a burning desire to be free of the tension or pressure of your needs in the given situation. This continues through the 18th. Recognize your desire for more spaciousness, inspiration and change in your life, then define what form it can take. Take responsibility for your well being by knowing how to structure your busy life. Steal away for a time with your loved one on the 18th. At the New Moon, 23rd, let yourself shine. Go out and have fun!

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): With Saturn in Sagittarius you have been working hard to accomplish your goals and responsibilities. You find it liberating and even exciting. This month brings up relationship themes. At the full moon you experience yourself up against someone else’s needs. Take the time to reflect upon what is being asked or expected of you, otherwise it may be your will against another’s. This reflection brings a softness and compassion to your heart. So often you are carried away by the enthusiasm of the many tasks you set before yourself, and miss an opening of intimacy.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): The driving need for change, for transformation of yourself has been upon you for many months. Now it feels as if you are closer to that point of letting go into something new. Yet it feels insecure, up in the air. You may feel at the affect of others’ reactions or intensity as their own insecurities arise. Finding time to ground yourself through nature allows the change a more solid reality that can become exciting. Practice cultivating a sense of spaciousness before your response to others, or to situations. This lifts your spirits as you gain great insight and confidence.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Perhaps you’ve left town for an adventure. I see you traveling, opening up your vistas, gaining new perspectives. And yet at the same time, the energies of now are calling you to care for your body, pay attention to your day to day activities. Perhaps you have retreated into your study and felt the need to plunge into deeper material as something tugs at you. Your insights want a form, and now is an excellent time to manifest your unique insights, or your activism. Later July you focus is on another. Your shared thoughts and communications  enhance your own revelations.

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): It is a busy time for you, Pisces. You are aware of the many needs of others, while you reach for some quality time for yourself. Even with others you are alert to what you want and you want to direct the course of direction. This may be unusual for you. And yet it is a collaborative event. As you tune into the other you know exactly how to find balance and equilibrium. The later part of the month finds you enjoying the tasks that you have taken on and excelling with whatever you do.


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