July 1, 2015

Astrology for July

5.starry cosmosWhat a powerful time it is! It is the best of times and the worst of times. July 1st, Wednesday, Venus and Jupiter come into conjunction and through the 1st week in July. Look to the West after sunset. These two beneficent planets will decorate the sky with glistening beauty. To look at them seems to soothe our souls, and slow down the busy tumultuous world. (Venus and Jupiter stay close until Aug 11th when Venus disappears). Justice, fairness, beauty, art, love, goodness, and grace. All these words can be used for the astrological description of Jupiter and Venus in conjunction in Leo, the sign of the heart, of individual expression, and the radiance of the Sun. A grace is upon us, the arts are highlighted, and compassion is more available.

   1.Aries         The full Moon also takes place on this day, July 1st, in Capricorn with the Sun in Cancer, highlighting fiery Mars in its opposition to intense Pluto while squaring revolutionary Uranus. This is an explosive coupling, with a destabilizing effect. Sudden, unexpected events can undermine, cause violence, topple outdated ways of being, and break apart situations that aren’t working (Greece, Iran talks, economies). On a personal level we can make sweeping changes now, and align with new ways of viewing ourselves. We can take radical actions for ourselves to promote more consciousness, creativity, and healing.4.Celebration

As we move from one paradigm to another we are literary in the dissolving phase. The underpinnings of our society and culture are going through great transformation. That which has been repressed, those that have been held down, are rising to express themselves, and release built up feelings, anger, aggression, grief, promoting power issues and struggles. The lid has been lifted and what was below rises to above, with the motion of Pluto, god of the underworld.

The n2. Balanceew moon on July 15th in Cancer aligns with the exact Pluto opposition to Mars. Hold on with awareness, as the world walks the razor‘s edge of change. On the 22nd the Sun enters radiant Leo. Venus goes retrograde in practical problem solving Virgo on the 25th, time to review our relationships, take stock of what we have created. On the 31st we have a second full moon, known as a “Blue Moon”.


Twelve opportunities for July 2015: For Sun and Rising Signs


Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): This is a powerful month for you. It is as if your unconscious is calling out to you to be heard. Old issues surface to be transformed, allowing you to enter the world in new ways. Breaking with the usual ways can be extremely unsettling, or liberating. You may feel yourself forced to do so. Your imagination is calling, go create, the muses will be with you.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Your home has been a special place of enjoyment. Art, good food, love and warm feelings of expression are present. You feel gratitude. Other situations have stirred up your thoughts, old themes are repeating themselves and you feel triggered. Grab a friend and reflect on how this is a theme for you. Free yourself by responding in radically different, and enlightened ways, having compassion for the human condition.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): This month you have realizations that come suddenly. If you give yourself time you will have a new way of thinking. As the month goes on you want to say it like it is, be direct. Issues or people from the past may suddenly return. Be thoughtful with your responses as you may find yourself heated up with passion.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): What a sensitive and moving time this is for you, lots of action and busyness! You feel more emotionally stirred than usual. You have a tremendous urge to throw off what holds you back, or you may be triggered to respond in ways you would rather not. Exercise is important to channel the strong emotional, mental energy you are experiencing. Something is awakening, transforming, and moving to another level.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Now is a poignant and deeply touching time for you. Something has suddenly shifted in your life and something new is arising. At the same time you are experiencing a strong sense of responsibility and duty. Keep the two in balance, that which is new and arising and that which is completing and commanding focus on practical levels. Give yourself time to reflect and have clarity. Love and enjoyment are around you.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Find alone time for yourself this month. A secret love finds you when you do. It may be your lover, or it may be the things you love. There is tremendous creative energy within that wants to be expressed. It is as if you are giving rich nutrients to your inner soil, which will burst forth with bloom in August and especially in October. Mid month you are especially moved by deep feelings. Letting go can be helpful.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): This month your heart is touched deeply. You feel love and appreciation. At the same time you are watchful to what is needed or called for. You balance between exuberance and refrain. Your creative juices flow but life keeps them in check with other obligations you have. Be clear about your needs at this time because if you aren’t, you might find yourself angry and resentful, with your own thwarted desires.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Do you find yourself responding more sharply lately than you want to? Ask yourself what it is you really want, and find new ways to clearly and wisely communicate your needs. You may find that you are stirred deeply at this time without necessarily knowing why. Be aware of what a strong person you are and yet also how sensitive and vulnerable you are. Make space to allow yourself drift and meander without a schedule. The muses are calling you.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): You are lucky right now. Changes are taking place in your perspectives or in your daily life that are offering you more freedom or revelation. It can be exciting! Others may experience you as being very clear and helpful now. Take a trip. What a nice month to travel to a new place and enjoy. You will find yourself balancing between indulgence and discipline, between pure enjoyment and getting practical things accomplished.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): This month you are doing relationships differently. There are others around you that have strong needs. You may feel pressure to conform and certain situations have been unsettling. Be aware of the emotional dynamics around you and see if you can understand what is motivating people. There is a new space in your home to settle into, and allow yourself to go into reverie. Give yourself freedom to play with no results required.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): If there are things you need to do, or actions to take, now is the time. This is an especially sweet time for relationships, for traveling and taking in a totally new experience. You meet many new people and you are welcomed and enjoyed. The first part of the month is an excellent time for writing or communicating. The second part of the month unexpected issues may arise that stir your passions.

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): This month accentuates enjoyment and fun with children. Sometimes it seems you care for the world or for so many others. Now it is important to give yourself time to play and create for yourself. Ask directly for what you need or want. Now there is a strong love around you. Perhaps you are immersed in something you really love.


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