February 28, 2013

Astrology for March

Music of the Spheres

Astrological Insights by Susan Heinz

Astrology for March 2013;

The CosmosThe Cosmos has reached down to us in February, with meteor and Asteroid. In the southern skies at this time, stretching overhead is the striking Orion constellation, arching upward to the Pleiades, with bright Jupiter. Orion’s belt points to the sparkling star, Sirius, toward the horizon. From March 5 to the 13 Comet Panstarrs, becomes visible, with the possibility of a brilliant show.The Cosmos now seeks to awaken us to our starry originals and the miracle of life that we are. As we enter this new age, Ganymede, the Aquarian constellation, pours out the life giving elixir, a downpour of light. Interestingly, in that area of the sky exists Cygnus, the Swan, or Northern Cross, with Cygnus X3 pulsating out gamma rays and flashes of light that some have speculated to have affected alterations in the human DNA and our cognitive evolution.

White TaraWe experience the intensification of uncertainty. The old systems no longer serve us, and the destructiveness of our cultures and collective mindsets obscure the true radiance of clarity and potential creativity. As the veils thin in this gap between old and new, we are called upon to ride this year’s serpentine undulations of highs and lows. Ancient wisdom teachings come to the forefront through science and innovations, as the Aquarius age, the great new Mayan cycle and the Mongolian Age of Woman come thundering in. Amid the breakdown, the not knowing, can we embody the intelligence that saturates nature, and open our perception to this dynamic, magical, and mysterious place in which we live?

As we enter March, Neptune, Venus, Chiron, Mercury, Mars and the Sun align in Pisces. We are awash with deep feelings. The underbelly of society’s hidden unconscious sways us all, with themes of old wounds, outdated ways to live, and the great potential for healing and renewal. Saturn in Scorpio forces us deeper into our psyches and the interrelationships of self and other, challenging us to attune to finer vibrations of real intimacy with each other and life. It is a fine edge we walk, between drowning in the old ways versus opening to grander and more creative views of the adventure here on planet Earth, acknowledging our tremendous unity.

Take good care of yourself at the new moon in Pisces, on the 11th, which accentuates the boundlessness of your mind and emotions to the Elisabeth's paintingglobal suffering, pushing to be released at this time. Let yourself move with the Piscean energy in spiritual pursuits, meditation, creativity, and service. Collaborate with others to envision new beginnings and actions to benefit change. Challenge yourself to surf these waves of transformation and find your heart becoming lighter and more finely attuned to the many subtle dimensions of living.

Laurel's paintingMercury goes direct on the 17th, freeing our thoughts and plans from inner contemplations. Plans can be strengthened and implemented now. The Spring Equinox takes place on March 20 as the Sun moves into fiery Aries. We will feel drastic shifts in our energy, charged with ability to move forward and take action, as the Sun, Mars, and Venus join Uranus in Aries, this dynamic, even violent, energy is harnessed by patient groundedness, deep breathing, and a stilling of the mind to direct a larger and more focused vision of the future.

Through the full moon on the 27th, be thoughtful of your actions, reactions, and responses. Tremendous forces are in play stressing our systems. Between the 20th and the 29th, breathe deeply, access clear intentions and actions that support life sustaining growth!

Twelve opportunities for March: For Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): You may be experiencing waves of emotion, releasing emotional build up, continuing until the 11th. Remember to breathe. There is the potential for strengthening your psyche at deep levels, especially in relation to others. On the 12th be ready for a surge of energy, as Mars moves into Aries. Time to get things done, create new beginnings, imagine possibilities. You are in a period of great change. Be flexible in outlook and interaction.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): As we move into March, artistic pursuits are strengthened. Your soul feels the potential for great love and compassion. Connections are being made with others and the community. You feel more sensitive at the same time, especially so at the New Moon on the 11th. After the 11th attend to your desire to change, clear things out, and map out the actions you will take. Writing helps your wisdom to be present.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): March brings new demands for clarity in life goals, along with attracting others into your life work. With this Mercury retrograde phase through the 17th, your mind may become overloaded, or long to soar in more imaginative, less linear realms. Schedule time for reverie or gardening. You are balancing expansion and new possibilities with clearing and organizing your daily life. Group interactions increase after the 11th, along with new people entering your life.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): What an excellent time to review your beliefs that set the stage for your life. Center on your expression in accordance with your deepest beliefs. After the 11th take an action to support a new direction or a bold step toward what you want to accomplish. The Equinox highlights a relationship from the past. Your sensitive, deep feeling nature now supports creative and spiritual pursuits.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): March may surprise you with your sensitivity toward others. You have the capacity to be very tuned in. Intimacy in your life increases. It can be a wonderful time to deeply enjoy another. In challenging relationships, you may feel overwhelmed, so get support to move through many feelings. After March 11 situations change and travel plans are supported.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Your sensitivity to others increases this month. Love and partnership can be enjoyable. A new love is idealized and sweetness with others is highlighted. You pick up much information through others’ feelings. You are a great assist now with your clarity and ability to communicate clearly what others’ experience. This is a creative time for you, especially with quiet time.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): As we enter March, you may feel yourself floating in a sea of possibilities with the need to focus your energies. It can be a fruitful artistic time as long as you don’t resist settling in. Be flexible as unexpected situations come from others. Your ideals are strong and you feel emotional. After the 11th you become motivated and tuned in to action. Passionate energy comes your way from others.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): A new responsibility and focus has come into your life. A structure or discipline will be helpful to ground and work with the different feelings you are having. You may feel spacey, overwhelmed, or overcome at times with bliss. Quiet reflective time will support movement from one way of being to another. After the 11th, you are motivated to accomplish your goals.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): In March you continue your need to balance work and social interactions with quiet and reflective time within home and family. Presently, gathering with family and connecting emotionally, is very important. New relationships or collaborative projects are to your advantage. After March 11th this gains momentum, continuing through the equinox. Your actions move smoothly, bringing excitement.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): As we move into March, your heart opens to depth of feeling and intuitive perceptions. You are more sensitive to the people around you. Keep grounded day to day as you may feel overwhelmed. Your anchor is contact with friends and community as something new is focalizing itself through your hard work. Your drive to action becomes stronger after the 11th. Listen to your dreams. Drive carefully!

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): As an Aquarius you have a deep feeling soul that others may not always perceive because your mental dexterity is so predominate. March highlights your feeling nature, your deep heart, your compassion. It sets you free to dream a new love, a new adventure, a new project. Listen to your dreams now as the information they bring guide you in new directions. If traveling, take your time and go carefully.

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): March brings love into your life, or it broadens your heart in love. Your idealistic self is stimulated which can affect and encourage others. The New Moon on the 11th encourages you to embrace your potential and plant a seed for a new cycle. Your challenge is to resist dropping into overwhelm. Your opportunity is to work practically, bringing through your wisdom to share.

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