October 3, 2017

Astrology for October

Sweeping us into October with intensity, Pluto moves into direct motion from its retrograde path. Its eruptive nature brings disorientation, experiences of lack of control, charges us with highly emotional and deeply instinctive impulses. Symbolically related to disintegration, death, and renewal, along with taxes and debt, Pluto exposes his archetypal essence. Suppressed material erupts into the surface of our lives. Pluto requires us to descend into depth, find renewed integrity and value, to overturn the soil of our lives. Pluto’s transpersonal forces peel back that which can no longer house the evolving core and essential essence, ultimately delivering hidden treasure.

Meanwhile Venus calls to us in the early morning hours, a solitary praise of silent beauty, hope of the new day. It too experiences a charge of passion, as Mars joins it on Thursday, October 5th, the day of the Aries Full Moon. The themes of thoughtful diplomacy, of poised balance and consideration of others are juxtaposed to the Martian energy of immediate fiery reaction, might makes right, and the assertive warrior. This is accentuated in the sign Virgo, with the potential for increasing our productiveness and alignment, or bringing heat to our minds, causing worry and blame. As Saturn squares Mars, obstacles to movement can slow our momentum. The wisdom of Saturn calls for a deepening of regard, for spaciousness and wholeness within this precise moment.

Jupiter leaves Libra and enters Scorpio, on the 10th. It’s sojourn in Scorpio taking us, and expanding our consciousness, into self-reflection/meditation on emotional interaction with others. Deepening all investigations, Jupiter in Scorpio aims for truth, transparency, and greater authenticity of soul expression, a reuniting within the collective human soul. Jupiter in Libra called into public discourse themes of justice/injustice, themes of self versus other. Scorpio expands these themes, piercing veils of appearance into underlying core issues.

These planetary movements illustrate the crisis of civilization we now make our way through. The crisis overwhelms the existing structures that have formed realities. This breakdown leaves a void, an emptiness. The opportunity exists to fully be present without knowing outcomes, to experience in the uncertainty an arising of heart, a new center of awareness and intelligence. It is then that the Plutonian, Martian, Scorpio themes become the dynamism of labor toward a new birth. The New Moon in Libra on October 19th accentuates visionary possibilities. Uranus aspects to the New Moon ask for fluidness in staying present to unfolding uncertainty. Upheavals of the norm sharpen our awareness of existence in the space of the present. Being present to this moment’s unfolding requires an opening of the heart to our layered experience. In the whirlwind of cascading events and unknown outcomes, seed your month at the new moon, with the intention for balance and mindful calm, trusting the wisdom and guidance from your heart.

Thoughts on the USA and the Trump Presidency

 Our orientation, within its institutions, which have been the navigating force since the beginning of our country, is continually challenged. (Uranus squares the USA Pluto). As this crisis of civilization dismantles the structures within which we live, greater inclusiveness and equality of being strives to become our foundation. The polarity between old and new paradigms intensifies; battles ensue over what beliefs will lead us into the future. Uranus as it squares the USA Mercury presents a collective crisis in how we perceive truth, at what level is the truth being revealed? The way we perceive, the way we receive and share communication, the way we understand information and “facts”, are all threatened with upheaval. With Uranus activating drives to pierce through veils of appearance to deeper truths, the truth of our history confronts the status quo.

            Mars sits on Trump’s Leo Ascendant, clearly describing his aggressive behavior. Trump’s philosophy of social interface was developed from his mentor, the ruthless prosecutor, Roy Cohn, Joe McCarthy’s lawyer and chief counsel in pursuing fellow Americans as Communist sympathizers. This philosophy is clearly experienced again and again as a strategy to attack those who attack you. Trump will always be a divider, a Uranian disrupter, the embodied USA shadow figure, allowing the Plutonian fissure of the suppressed and traumatic material to erupt and disrupt like a flow of molten lava from a timely volcano, potentially exposing that which must be transformed and evolved.

The Twelve signs: For Sun and Rising Signs

 Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): This month brings you, dear Aries, into a distilling process, a slowing to particulars. With Jupiter accentuating Scorpio, Aries descends into inner depths. You see the old ways and are in labor to birth yourself, your relationships anew. You may feel your vulnerability. The key is to relax into this. Something in your life is coming into birth. Something old is passing away. Realize that appearances aren’t the deep truth, for now the search for deeper more eternal truths are upon you. With Mars finishing its sojourn through Virgo, clarity and intention are your navigating points. Be distrustful of the overly critical voice. It’s turned inside out. It’s flip side is discernment.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): The desire to enjoy and express yourself calls to you. But your Taurus may stay too grounded, trying to get things just right. Soon you will encounter big change and breakthrough, but now a need for a precision comes to the foreground. How can that precision fine tune your authentic expression, the way you live your life, how you hold your body, how you earn a living? You may feel yourself wrestle with your routines and want to expand your life. Be open to possibility and suggestions from others that come your way. Step out and into a new or renewed relationship. Now’s the time.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Now is the time to gather yourself. It’s not about the broad picture, but the detailed attention to the particulars in your home and inner life, sorting, letting go, and clearing. As Jupiter moves into Scorpio it calls you into a deeper relationship with your body, and into the very essence of meaningful work. The Scorpio energy focalizes and goes into depth, into feeling and sensing, while Gemini moves from one thing to another gathering words of wisdom, accumulating lots of information. With Jupiter enlarging these Scorpio waters, slowing the Gemini self into deeper reflection and insight, you knit it all together.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): With Jupiter entering Scorpio, your sweet thoughtfulness of others, and your great sensitivity that can nurture, or react defensively, refocusing itself toward your own needs, a deeper and more creative aspect of yourself becomes open to you. For the next year Jupiter highlights an opening of your heart. The new moon on the 19th carries an electrification of something new, a shift of attention. Scan your horizon, look for what can open your life in unexpected ways and plunge in. You have been encountering deep transformations since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008. Be prepared for more love, trust the inner voice that guides you and take a leap.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): As a Leo you are a complex and deep person, though others may not know this depth. Your outgoing warmth and generosity, your witty humor, your expressiveness through many different avenues, projects a confidence. Now as Jupiter goes into Scorpio, you turn to your inner life, and mine the depths of your wisdom. There are some forgotten pieces or parts of your life that resurface, and call for integration. Or perhaps, you now complete those projects in your home and sink into reverie. The full moon carries a Plutonian punch, so be good to yourself as you balance your inner and outer life. It’s an excellent time to disrupt routines and incorporate something new.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Virgo is highlighted this month with the power of Mars to get things done, to go right to the point, to align with your intention and take the next steps. With Venus conjuncting Mars in Virgo relationships are prominent for you, with passion, concern or intensity. It may seem that you are caught in a stalemate, as your good intentions may find an obstacle to their fulfillment. It’s time to relax your mind. There are greater forces than yourself at play now. You cannot at this time see the bigger view, so find that calm center within yourself and express your love. One step at a time dear Virgo.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Ahh birthday Libra! The autumn is delicious here. Its beauty speaks of your beauty, your aesthetic abilities, your talents, and your calm, thoughtful presence when you find that balance within yourself. And isn’t that the quest? The full moon on the 5th brings up some deeper issues around home or family that are transforming. A new orientation is being called for. What will you let go of? How will you arrange yourself when this completion or change settles to something new? The full moon on the 19th marks a potential turning point. Some unexpected news or response arrives. Its potential is to bring about a break through, a revelation. If not, then go out and try something different, open to a new experience.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Scorpio, life becomes rich and fulfilling!! A whirlwind of activity may deprive you of sleep, or a restlessness to break through and free yourself of routine may dominate. Or both!! But Jupiter enters your sign, delivering joy, protection and humor. Watch its shadow side where it always says yes, and is over committed, or overindulges in sweets, in order to calm your overcommitted self. The key to success in receiving its grace is to find time to retreat in October, even if it’s just snatches of retreat time. Catch your breathe with yoga or spiritual inspiration. Write to yourself so you can be infused with your own Scorpio wisdom. At the New Moon on the 19th set your Jupiterian intention to bring abundance and love into your life.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): In October your busy life shifts to more contemplative times as Jupiter moves into Scorpio. Jupiter is your planet, jovial, optimistic, seeing the best, full of wisdom, highlighting the teacher within you. With Jupiter entering Scorpio, the next 12 months will ask you to enter the interior realms, to allow time and stillness in perceiving your life. Take notice of its quality, underneath your plans and engagements, your projects and tasks, the accomplishment of goals. The Scorpio energy brings out the essence of your relationships, your ability to be intimate, and your attunement to your own inner currents. Under the full moon of the 5th you feel its burst of energy as Uranus makes its final passage to energize and excite you with the possibilities.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): With Jupiter entering Scorpio, dear Capricorn, you enter a new phase. It initiates a 12-month cycle of a new beginning, an envisioning of a future, the possibility of meeting new friends, coming into new encounters, of interfacing with the world in new ways. Though your progress may feel stalled, doors can now open. Your imagination is enhanced, as are creative endeavors. In December, Saturn enters your sign, seeks to focus and ground you into a steady movement toward a goal. Take these two months to feel into what wants to come into being. Be open to group dynamics that may help the process. It is a good time to investigate possibilities, establish new routines and know that Jupiter will assist movement forward. Any new routines that have been initiated are supported. Have faith!

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, have you been reading up a storm, perhaps working on that novel or memoir, refining and refining to send to the publisher? Now as Jupiter enters Scorpio its time to let that project come to fruition. Share it with the public. If you are looking for a career change now is the time. You are viewed in favorable light and carry the energy of success. You have the power to transform perceptions with your wisdom, especially as you have, over the years, sharpened your understanding. Under this Aries full moon, on the 5th, experience the last Uranus opposition to Jupiter as your spirit feels the inspiration and possibilities it launches. This is preparation in how you want to participate, before Uranus enters Taurus in May of 2018 after 7 years in Aries, where it has been cooking and inspiring you! Taurus wants form and grounding!

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, Jupiter is one of your planets, meaning it carries some of the qualities of expansiveness, inclusiveness, and spiritual idealism that you too possess. The other planet is Neptune, which carries these themes even further into the transpersonal and creative. (Its discovery in 1846 took Jupiter’s place as ruler of the sign). With Jupiter moving into Scorpio you are now supported with its presence, with more enjoyment and an unfolding of a new part of your life. As Jupiter makes its sojourn in Scorpio you experience more love more and in depth sharing with others, more compassion toward your self. Creativity, imagination, spiritual development are enhanced. Travel is favored as well as teaching and publishing.

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 35 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and or, painting classes, and for personal consultations, call (831) 479-3751, or go to




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