September 26, 2021

Astrology for October

In the Libra time of year, the Sun finds its midway point on the horizon at dawn, and we bring ourselves back to balance. From earthy Virgo into airy Libra, our needs to connect with and consider each other, to socialize, and to share the arts, music, and creative ideas are accentuated. Normally diplomatic and considerate, this fall, Libra is charged up by active and assertive Mars, (since coming into orb of influence with the Sun on September 20th). So here we are, both very busy and motivated to action, but also desiring to pause and enjoy. Libra’s all about balance. How can we consciously find our balance? This situation continues through October 7th when the Sun and Mars conjunct exactly, and continuing until the Sun enters Scorpio on the 22nd, when the deep feeling and intense waters of Scorpio move us into the darker season.

Venus now travels in Scorpio, through the 6th. We can be thoughtful in these Venus areas, relationships, diplomacy, and negotiations, as the signature of Mars and Scorpio will be present, posing differing or conflicting needs, and strong feelings. We can navigate these times personally by being aware of our deeper motivations and desires. The country’s political situation is stirred into a tangle, full of debate, conflict, and challenged to seek compromise. (with Mercury retrograde, and strong Mars pose great challenges). Venus enters Sagittarius on the 7th, broadening our view and creating more optimism.

The trickster is afoot! Mercury is retrograde through October 18th. Our flexibility in the moment will create more ease as schedules and technical issues may be disrupted. During the retrograde period we benefit from reflection and review. Otherwise, events often stop or slow us down. Editing and revising is optimum. With Mercury in Libra, our communications with each other become central. Having Mars in the mix, situations can get heated, or we can utilize the Mars energy to attune to each other and take action toward our goals. It can be a bit of a bumpy ride, until we find our balance. Compassion and equanimity become keywords. Mercury is square to heavy and deep Pluto in Capricorn. Old resentments may surface, or patterns that we have held in relationship since we were children. Pause and observe. This is the time, if we can be witness to the tension, to clear and heal. Can we bring new understanding to what deep feelings are arising, or old reactions, and remind ourselves that it is we who are creating (or not creating) the new paradigm? 

Four planets change direction in October. When planets change direction going from retrograde to direct, their archetypal essence is increased and amplified. Pluto goes direct on the 6th at the New Moon, amplifying these intense and potentially transformative times. Saturn goes direct on the 10th. Stay grounded and steady. Jupiter goes direct on the 17th. Enlarge your world, find your joy, lean into trusting the larger guiding forces. Mercury goes direct on the 18th, ahh, forward movement.

Celestial Events for October 

Oct 1 – Mars opposes Chiron and Mercury squares Pluto – Many old attitudes or communication patterns are revealed. May we take the time for healing and transformation. Cultivate spaciousness and witnessing as we respond to others.

Oct 3 – The Sun opposes Chiron, Mercury retrograde trines Jupiter – When the Sun opposes Chiron we have the opportunity to see ourselves in a new light. Deep healing is available to us. Reach out to those who can assist you. Mercury trines Jupiter – as we slow to review our situations, we can expand our vision and feel more gratitude in our lives. Writing, communicating, teaching, and editing are highlighted.

Oct 6New Moon in Libra, conjunct Mars while Pluto goes direct at 24 Capricorn – setting us off to sizzle with the energy of movement, assertion, action, or clear decisive action. Feel into your desire. Feel into what is trying to birth itself through you, and let it be known. Write it down and set your intention. This new Moon aligns with the Wounded Healer, Chiron, offering us a bridge to new levels of integration as we acknowledge what has hurt or been left out.

Affirmation for the Libra New Moon 

“May I listen deeply and consider all my relations with respect. May I now move forward with clear intentions and in a balanced way toward my goals. Instead of conflict and blame, I seek understanding and healing. “

New Moon over Santa Cruz by Scott Lenhart

Oct 9The Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde, as Mercury also conjuncts Mars – the best strategy now is to be direct! With clarity of our intentions and thoughtfulness in our communication we can be very clear, honest, and right to the point. Otherwise we may have a hard time focusing. Information is moving very fast. Simplify, focus on your self, and clarify your intention to set the upcoming cycle.

Oct 10Saturn goes direct at 6 Aquarius – Saturn’s qualities of commitment, follow though, responsibility, and focus can be applied to whatever it is we are creating or moving through. Saturn wants us to slow down, go deeper into our Soul’s wisdom. To touch that guidance. Obstacles or challenges become subtle or dramatic teachers. Stay present with curiosity and attentiveness to what is taking place.

Oct 15The Sun at 22 Libra trines Jupiter in Aquarius – Celebrate with others. Start a new adventure, learning, teaching, creating

Oct 17The Sun at 24 Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter goes direct at 22 Aquarius – the light of the Sun meets the shadows from below. What drives our underlying motives, personally, or collectively? Jupiter brings protection and optimism.

Oct 18Mercury goes direct at 10 Libra. Four retrograde planets are now direct. Feel the shift of sudden movement and release.

Oct 20Full Moon in Aries – We are juggling different needs under the full Moon in Aries. The Aries full Moon is one of passion and spontaneity, intuition, and going for it, while the Libra Sun is all about consideration for and feeling into others. This full Moon aligns with both Pluto and Mars, bringing in a more complicated story of our inner issues erupting and causing reactions, or past behaviors ready to be transformed. Taking conscious clear actions and responses will channel the energy in productive ways. While there is a touchy quality to our behavior, we are certainly tested to keep our cool, our equanimity. Aries spontaneity and courage to step into the new is to be celebrated. This full Moon alignment is one of debating and conflicting opinions, of comparison and competitiveness. Watch the world scene and governments as this energy will be played out.

Affirmation for the Aries full Moon 

“May I feel passion and inspiration as I connect to my unique gifts and purpose. May I have courage and confidence in the transformations that are taking place.”

Oct 22The Sun enters Scorpio – We enter the watery, mysterious depths of the transforming seasons. The days shorten and the dark descends. We pull back in. Transitions open up the liminal spaces and we can sense other dimensions. Scorpio deepens the Libra relationship into more personal, intimate spaces. We might share our deepest self, our vulnerabilities, our resilience and strength. All are part of the dynamism and mystery of the Scorpio passage and temperament.

Oct 30The Sun at 7 Scorpio squares Saturn in Aquarius, Mars enters Scorpio – setting us up for Halloween on the 31st.

Oct 31Samhain, Mercury at 22 Libra trines Jupiter in Aquarius – The 31st is the day of the ancient Celtic cross quarter holiday, Samhain, a celebration/ritual marking midway between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice. The Celtic peoples honored this day as ending and the beginning of their New Year, when the veil between the worlds were the thinnest. This Halloween, Mercury is in harmony with expansive Jupiter, assisting our communication and accessing the other dimensions. This will be a very chatty celebration.

The Twelve signs for October: Sun and Rising Signs

 Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, this month is all about your relationships, with energy and heat activating your interactions! This is challenging. Not everyone understands your good intentioned heart, and others will stretch your patience. With Mars, and Mercury retrograde, along with the New Moon, huddled in the place of your relationships, you may be surprised by your responses. Collaboration with shared goals can work, as long as you proceed with great thoughtfulness to your own needs and the needs of others. Physical activity is a must to channel the energy during this time. If you feel others have misunderstood you and responded abruptly or unconsciously, be curious about what is taking place and refrain from immediately responding.  With Chiron in Aries opposite these planets, you have an opportunity for healing and resolving differences. Under the full Moon in Aries you feel inspired, find time to do something for yourself, and take a risk. While at the same time you walk gently and clearly within your relationships, listening with equanimity to your partners and friends. Keyword for October, “Conscientious”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, this month the planets in Libra grace your house of work, health, and refinement of yourself through clearer alignment of your body, mind, spirit, and emotions. You benefit through your yoga practice, or any practice that supports a fine-tuning in how you are taking care of yourself, discerning and freeing where your energy is stuck or agitated. Take time to clarify your goals, put your office in order, organize your schedule, and take consistent actions. This gathering of planets highlights nurturing your well-being. This is also the area of coworkers. Be thoughtful as situations may be revealed that require attention. When Venus enters Sagittarius on the 7th, your adventurous spirit is off and running. Take a road trip! Have fun with your lover (or your dog!) Under the Aries Full Moon head to the studio, take a hike or settle yourself in a retreat. Your imaginative powers and intuition are activated. If old issues arise with force, take your time. Feel into the emotions as energy that wants to move. Keywords for October, “Putting things in order”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, with all this airy energy, keep your feet on the ground. You are lit up to show yourself and share your good works. As you move into the month ahead, Saturn gives you advice to take one step at a time toward your goals with thoughtful organization. Mercury is your planet, and now has slowed to retrograde. All those great ideas you have had recently want to land and be reviewed. Which ones do you want to keep and what actions will you take? Taking the time now to plan and then act is supported by these archetypal forces. Watch your communications as Mars stimulates your mind and words with clarity or impulsiveness. Old issues arise to be resolved or healed. Under the light of the Aries full Moon join with friends, find your group of likeminded kin, proclaim your ideals. Keywords for October, “Plan, act, and share”

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, the Libra Sun pulls you back into home and family. Here’s where the activity takes place, clearing, sorting, putting things in place, rearranging. If anything needs to be clarified with family members, bring thoughtful reflection to how and what you would like to say. On the other hand, some of you, will find yourselves moving into deeper aspects of yourself, exploring interiors and messages from your soul, strengthening that connection. Mercury retrograde has you looking at your past, reviewing aspects of yourself that you may have forgotten or ignored, reflecting on past relationships. This careful review brings healing and new levels of integration. Under the Aries full Moon, the foundations and groundedness you have created for yourself now supports how you show up in the world. Trust your intuition and go for it. Share the creativity, imagination and insights with others, which are your gifts. Keywords for October, “Finding supportive ground.”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, as the stellium of Libra planets graces your house of communication, writing, and sharing information, you may find that you have a lot to say and are busy making plans. Your words have energized power now. How would you like to channel that ability? What creative endeavors call to you to take action? As Mercury slows itself, editing and revising are supported. This is the house that highlights activity with neighbors and/or siblings. I see you enjoying yourself in your interactions, or needing to say something very specific that has been troubling you. With Mercury retrograde and the strong Mars, take your time to weigh your words.  Celebrate the Goddess (however you view her) as this is also the house of rituals and the Goddess. Under the light of the Aries full Moon, you are ready to share your wisdom, ready to publish! All teaching and learning are taken up with enthusiasm. Keywords for October, “Deepen into and share your wisdom”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, this month you gather yourself around what and who you deeply value. You are aware of your ability to support others and your unique talents to share. You are naturally humble and understated. With the stellium of Libra planets gracing your house of self worth, take some time to honor the uniqueness, kindness, and hard work you contribute. This area of the chart also has to do with your relationship to your finances. With Mercury retrograding there, it’s a good time to review and reflect on what you would like to change or rearrange. It might be the time where you pay off that old debt or rearrange your payments. Under the Aries full Moon sharing with another is enhanced. Share that inner fire, spontaneity, and joy with another. Collaborations, transformations, and healings are celebrated. Keywords for October, “Self regard”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Happy Birthday, dear Libra! This is time to celebrate yourself. Let yourself shine with these 4 planets in Libra, as they light up your house of self, of embodying self, trusting self, and bringing forth those gifts that are unique to you! Your planet, beautiful Venus, travels in deep emotional waters of Scorpio until the 7th. Notice the shift as Venus moves into enthusiastic Sagittarius. Take yourself on an adventure. Looks like you are ready to go or have just arrived back, with Mars next to the Sun. Tap into your intentions and desires for the year ahead as Mars is your boat to carry you toward your goals. Mercury retrograde in Libra supports you to find balance in all your endeavors, as you slow down to review. This is the time to set your clarified course ahead. Under the Aries full Moon take hold of your partner’s (or a friend’s) hand and do something spontaneously!  Then settle inward to review the transformations you have moved through the last number of years. You are continually letting go of old identities. Keywords for October, “Trust the process”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, this new Moon calls for a retreat during your busy life. You may feel the need to rest, recuperate, or just tap into the juice of greater wisdom and mystery. This month has you digging more deeply into understanding the workings of things. With Mars next to the Sun, even in laid back Libra, you may feel the thrust to to action, especially in the imaginative realms, or to be of service to others in some form. With Mercury retrograde listen to your dreams and what they are telling you. Are you anxious and need to nurture yourself, or are your dreams opening you to larger visions? Under the light of the Aries full Moon you may find yourself very busy working, or taking time for self care. For you, this pairing of signs, highlight the need to find the balance between the workings of every day and the need to commune with deeper aspects of yourself. Situations or feelings from the past may surface to be recognized, and released. Keyword for October, “Rejuvenate”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, with the 4 planets in Libra activating your house of future plans, what a great time to set your intention for the year ahead. First, with Mercury retrograde, review the past year, what you’ve accomplished, what you have dreamed about, and how you feel connected to your deeper self. This supports you to stretch into your next phase of growth. Activation takes place in the area of your chart that seeks connection with others, friends or groups. You may be teaching, learning, leading, or coaching. Find your friend(s) and collaborate, or create time together to enjoy and share. Under the light of the Aries full Moon, all your creative juices are heightened. Enjoy open studios, the art, music, and performance of others as well. The inspirations that spark you will grow. Take notice as Jupiter aligns with Mars under the full Moon. Keywords for October, “Feel part of something larger than yourself”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, with your house of career highlighted, you may have recently, and are presently,  experiencing attainment of goals, and wellbeing with your accomplishments. With Mars there, as well, you being the Capricorn that you are, may be actively planning your next moves. Yet Mercury retrograde insists that you take a breath and slow down, finding your balance between activity and reflection. Allow yourself to experience this healing from within. (Chiron in your house of the inner self). Under the Aries full Moon your interior self is lite up. Your home and loved ones are appreciated. Dance that Aries energy, and experience a deeper trust in yourself. Your Capricorn self can and will continue to be the conscientious and wise guide as you trust in yourself rather than being the harsh task master. Keywords for October, “Freeing yourself”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, this might be your favorite time with the Libra planets gracing your house of higher learning, philosophy, storytelling and travel. Take an adventure, move yourself into new places, whether physical or interior. This is the house of publishing and sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and tales. Bringing clarity to your deep desires supports your journey ahead, while Mars helps to cut any the nonessential. With Mercury retrograding until the 18th, dive into new material. Your teaching has new vitality.  You know the power of words, and your offering can support others to enter the creative forces of thoughts to words. Under the Aries full Moon your mind is sharp, quick, intuitive, and in the flow of inspiring ideas. Communications are many and connections with others created. With the Moon aspecting Pluto, resolving the past, or revealing new insights, brings about transformation.  Keywords for October, “Directive Power”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, during this Libra time of year you are tuned into others, even more so than your usual empathetic self is. You detect nuances that others miss. You may want to help and support. But you also may want to separate and push away. There is something you want to point out and clarify. This is the action of Mars in your house of intimacy, deep encounters, collaboration, and healing. As well as the house of shared finances. In fact, this is the right time to look over those shared finances. Clarify exactly where you are, what you want, and to set an intention for the future. Under the light of the Aries full Moon, focus on your needs and what you deeply value. Affirm and establish your balance between yourself and others, between your desires and another’s. With the fiery Aries energy triggering your house of self worth, be spontaneous and celebrate yourself!  Keyword for October, “Clarify”

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 39 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, call (831) 479-3751, or go to

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