August 19, 2022

Astrology for Sept/New Moon Aug 27

With Mars now in communicative Gemini, quickening the sharing of news and information, and with Mercury going retrograde this month, on Sept 9th, at 8 Libra, we have an interesting situation. But let us first reflect on the New Moon of August 27th, taking us into September. There are many significant astrological alignments for September and through the fall!

The new Moon in Virgo, the time of harvest, brings us into September. Virgo is the Virgin, true to herself, refining her expression, and listening to the nuanced messages from within and without for healing and integration.  It does not call attention to itself but sets about its task with dedication. Virgo is the sign of health and conscientious work. This is the stage in the zodiacal process of development where we come into deeper contact with our inner self in order to bring to service our unique gifts. If we find ourselves getting caught in worry or the over-analyzing mind, then we remember to breathe and listen more deeply to the internal guiding wisdom. Where does thoughtful, dedicated Virgo, working with precision, fall in your chart?  

The New Moon in Virgo – August 27  

With the New Moon in Virgo practical matters can be successfully focused upon. Time to put things in order, to refine, to edit, to clear out the old, review our work and reevaluate our service. This New Moon receives a square from Mars in Gemini, so we feel the tension of taking a new kind of action, or making a decision. If we are feeling frustration or in conflict, we can look to Mercury, which is the planetary ruler of both Gemini and Virgo. With Mercury now in Libra, the sign of balance, fairness and harmony, we are directed to find our equilibrium, to pause, and deliberate, before taking action. This is the way we find our forward movement, as Mercury is in a harmonious trine with Mars the planet of action.

Affirmation for the New Moon in Virgo

“May I be attuned in body, mind, and spirit.”

“May I be in service to the highest good.”

Mercury goes retrograde September 9th

As Mars trines Mercury we can be energized to get our point across. With Mercury going retrograde, (September 9) slowing and reversing direction, that quick moving assertive communication is stalled. There is a need to go inward and become more self reflective, especially in regards to justice, law, and the quality of our relationships (Libra). On a personal level, we are asked to be thoughtful of others as we communicate. We are now asked to reflect with a more expanded consciousness on how we are relating to each other and what we are communicating. How we use words to separate ourselves or to bring us together in clearer understanding, carries through the month. This combination highlights writers and orators, the media and all networks and channels through which we communicate.

It is interesting to watch these two planets in their movements over the month, because Mercury drops back into Virgo (Sept 23rd) and goes direct on October 2, close to an exact square with Mars. So what was first quick communication now becomes more challenging. As Mercury turns direct it opposes Neptune and once again, as so often during these times, it is difficult to sort and find the truth. And it may be that we are fighting over what is truth. Interestingly, the USA will be having a Mars return during this time, amplifying an assertive and aggressive energy. The lead up to the primaries will be very intense! Find your center and your ground. Capture your mindfulness state and know we are in an extremely powerful transformative time!

At the end of September with Mercury stationing to go direct, opposing Neptune and squaring Mars, perhaps the best advice is to take this time to be mindful of yourself, your environment, and the people around you. With Neptune, we may not see clearly. So best to make bigger decisions once Mercury enters Libra once again on October 10th. Deception, illusion, and overwhelm all are connected with Neptune’s tendency to altered states, as well as disappointment. But Neptune is also the planet of a greater unity of being, an interpenetrating ground of being, a spiritual state of reality, the powers of imagination. Can we become broad in our mindfulness to hold the moment in the all embracing interconnected web of life that holds us as we are transforming? Like the caterpillar to chrysalis, dissolving into imaginal cells, and realigning into butterfly, we are in the alchemical vessel of unknowable transformation.

With the square to Mars in Gemini, which heats up communicative Gemini, we can experience the temptation to blame, be angry, and intensely defend our positions. Mars has the capacity instead to be crystal clear and direct, (Mars’ potential to cut away the unnecessary). We might use this time as an opportunity for the skillful and precise use of words to support healing and promote more beneficial ways of relating. (Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius).

Mercury goes direct October 2nd


The USA Chart with Mars return squaring Mercury

Saturn and Uranus in a waning square aspect

Saturn and Uranus are now approaching the last square aspect of their two year tensional relationship. The old traditions and structures (Saturn) come up against the need for change and radical revisioning (Uranus). Saturn wants to establish form, structure, and an enduring sense – while Uranus, shakes us up, creates uncertainty, and seeks to break out of limiting protocol, or conditioning. Uranus seeks freedom, creative possibilities, and radical revisioning. Saturn is authority and Uranus is rebellion. Saturn is slow and steady mastership, and Uranus is wildly creative and inspired. Uranus awakens us to new possibilities of living. Saturn has the power to focus in and give form to that inspiration.

The waning square of Uranus and Saturn, marks a turning point, a crisis in collective consciousness. We will experience resistance to the status quo, rebellion, and the need for radical change coming from all sides for the next several months. While the different sides polarize and blame the other, the real need is to envision and build new systems to address the present realities, as they are… to radically broaden and deepen our perception of the needs of the earth and society. Then the re-envisioning of what it means to be healthy, to be ecologically and economically re-envisioned can be communicated and heard and creatively applied. The challenge that we watch for with mindfulness of the historic passage we are in, is when the disruption of breaking down and through the old becomes disconnected from clear values and instead used for authoritarian power and propaganda.

If we look at the planetary forces as instructional, this is the time to embrace new ways of seeing ourselves, our earth, our economies, and our health, so that Saturn in Aquarius can build new structures in the society to live by. We are in the thick of this process, the breaking apart of the old, the re-establishing of what we truly value and the transformation of structure in all areas. From an astrological point of view, the call to return to values of old won’t work, because to solve the problems of the earth we need a radical new frame of reference. Uranus in Taurus can call forth creative visionaries that reimagine our relation to each other, the Earth and her resources, with awareness of the interdependence of all forms of life. And from there we build the new systems.

On a personal level we can look to see where and how Saturn is activating our charts. Here, we ask ourselves, what’s working, what’s not working? Where shall I cut back, and what do I focus on to build more solidly? We look to see where and how Uranus is activating our charts. Where is there sudden change, and where do I want to break through and liberate myself from old programming that is no longer sustainable? Where are the chains ready to be thrown off? How can I be flexible with new possibilities even though I don’t know the outcomes? Where is activism calling me and how can I be masterful in my sharing of vision?

Celestial Events for September

Aug 27 New Moon in Virgo –  (see above) squaring Mars in Gemini

Aug 28 – Venus in Leo opposes Saturn, as Saturn and Uranus approach the exact square one more time. Our expression in relationship can be consciously modified and balanced with a skillfulness, something new and fresh wants to enter, or we can feel obstructed and limited in our relationships, even within ourselves. Take time to slow down and settle into deeper aspects of oneself to understand what is unfolding.

Sept 1 – Mars at 6 Gemini sextiles Jupiter in Aries – Excitement and energy to pursue our goals, intentions and projects.

Sept 2 – Mercury in Libra opposes Jupiter in Aries -Inspirational and enthusiastic Jupiter in Aries meets the deliberating diplomacy of Mercury in Libra. Teach a class, share your thoughts.

Sept 4 – Venus enters Virgo – traveling through earthy and practical Virgo, Venus finds a way to serve others. It’s a good time to work together.

Sept 9 – Mercury goes retrograde at 8 Libra, trining Mars in Gemini. (Mercury goes direct on October 2 at 24 Virgo) -Now we drop back and in to reflect upon the quality of our relationships. Deeper insights can arise as to our needs and intentions.

Sept 10 – Full Moon at 17 Pisces, sextiles Uranus at 18 Taurus – At the full Moon in Pisces we dream a new dream for ourselves and each other. We affirm that the imagination is the language of the soul to enliven our lives with purpose. With the Sun in Virgo we can find practical ways to implement our aspirations. The full Moon in sextile to Uranus helps us to break through what is limiting and to enact new possibilities.

Affirmation for the Full Moon in Pisces


“May I tune into imaginative possibilities for embodying my gifts and purpose.”  

“May I participate in the healing of the earth and humanity and may the spirit of kindness grow, which has the potential to change the world.”

Sept 11 – The Sun at 18 Virgo trines Uranus at 18 Taurus – Be bold, make a change, inspire yourself with doing something radically different.

Sept 12 – The Sun quincunx Saturn at 19 Aquarius, carrying the light – time to fine-tune, adjust projects we’ve started.

Sept 16 – Venus at 14 Virgo squares Mars in Gemini – Venus in Virgo carries a humbleness to listen and practically attend. With this square to Mars we feel tension in relationship. Perhaps there is a need to communicate something that is important to us. So we balance consideration of other with the needs of ourself. A new kind of action is called for. If you find yourself being critical of another or feeling criticized, drop down a little deeper and see what needs to be communicated in a nonemotional way.

Sept 16 – The Sun at 24 Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces – How can your dream, your creative musing, find a practical expression and manifestation?

Sept 18 – Mercury retrograde at 4 Libra opposes Jupiter in Aries, – Inspirational and enthusiastic Jupiter in Aries meets the deliberating diplomacy of Mercury in Libra. Pause in your enthusiasm to fine tune your communications. The Sun at 26 Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn – a good day for digging deeper and uncovering what was hidden from view.

Sept 22 – Fall Equinox, the Sun enters Libra, conjuncts Mercury retrograde – when the Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde it seeds the collective with a new message. Here the focus is on Jupiter in Aries and the Sun and Mercury in Libra. We are balancing relationship with others with the need to grow through taking bold actions. Saturn and Uranus are almost square so we feel the tension of the old and the new, what shall remain stable and what needs to change. The north node in Taurus conjunct Uranus calls us into the body, to be flexible and open to new possibilities.

Sept 23 – Mercury retrogrades back into Virgo – We deepen our sense of fine-tuning and putting things in place, taking care of neglected practical matter.

Sept 25 – New Moon at 2 Libra, opposing Jupiter

Affirmation for the New Moon in Libra

“May I be mindful in all my actions.”

“May my collaborations with others be filled with harmony and creative possibilities.”

May loving kindness be my guide in my interactions with others, even when firm boundaries are needed.”

Sept 26 – Sun at 3 Libra opposes Jupiter in Aries – We reconnect with our enthusiasm and are alert to overdoing or taking on too much.

Sept 27 – Mars at 19 Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius – a great time to write, study, and learn. Saturn disciplines with focus the energy and creative possibilities that Mars provides

Sept 29 – Venus enters Libra, opposing Jupiter – a day to enjoy each other

Oct 2 – Mercury goes direct at 24 Virgo – now forward movement with analysis of all practical matters

The Twelve signs for September: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, the new Moon in Virgo calls you back in, to slow down, get practical, and attend to the smaller details of self care and daily life. It calls your attention to your working environment for fine-tuning. With your planet, Mars, now in airy Gemini, fanning the flames of fiery Aries, you may be full of new ideas, eager to share and communicate. At the New Moon then, there is a balancing act between slowing and attending, and creating and sharing with others. Until Mercury goes retrograde on the 9th, there is lots of energy to write, to share with friends, to clearly communicate. Once Mercury goes retrograde, it’s time to review your communications with others. With transiting Mars in your house of communication there may be an eagerness to share your ideas. Creative thinking and expressing is highlighted, which continues all month. Relationship with a sibling is highlighted, either being active together or perhaps feeling your differences. At the full Moon on September 10th, leave behind your busy to do list and enter the studio, or any creative space that allows you to experience the altered states of imagining and dreaming (with Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune). Keywords for September, “Go for it, enjoy, then rest.”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, the new Moon in earthy Virgo resonates with your sensibilities. You can use this time to put things in order, clear, or prune back and simplify. Set that intention and make the decision to act. With Mars in Gemini, the challenge will be focusing on one thing at a time until completed. Throughout September, Mars activates with energy your sense of self reliance, inner resources, and talents. This is a time to honor and express those talents, which highlights what is unique to you. Now you can make choices that direct your abilities. Because this also activates your house of money, and Mars is a green light, you will want to watch your financial output. Mercury retrogrades in your house of daily work, refocusing and fine-tuning how you work, and how you walk through the day’s tasks. Take time to reflect on simplifying and clarifying your goals. The Full Moon in Pisces, on the 10th, encourages you to imagine and feel into the changes that Uranus has been calling for. Your creative, inventive output gets stimulated. Bless the possibilities at hand under the Moon’s light. Keywords for September, “Manifest your creative inspiration.”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, the new Moon in Virgo calls you to deepen and pull inward, to focus on bringing order to your home, and to attuning to your inner needs. Yet Mars is in your sign Gemini now, and heats you up with new ideas and more social interactions. You are ready to move! How can you apply that Martian energy to accomplish some tasks at home? With Mars hanging out in your first house for over 6 months, you can attune to this burst of energy and enthusiasm that wants to move, to accomplish, and to take a stand for yourself! As Mars is the arrow of intention, it is incredibly helpful now to carefully consider your intentions, and where you want to go. What are you desiring? When Mars harmoniously aligns with Saturn on the Equinox, your ability to focus and accomplish your tasks is supported. Mercury goes retrograde on the 9th, a force that again reins you in to deepen and reflect, examining how and what you communicate.  The Full Moon in Pisces on the 10th, heightens these polarities for you, as it squares Mars. This is a good time to make decisions in how you want to implement new possibilities into manifestation. Keywords for September, “Reflecting on my communications for deeper clarity of awareness.” 

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, this Virgo new Moon hits a sweet spot in your chart, the “House of the Goddess”. And you, dear Cancer, being a child of the Moon, may want to make time and space to honor this new cycle by creating a ritual. You might reflect on, “What is my relationship to the feminine, to the Goddess? How do I experience the love and nurturing energy of her presence? In what ways can I enhance that perception?” Virgo is one of the signs of the Goddess, and the 3rd house is the house of the Moon’s joy because it is related to the archetypal energy of the Goddess. A special time for honoring the sacred in your life. Mars in Gemini lights up your house of the transpersonal forces. What have you been dreaming about lately? Here you are connected to the spiritual realms and the collective unconscious, a great time to explore both the imaginative and spiritual realms. A time for both creative writing and for unearthing old resentments or regrets that might be cluttering your psyche. With Mercury retrograding on the 9th, deeper and more intimate communications with family members can take place. The Pisces full Moon on the 10th resonates with your sensitivity, and activates your desire to learn and expand your consciousness, as it falls in your house of travel, philosophy, and learning.  Keywords for September, “Honoring the powers of imagination and feeling perception.”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, this Virgo new Moon falls in your house of values, self worth, talents, and resources, including finances. In tune with this rhythm you might honor the gifts you offer the world, your ability to be exquisitely attentive to nuanced details, and your ability to refine, organize, and simplify. With Mars in Gemini squaring the new moon there is a decision to be made, a new kind of action to take. Mars in Gemini graces your house of groups and friends, giving energy to take initiative, to communicate and share your thoughts, to create and accomplish tasks together. It’s a good time to renew your relationship with what you value in yourself. Mercury goes retrograde in your house of communication, so you may uncover a deeper sense of what you want to share and communicate. The Full Moon falls in Pisces on the 10th, enhancing your empathetic connection with others. You are deeply tuned in to the feelings and issues of others. You might contemplate what is it that I am ready to let go of to open the space for transformation. Keyword for September, “Exquisitely attuned”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, this Virgo new Moon is your time of year, and resonates with the quality of who you are. So call in those earthy and exquisite perceptional abilities and honor the uniqueness that is you. Not known for being one who”toots her own horn” but rather one who can carry and grow the light of consciousness, what intention or desire would you like to grow? The square to Mars in Gemini in your house of public standing, aspirations, and career, creates a tension to make a different kind of decision about your next actions. Mars in Gemini takes you outward and the Virgo energy brings you back to be present in yourself. Watch the sneaky potential to see what’s not working, to criticize, or blame, and instead go for the creative thinking that is now available to you (Mars trine Mercury in Libra). One way to think of Mercury retrograde (Sept 9) is that you can access the more esoteric side of Mercury, listening for synchronicities and messages that guide you through the mystery of being. Edit, refine, and review, clear things out, and put things in order. Something new is wanting to be born. Under the Pisces full Moon your sensitive and empathetic side is fully engaged. Partnership is more rewarding. With Neptune and Uranus aligning with the full Moon expect a break through, head to the studio, let yourself affirm the creative being you are. Keywords for September, “Taking a new kind of action”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, this Virgo new Moon falls in your house that calls for retreat. It’s the transpersonal realm where you attune to the mystery, the spiritual, the magical, and the intelligently imaginative world. So take out your oracle deck and ask how can you best serve the needs of this time. What might bring healing to yourself and others? And how can you reimagine your life into the creative force that it is?  Mercury lights up your sign Libra with curiosity, inquisitiveness, and the ability to share your thoughts gracefully. Writing and all forms of communication are emphasized. Mars in Gemini moves through your house of philosophy and expansion of consciousness. With Mars here you dig deep to find those beliefs that no longer serve you, for over the next 6 months you expand your insights and knowledge around how to take action on what is most meaningful to you. As Mercury retrogrades (Sept 9) you watch for unexpected changes of schedule and become flexible. Under the Pisces full Moon on the 10th you might reimagine your work, being open to possibilities not yet thought of. Your daily routine is highlighted with creative energy. How would you like to focus that? Keywords for September, “Attuning to the mystery in which I live brings inspiration and new action”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, the Virgo new Moon takes place in your house of goals, ideals, and friendship. This is a powerful time for you to set an intention to grow throughout the year. It is a good time to contemplate, “What do I next want to do?” With your keen perceptual abilities, the Virgo energy helps you to key into what is needed now with those you teach and share, how you want to be supported to grow, and how you want to reimagine what’s possible for yourself. Mars in Gemini moves through your house of transformation, collaboration, and sensitivity to others. You may be of assistance to another in clarifying their needs, supporting clear communication. Mars in this house can help you dig deep in getting to the truth of things, assisting you with deeper understanding of your emotional dynamics with others for transformation and healing. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 9th, it is beneficial to schedule some alone and contemplative time. Out of that comes clearer decisions for your next actions. Under this Pisces full Moon your creative juices are flowing, so make time to enjoy yourself and fill your heart with love.  Keyword for September, “Clarifying”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, this Virgo new Moon falls in your house of career and aspirations. You might attune to it by planning what you next aspire to, or reaffirm your intentions for the future. Perhaps there are career goals you wish to bring into more detail. Mars is in Gemini until March, and spending 6 months in your house of partnership and relationships with others. This is where there is energy and activity. Is there something you would like to initiate or work with another to accomplish? Mars is also like a sharp point and can clarify issues in a straight forward way. Sometimes Mars in the house of others can be tricky, as this is the house of our shadow, meaning that this Mars can trigger expression that is less conscious and reactive. Sometimes it can feel as if others are approaching you with with strong assertion. So this is an opportunity to deepen your awareness  of what motivates your communications and to strengthen your observational powers. When Mercury retrogrades on the 9th, you review your commitments and connections with others. Under the full Moon in Pisces you retreat to home, or a place you love, to enjoy family and friends. Pisces activates the deepest spiritual and mystical side of your being. You might find a way to celebrate it. Keyword for September, “Balancing the practical with the mystical”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, the Virgo new Moon falls in your house of philosophy, expansion of consciousness, belief systems, and world wide travel and influence. This highlights your meticulousness in grabbing hold of concepts and being of service through teaching and sharing your understanding of ideas. Once a year the new moon seeds this section of your chart. You might ask yourself, in what way do I want to broaden my consciousness.? How might I utilize my understanding to teach or share my knowledge? With Mars in Gemini moving through your house of work, health, and daily habits, you can apply energy and enthusiasm to getting work accomplished, organizing your office, taking action now to collaborate with others on work projects, sending up networks for communicating, and applying your focus to learning new techniques. Given your growth and change over the last year, you may find that you are breaking the mold and taking new kinds of action. Mercury goes retrograde in the area of career, so here you review, fine tune, and reassess the goals you are moving toward. The Pisces Full Moon of September 10th graces the house of communication. Though we can think of you as the practical, responsible, hardworking Capricorn, this area of your chart, your thinking and style of communication, reflects the power of your imagination. Your imagination creates your reality!  Keywords for September, “Sharing your knowledge.”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, the Virgo new Moon calls you back to your body. It brings out the exquisite attention you can bring to others and to observing the deeper layers of your own psyche. Here is where transformation occurs. What is it you are ready to change and transform? Where are you ready to let go of old programming? Mars in Gemini activates your house of self expression, creativity, and the sharing of your heart. Energy is now available to you to plunge into those creative projects. As your attention moves to creatively expressing yourself, you will have choices of what to focus on. With Mars in Gemini, the challenge will be focusing in on one area at a time. Mars in airy Gemini, in harmony with your airy Aquarius, will give you plenty to contemplate and many ideas. It amplifies and creates ease and pleasure in social interactions. With Mercury gracing your house of expansion of consciousness, higher learning, and teaching, it seems you are all set to teach or give yourself to further study and travel. Writing is highlighted. When Mercury retrogrades, it’s the perfect time to edit and review, (Sept 9-Oct 2). The Pisces full Moon calls you back to meditate, falling in your house of inner resources and talents. You can affirm the richness of your imagination and creative talents. Keywords for September, “Creative expression”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, this new Moon in Virgo highlights relationship for you. Your sensitivity and empathy bring the attentiveness of the earthy Virgo into the realm of relationship. Perhaps there is a new intention you would like to grow in the area of relationship. Now is the time to plant that intention. Mars in Gemini brings lots of activity to the home and family, going here and there. It is an excellent time to sort and clear, or tackle projects that you have been meaning to accomplish. There may be lots of communication with family members, and perhaps you are acutely aware of differences that are up to be worked out. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 9th, deeper conversations take place, for this is the area of the chart that is known for intimacy, collaboration, and transformation. Your insight grows in regards to others with sensitivity to your interactions. Being one of the houses of finances, it is best to make financial decisions after Mercury’s direct motion on Oct 2. The Full Moon in Pisces on September 10th, is your Moon, heightening your feeling nature and powers of imagination. You might observe that beautiful moon with the awareness of the mystery in which we live, and treat yourself to a soothing dip or massage. Take time to nourish your spirit.  Keywords  for September, “Appreciating the care I give myself and others”

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 40 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, call (831) 479-3751, or go to


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