October 17, 2016

Astrology for October

The beautiful tapestry of starlight knitting the Autumn night skies, is in stark contrast to the intense activity of this fall season. The collective currents sweep us into tides of extreme polarity, moving into this election time. Mars enters determined and persistent Capricorn, activating the Uranus, Pluto square. Pluto in Capricorn brings out what has been repressed. It calls for a transformation of power, and of systems. It exposes what is rotten and not working. It shows the conditioning that has molded the status quo, and brings about its breakdown. Uranus in Aries creates a tremendous burst, a surge, even violent energy, whether human or terrestrial, to break through the status quo, aimed at opening us to new ways of being and acting. It calls for renewed vision and pioneering individuals who think outside of the box. On its shadow side, it represents pure rebellion, bringing up anger, either for change, or against change, against power and powerlessness. Mars in Capricorn stimulates the intensity of these planets, and activates the need to overcome the warring conflicts, while drawing us into them. We are stirred up to create new inner foundations, along with outer structures by which to live.

We are also experiencing the Saturn Neptune square, especially felt during this election. Neptune represents emotional mass movements, illusion, delusion, and being swayed by emotional fervor of the crowd. It dissolves boundaries or the need to clarify details, so that nothing is hard and fast. Everything is illusive, and hard to pin down. Projection and assumptions take the place of clarity of truth. You see what you want to see. Its shadow side is irrationality, and fanaticism, blind faith.

Saturn squaring Neptune demands responsibility to the truth. It struggles with Neptune’s spin and delusion. It pushes for hard facts, and fact checking. Saturn is focused, goal orientated, determined, and persevering. Saturn in Sagittarius pressures one personally, and collectively, to examine belief systems, assumptions, and projections. It calls for groundedness, and constrains fantasies. Saturn is walls, boundaries, and the powers of authority. The two are battling it out for a new place of balance, and reorientation of consciousness. We feel it within and without. We feel ourselves up against our hopes and despair, or ideals and disappointment. We are up against old paradigms that need new visionary possibilities and committed action.

The higher manifestation of Neptune is tolerance, empathy, and compassion. With Neptune in Pisces, every 168 years, it is a time of shifting borders, great waves of refugees, and boundaries breaking down. Its ultimate aim is inclusiveness and oneness, dissolving one reality to prepare for a new paradigm for humanity, and for each person.

We are within the giant serpent of humanity, undulating through waves of hope, and despair, compassion and hate, tolerance and violence, power struggles and visionary solutions. As we unearth the wounds of the last 300 years, we witness this great serpent undulating to shed its skin, so we can arrive beyond the chaos of breakdown. We transform victim consciousness, and polarizing blame. We come to understand the dimensional reality we live in and how we participate in creating our realities. We face the great challenge of reconnecting with the deep wisdom of nature and as we learn to listen we will help this serpent shed its skin.

Uranus in Aries, now, conjuncts the USA Chiron, known as the wounded healer. The USA wound lies in the root of our foundation that is now being activated. It breaks apart the mythology of the hero, the conquering savior, the myth of endless growth and profit, the domination of the White Europeans who repressed and enslaved through force and violence the indigenous peoples and Africans. Fissures in this mythology break open.

The Candidates and Election

Hillary Clinton is a fighter with a strong will and an ability to focus her energy, Mars, Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Leo. She carries into this life a deep wound in terms of relationship and popularity. Three planets in Scorpio, with Scorpio rising, shows how intensely she desires her privacy, as betrayal and power struggles have been themes. She has the Moon in Pisces, and though she is tough, she is very vulnerable and has the capacity to be profoundly empathetic.

Trump is a Gemini with a Moon in Sagittarius and a Leo rising. He is the archetypal puer, the archetypal Peter Pan, never wanting to grow up. His chart shows that he gets by with charm, and bravado. With his Mercury in Cancer, he is mentally defensive and mentally affected by his emotional states. With Chiron conjunct Jupiter his wound is connected with over inflation and false confidence. Mars in Leo, with Leo rising, shows his great drive to win, his competitive nature, and desire for recognition. His Moon in Sagittarius exhibits his self-righteousness and holding tightly to his beliefs.

The date of the third debate has Mars exactly conjuncting Pluto, demonstrating the intensity of attack and power struggles. Nothing is held back. It can support Hillary’s determination to remain steady and impenetrable. It activates Trumps emotional insecurities while intensifying his desire to attack. This is what leads to the election. The day of the election, has a more favorable resonance with Hillary, as the Sun is in Scorpio and voting ends with the Moon in Pisces.

On a personal level be kind and thoughtful to yourself and each other. The Full moon in Aries flames old issues and challenges relationships. This continues through the end of the month. The Full Moon is on October 30th in transformative Scorpio.

Twelve opportunities for October: For Sun and Rising Signs

 Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): You feel the overwhelming need to pursue a goal. There is a drive within you that is demanding and compelling. At the same time there is assistance, and support, coming from another, supporting you with love to find harmony and peace. You experience intensity, frustration, and anger as you break free of old ways, old issues. At the full moon maintain one pointed focus on an achievable goal, then get good rest.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): You experience a drive to learn, to open up your way of doing things, to seeing things from a greater perspective. Watch getting caught up in a limited belief system. If so, you may loose your temper. Step back. Attend to the day to day, and your work in a thoughtful way. Clear the frustration that arises by understanding what you are truly wanting. Being right isn’t the answer. Clarity of intention is.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): This month increases your feelings of confidence and well being, yet something seems to be arising that is old and needs to be acknowledged. The way that you have been communicating isn’t including a deeper vulnerability, a deeper issue. A person or friend brings about the need to more clearly understand what is going on beneath the surface. It can be very helpful.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): This is the month to establish roots, to enjoy your home, to rearrange things, to relax deeply. You may feel challenges in relationship, or the needs of another may dominate. Take your time. There is love and appreciation around you, too. Know what you need, and bring clarity to your communications. You have the opportunity now to enlarge your perspective on issues and shift from any defensive responses you may express.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): This month you will find the balance between social enjoyment and spending your time alone to accomplish your goals. You are perfectly capable now of accomplishing your intention. There is a joyous aspect of yourself to be shared. Irritations at work or in the day to day routine are the norm this week. Mid October you take off and enjoy yourself.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): There is a lot of determination fueling your actions now. Have clear intentions, a clear goal, some structure, and discipline to stay on track. Be careful not to over do, but don’t be fearful of taking a risk, or stepping into the unknown to achieve your goal. Later in the month, unexpected reactions from others may seek to change your plans. Take your time, listen to your intuition, as you witness what is unfolding, for the best results.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): You are feeling better, more confident, seeing more possibilities. This is the time to enlarge your influence if you desire. You are moving into a very successful creative time so be sure to give yourself energy and time to explore and express. Be careful not to overdo, or overestimate your energy, and your finances. Watch over eating or drinking. If you channel this energy toward productive goals, achievement will follow. Be thoughtful at the Full Moon of a tensional situation. Take your time. It can lead to interesting outcomes.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): This month find some quality alone time. Your mind may be full of all the goals and lists you need to achieve, but take some time for yourself to really appreciate the sweetness, the love, and the beauty around you. On the 15th, under the full moon, something unexpected may arise at work. Keep your cool and clarify your needs. Redefine the daily structure as needed.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): October finds you ready to expand into something new. Enjoyment is highlighted with friends and family. It is a good time to expand your work or make connections into new areas. Be thoughtful not to overdo. It’s easy to this month. There is something you want to achieve which takes clear intention, discipline, and perseverance. You have the energy to do it now as long as you carve out the space. Mid month you may feel like you want to break out of the old routines.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): This is the month to be active and get things accomplished. Pick one or two goals and stay with them. Your work has the potential now for expansion, and it is a good time for collaboration. Keep your balance between attending to personal goals and work goals, as well as balancing the practical with the imaginative. Think outside of the box! Be aware not to overdo. On the 15th, the collective experiences the tensional planetary line up. Give yourself some spaciousness and witness what takes place that day.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): October is a good time to travel as well as to expand your knowledge through school or other learning activities. There are several things to watch. Something may be irritating you. It can seem to be in the background as you try to enjoy others and yourself. Perhaps it’s something you put aside or a judgment you have that keeps asserting itself. On the 15th the tension is the greatest, so watch with as much detachment as possible. It has the potential to bring forth more clarity and insight that will be helpful.

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): This month you experience even greater sensitivity to others. Be aware of the feelings and nuances that you are picking up from others. Just noting it to yourself can be very helpful in creating healthy boundaries and staying in your center. It is also a time that you personally benefit from others. You can receive support financially or emotionally. Remember to clearly articulate what it is you want with straightforward communication. Be open to new possibilities. Balancing your work and/or commitments with quiet solitude is very important for your well being this month.


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