December 3, 2014

“Holding the Vision, Creating the Bridge”, An Astrological view of 2015

“Holding the Vision, Creating the Bridge”

 Astrological Reflections on 2015

With Susan Heinz

2.The Cosmos

Join Astrologer Susan Heinz, as she discusses the unique planetary alignments of 2015.

“You are born in answer to the need of the universe. What is the need that now calls out to us and how can we best answer that need?”

In this profound time of endings and new beginnings, we are not who we were and not yet who we will become.

Susan will discuss the global situation, the USA, and the unique call to each person to embody the new evolving humanity, along with peak times during the year.

Join her at the Center for Transformative Visions, January 9th, Friday, 2015 at 7pm.

819 ½ Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz, Ste #3,

$15 sliding scale,, 831 479-3751


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