July 20, 2022

Mars enters Gemini/entering its retrograde sojourn

What will the Mars retrograde passage mean for you?

Mars will be in Gemini for 7 months due to its upcoming retrograde motion, rather than the usual 2 months. Mars enters Gemini in August, then retrogrades in October, going direct in January 2023, and finally leaving Gemini in March.

How is it activating your chart? What themes is it highlighting in your life? What house in your chart is being energized then taken into a deepening for review? What planets are being aspected by Mars, are being energized and activated into heat and consciousness in your chart? How can you best move with this phase and bring awareness to areas that may be more reactive and less conscious of the power and expression of the strong directing force of Mars?

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Kris Thoeni

Mars in our astrology chart is the planet that represents our drive to fulfill our desires and intentions. This planetary archetype embodies strength, courage, confidence in taking action, seeking to succeed. It defends. Energetically it possesses assertiveness, passion, and the ability to tackle difficult circumstances. It’s the planet that says, “I’m going to do it!” Both the warrior and the athlete, Mars is our will and power to achieve. The intention of Mars is like an arrow pointed at its target. Its expression is direct and its power can be clarifying, cutting away what’s not essential. It defines and is decisive.

The challenge with Mars is that it can be reactive, as a force that erupts to protect our ego or sense of self. It can be frustrated, angry, argumentative, blaming, and destructive. Its strength may be blocked or compromised in your chart. This is an opportunity to learn more about Mars in your chart and how to align with its positive qualities. It is also an opportunity to bring to consciousness the root causes of our Martian actions, reactions, intentions, and to use its power wisely.

Every two years and two months Mars goes retrograde. Of all the planets this is the least frequent to retrograde. Because Mars is all about forward motion, its retrograde can often catch us off guard, suddenly loosing our momentum. Being aware of its upcoming retrograde phase, where it’s happening in our chart, and what natal planets its aspecting, can bring wise insight to a deepening of review and integration possible during the retrograde period.

Mars enters Gemini on August 20th, going retrograde at 25 Gemini on October 30th. It retrogrades back to 8 Gemini, going direct on January 12th. Mars leaves Gemini on March 25, entering Cancer. That marks 7 months that Mars is in airy Gemini, compared to its usual stay in one sign for two months.

What an opportunity for us to energize and review those Gemini themes; communication, study, learning, teaching, writing, sharing information, then with the retrograde fine-tuning, reviewing, deepening our insight. A time to explore the “twins”, our unconscious responses, our shadow self, our inner polarities. It is an excellent time to resolve in new ways those inner polarities, to make peace with our dualities. To harness the scattered Gemini energy into a deeper focus so that during the retrograde we fine-tune and recommit to our intention/life direction. During the Mars retrograde the projects we are working on may slow and need simplifying, or editing. We find that this is an excellent time to clean and clear and let go of ‘stuff’. Finding ways to simplify our lives, our homes, our gardens and our projections.

To understand more thoroughly your opportunity for growth during the Mars sojourn in Gemini, and its retrograde transit in your chart, in your life, sign up for a reading with Susan. Susan is offering a special 40 minute reading of your chart, (for $100), focusing on the themes that the Mars retrograde cycle is activating as it moves through a certain house area in your chart and as it transits your natal planets. Sign up here.

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