June 2, 2015

New Astrology Workshop

Finding Purpose, Meaning and Self-Illumination in the Starry Map of the Soul’s Journey

Using the astrology chart as a contemplative design to experience greater knowledge of Self

 I’m very excited to offer this newly designed workshop!



A unique workshop designed to take you more fully into self-illumination, and the consciousness of your path, along with your internal orientation, and lineage, its gifts and potential for transformation.

 Working with your own chart in a variety of ways, with visual aids, story, and writing to deepen the experience of your own story as seen in the chart.

 June 20, Saturday, and July 18, Saturday, 10-4pm. Can be taken separately. The July workshop is recommended to follow June workshop, but not necessary. Designed for all levels of astrological knowledge

Registration by June 10st, $120 per workshop

Call 831 479-3751 or email for more info, and to reserve your spot at the Sanctuary for Transformative Visions in Soquel


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