June 7, 2016

Planetary Alignments for 2016, year of Fire Monkey

2016, the Year of the Fire Monkey in Chinese astrology

Begins Feb 8, at the new moon

The year of the Red Fire Monkey begins, with the New Moon in Aquarius, bringing heat into the year and shaking things up, creating the unpredictable. Monkey year energy is lightening fast, sharp, and clever, as well as chaotic, overly optimistic and manipulative. This is a year that highlights exchange of ideas, lots of movement, and discussion, which shines the spotlight on orators, story tellers, speakers, salespeople, and of course, politicians. 2015 expressed the wood element, with its imagination, creativity, and compassion. 2016 inhabits the element of fire, activating passions, dynamism, and leadership. Monkey expresses itself with confidence while moving into transformation through fire. The monkey year initiates the dynamism to step into our power, our passion, and to strengthen the inner masculine, especially as women. We will also see the exaggeration of the masculine, aggressive, and overly confident in leadership abilities. In this year of strong dynamic energy, look to finding your passion, and strengthen your ability to stay centered. Watch getting pulled out of balance by the whirling, adventuresome, chaotic energy that the Monkey year delivers. The warning in the year of the monkey is to watch who you trust. Don’t believe everything you hear. It is a good year for beginning a new project or business as the dynamism will help to move it forward. (A very interesting time for a national political contest!)

Reflecting on the year of the monkey, the idea of embodying the energetic force and dynamism now available to us, brings the key phrase for the year, Integrity of purpose. “Force is built through your integrity of purpose, your physical tuning, and your balance of spirit and mind. Force lives in your will and comes from your intent. Follow your innermost passions in life. Empower your will and strength of force by manifesting your secret dreams.” Lynne Andrews, the power deck

Planetary alignments for 2016

 Pluto now in Capricorn (since 2008)

The last time Pluto entered Capricorn was in 1762-1778. Pluto in Capricorn breaks down and restructures governing systems, bureaucracies, old power structures, economies, and brings to the surface issues of authority and control that can no longer be of service to the evolution of humanity. Pluto in Capricorn intensifies power struggles, and the old systems of oppression, while at the same time bringing about destruction and catharsis to those systems. This described the end of British rule and the will and power to shape the Constitution. With Pluto, once again, in Capricorn, the shaping forces around the governments return. Pluto brings to the surface what has been hidden and repressed in terms of these systems, especially repressed contents and wounds in the deep foundations of nations, people and systems. (the forming of the USA constitution took place with Pluto in Capricorn.)

Personally, when touched by Pluto in Capricorn, we make a descent into the deep inner realm of the soul. Here we experience what has been exiled from our consciousness yet is in our body’s cellular memory. Pluto brings about letting go, and loss, confronts us with old identities that are no longer life sustaining, often accompanied by fear, shame, or self hatred and brings catharsis and rebirth through staying with the light, illuminating the unconscious or the negative. This brings about reclaiming a vital part of the self that had been loss and is now reunited.

 Uranus in Aries (since May 2010)

The last time Uranus entered Aries was in 1927. Uranus is the planet of liberation, rebellion, demonstration, revolution, as well as innovation, awakening, visionary perspectives, and attuning to the intuitive mind. You can feel the force of this revolutionary Uranus throughout the globe. Uranus jolts us into sudden and unexpected new realities/situations. In this way it wakes us up. It can disengage us from secure points of view, and cause sudden separations from what we have relied on and valued. It brings us to the present as it is, open, spacious, full of uncertainty, yet also full of potential gifts. It promotes radical change in our lives, of attuning to new ways of being that are more creative, freer, and life sustaining. It catapults us into new dimensions of being and aligns us with the creative powers within ourselves in collaboration and synchronicity with the Universe, the field of intelligence in which we live. In Aries, Uranus offers us new beginnings, and the impetus to take action, to try it to go for it, and the courage to begin new endeavors.

Lingering influence of Dramatic lineup from 2010 to 2015–Uranus squaring Pluto

In Cardinal signs – initiating and action orientated, (Mars activating this square in October),

This lineup brings in the challenge of working with polarities that have gone to extremes, the old power structures seeking to stay in control by using fear and extreme polarization to hold onto their control. Now is the opportunity to birth a new paradigm of perception, consciousness, and social order for humanity, for the people and the needs of our planet. The call is for an understanding of our unity and to base actions on equality and interrelatedness with all life on Earth and Earth itself. Innovation, creativity, and pioneering new beginnings, along with contraction and crisis, (structures, economies, and foundations of governing and authority, need transforming), is the challenge and opportunity of this alignment. Pluto in Capricorn shows us the end of an era, that the structures that have governed us are no longer viable, (like economies based on endless growth), while Uranus in Aries brings the yearning for freedom, liberation from the old, and activates visionary possibilities. Here is the battle for the soul of the world and the identity of the USA

Uranus squares Pluto

The last exact square is Mar 16th 2015. Through 2015 and into 2016 it unwinds in its influence. Upheaval and Revolution, transforming and recycling the old for new innovative ideas, and receiving creative insight to embody a new paradigm; radical change of perspective, massive transfers of power, fueled by great drive for freedom. Many of us have felt its impact personally, especially those with the signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn in their charts. We have experienced the breakdown of the old ways we have identified ourselves and as a reorientation takes place. Some of us experience the open, not knowing, place which is grounding us in the present, and some have taken off in new directions.

Jupiter in Virgo, and moves into Libra on September 9, (through 10/10/17)

Jupiter in practical earth sign of Virgo, brings us down to earth, to refine, adjust, be attentive to the details in matters. Jupiter in Virgo brings forth those who truly wish to serve, who are humble and aligned with the needs of the common man. It brings forth the desire to serve along with practical solutions. Jupiter in Virgo will increase our concern with energy efficiency, issue’s around health care, the military’s role.

 Jupiter in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius in March

            Jupiter in its waning square with Saturn balances expansiveness with limitation. It is a time to take stock of situations, to slow down and consider how you are doing, how the situation/project is developing. It may be a time in the socio-economic realm where growth is limited and forward movement in the normal way is stilled or delayed. It’s purpose is for reevaluation of values and a need to re-orientate direction. We see this play out in the corporate realm and in community group endeavors as values and momentum are re-assessed so as to begin to attend to a new vision of what will next be unfolding.

 Saturn in Sagittarius (Jan 2015 through 2017)

Saturn entered Sagittarius in 2015. It was last in Sagittarius, November 1985 through 1988. Saturn limits, focuses, and concentrates one’s experience in the sign it occupies. It is through Saturn transits that we are offered learning experiences, which register through our whole being, physical, psychological, and spiritual. Our resistance to what they have to teach us causes suffering. When Saturn is in Sagittarius we are offered the opportunity to examine our beliefs, to truly know the foundations of our guiding philosophy. Collectively our points of view are challenged, (and old paradigm political views, and policies), with a driving force to get to the truth. A greater focus will be on education, immigration, world-wide trade policies, issues of Justice and the higher courts, and the publishing industry. Saturn retrogrades at 16 Sagittarius in March.

 Neptune in Pisces, (last there in 1874-61).

With Chiron in Pisces since 2011

The Neptune and Chiron in Pisces can bring more attunement to the many dimensions in which we live and breathe, moving beyond only identifying with the physical. Rules are changing. People are able to break out of roles that have for so long held us in place and dictated how we could be with each other. (i.e. gay marriage) The oceans, music, the arts, spirituality, imagination, and meditation will all increase in concern and focus. (Note, the mindfulness meditation movement) The arts, music, and sound, and their role in healing will be accentuated. Prison and hospital reform will be up for us. Issues with refuges and large movements of people across borders will come to the forefront. Neptune in Pisces assists in dissolving the old paradigm.

Saturn squares Neptune (exact in November)

Here the Saturnian forces of limiting and defining, challenges Neptune’s open and elusive qualities, especially Neptune’s shadow qualities of mass denial, escapism, unrealistic ideals. Saturn in Sagittarius is truth seeking. A crisis and reorientation is now taking place so a balance will take place between ideologies and practical realities. This is a tensional time with the need to ground new perspectives on reality. Neptune’s quality of compassion and tolerance seeks new understanding and inclusion within a larger container of human experience.

Mars in Sagittarius (Jan 2015 through 2017)

With Mars in Sagittarius we are offered the opportunity to examine our beliefs, to know the foundations of our guiding philosophy. With Mars in Sagittarius heated discourse takes place about differing belief systems and values, often promoting self righteousness in one person or group over another. Collectively our points of view are challenged, (old paradigm political views, and policies), with a driving force to get to the truth. A greater focus will be on education, immigration, world-wide trade policies, issues of Justice and the higher courts, and the publishing industry. Mars retrogrades back into Scorpio on May 28, until Aug 2, when it enters Sagittarius until September 27th.

Mars goes retrograde on April 17 through June 29th
Mars turns retrograde every two years. This is taking place on April 17th when Mars stations at 8 Sagittarius for almost the whole month of April. During this time Martian tendencies are intensified, such as assertiveness, aggression, a driving force to get to the truth, clarifying issues. When Mars is retrograde (from April 17th to June 29th) it brings us to a phase in the cycle of movement and progress where we must slow down, retreat, and often become still and review the previous intent and actions. Here we deepen our relationship between our inner motivating impulses and our actions. We have the opportunity to bring greater consciousness to our lives and what it means to embody our power. This is not a good time for starting a new project or receiving elective surgery.

Mars in Scorpio (May 28, until Aug 2)

Mars in Scorpio intensifies all transformative process, uncovering hidden agendas. It challenges us in daily life to get beyond the superficial, and conditioned way of being, to access our depths and authentic self. It confronts us with our shadow and repressed emotions, to clear out our deepest attachments. Mars in Scorpio promotes heated attacks and vindictive expression, bringing up our hidden agendas of bigotry and prejudice. It has the potential to transform through challenges in feelings and relationship. It brings determination, and perseverance toward all goals. As Mars goes into Sagittarius it seeks to ground workable philosophies from insights gained during Mars in Scorpio.

Mercury retrogrades in Earth signs

With Mercury retrograding through the earth signs, Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, we explore the question, “What are the tangible results of my life?” This is a time to reassess your relationship with practical reality, both on financial, security matters as well as reviewing how you are manifesting in life the things that you value. Focusing how on to become more organized in the very basis of what you value the most will liberate your spontaneity. If there are problems in those areas they can be heightened during the Mercury retrograde phases. During the retrograde it is good to reassess your priorities and productivity, not pushing for forward movement during those times.

(January 5-25, April 28-May 22, Aug 30 -Sept 21, and Dec 19 – Jan 8 2017)

 North Node moves into Virgo

With the North Node in Virgo, collective and personal growth is through practical considerations. Focus will be greater on food, nutrition, health, in general. Health care will be in the forefront and collective awareness can be supported by attention to our health and the health of our planet. Efficiency and energy efficiency as well as productivity will be an edge of collective growth. More attention will be given to the common man and woman and the middle class for the benefit of all.













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