January 5, 2017

Astrology for 2017

The Awakening”

 We are now called to awaken, participate, and listen deeply. During this hectic and unpredictable time, we are encouraged to return to our origins, and remember who we are above and beyond the chaos. Stand under the stars. Take in the silence and spaciousness of the night skies, as exists in your own deep self. The Earth, Sun, Moon, and Stars, the Waters, and the Air, call to us to awaken. The call is loud and urgent.

The planets in their motion illuminate the archetypal patterns that hold the structure of our consciousness. The stars, brilliant, and celebrating the larger world, hold the world in place, watching, and daring us to learn their wisdom, the language of cycles, and of attuning to the archetypes that dominate the public arena and our inner lives. Their language speaks of eras, large and small units of time, and the characteristics they possess. When we have forgotten their wisdom, we contract. The programming of the past takes over. So much becomes reaction. We are without deep thought, and regard for future generations. When we remember who we are, we settle ourselves and find the inspiration needed to take us through the year.

The Beginning of the 2017 sets the stage for the year with Mercury retrograde

 We are stirred and shaken amid times of anxiety, changing politics, the newly elected President, and the condition of our Earth and humanity. Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn through January 8th, giving us clear instructions to pause, listen, and reflect. The planet edges back into Sagittarius, where it aligns with the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. We are being asked to align with something greater and more eternal, in order to set our course forward in 2017. The instructions for this first week in January, is to find the time and space to go inward, to connect with a greater perspective on life, define what is deeply valuable, what our conscience tells us is true, and what our intention is for the year.

During 2017 Mercury retrograde emphasizes the Earth signs

 Mercury retrograde periods are useful and necessary for review, reflection, and revaluation, to sustain health, and strengthen our relation to what is integral to our lives. Each year, during its 3 weeks of retrograde, Mercury highlights a different element. This gives us information regarding the area most important for review. In 2017 Mercury retrograde moves through the Earth signs. We are called upon to review, the qualities of Earth within our own life, the ability to be grounded and fully present in one’s body, the ability for thoughtful planning, being practical, while nurturing ourselves in our daily lives. Spending time in nature supports these qualities. At the end of each retrograde period this year, Mercury slips back into the previous fire sign, supporting the thought that when we are well grounded, nourished, and organized in a practical way, it is then that we can experience the inspiration and activity of the Fire element. At the end of the retrograde periods we can reflect on how to best take actions to support inspiration, courage, and initiating actions. The following are the Mercury retrograde dates for the 2017, December 19 2016 to January 8, 2017, April 9-May 3, August 13-September 5, and December 3-23.

Year of the Fire Rooster

 How fitting it is that we are moving into the sign of the Red Fire Rooster on January 28th, at the New Moon, the lively animal which awakens us at dawn! Certainly alertness and wakefulness to what is taking place is of extreme importance right now!!

The Rooster is the sign of success achieved through patience and hard work. And isn’t it interesting that the Year of the Rooster is the year that Donald Trump enters the Presidency? This animal struts the yard with ambition and pride, the desire to be admired, an ability to seduce, along with bombast and loud crowing announcements, (or perhaps tweets!!). Under the Rooster, directness and need for honesty in relationships increases. Though adversity takes place through out the year, it will be met with rolling up one’s sleeves to get the work done. Patience and perseverance is needed. Being in the element of Fire, this is the most enthusiastic and passionate of the Rooster years. Commonly, Rooster years tend toward less flexibility and a more conservative bent. To move with the flow of the energy during this “Yin” year, consider periodic retreats into solitude and deep reflection. Strive to create harmony and balance in your life. Seek support of family, friends, and like-minded people. The red Fire Rooster year can inspire us. When it does, it embodies the Phoenix, bringing about transformation through spirited determination for rebirth and change.

2017 – A year of clarifying, defining issues, and perseverance

2017 sets the stage for clarifying issues and vision. With one of the key lineups being Saturn in Sagittarius trining Uranus, the instructions are to be patient, to persevere, to clearly define, and give form to our vision, and enact innovative solutions. The power and vision to carry through is present. This year of crisis and opportunity carries an element of danger, implying that wild and unpredictable events and people affect the year. One must be aware of the danger, and the confusion of information. 2017 demands clarity in issues, alertness, groundedness, strategy, visionary intention, and resoluteness. This will bring success.

Uranus square Pluto and Saturn square Neptune, 2016 lineups, Set the Stage for 2017,

The Uranus Pluto alignment, since 2009, has marked the world with revolution, change and exposure of what has been hidden and repressed. In 2016, Uranus’s quality of sudden and unexpectedly crisis and opportunity, arose and demanded change here in the USA. We experience the battle for our identity, for our priorities, the old hanging on and doubling up on its message, betting on our continued sleep to what is truly taking place.

Values that call for visionary participation, through humanity working together toward what is life sustaining, animates 2017. Having entered our collective unconscious, (Pluto in Capricorn), we must now name the motivations that have steered our global development. The return to popularism with demagogic leaders, oligarchies, and the out of balance capitalistic systems, create a sharper definition of the needs that call forth the new age. Expansion of corporate capitalism, without regard for depletion of resources and polluting the air and waters, while dominating third world countries through “economic development” to the dictates of those in power, can no longer sustain our Earth. As the old world unravels, our consciousness sets the stage for the birth of a new world, which includes renewed relationship to each other, and the Earth. New governing forms and great shifts in economies take place. The next 4 years call for perseverance, steady action, and alertness in order to sustain the vision. What we are experiencing are potential building blocks toward 2020 to 2036, which dawns the light of a new cycle and new leadership. (To be covered in future articles with its astrological indicators)

2016 was marked by Saturn Neptune alignment. Delusion, illusion, and denial, what one says is not what one means! Saturn opposes this Neptunian fog, and calls for understanding of the dangerous reality we have been and are creating. Saturn in Sagittarius now instructs us to understand the belief systems which have formed the realities. It is through awareness and patience then, we create healthier life sustaining beliefs. This year, Saturn will stabilize us while we take a stand for a broader, more inclusion and loving vision. It is then that Neptunian ideals and imagination can support the visions we hold as we move into the future.

Jupiter in Libra activates Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn

 Assisting us through the year, Jupiter in Libra will seek partnerships that support agreements through diplomacy and compromise. With Jupiter in Libra the instructions are to join with others to support justice, right human relations, and to create strategies to accomplish the vision. Being in Libra, the sign of law and justice, we will see an increase in legal cases which test the legality of the actions of the President elect and the policies that are put in place. This can be particularly strong the week of March 12th.

While Jupiter in Libra aids working together, it also triggers the Pluto Uranus square of the last 4 years. During the presidential election, Pluto in Capricorn squared Jupiter, creating tension and power struggles. Pluto raises issues of power versus powerlessness. By December, Jupiter opposed Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, disruption, shock and awakening. We will experience this continual unpredictability along with issues of power versus powerlessness, throughout 2017. The signs Aries and Capricorn are highlighted. We will witness a tendency to be overly competitive and reactive. On the positive side we take actions toward new beginnings. With Capricorn, creating and maintaining structure through governing forces and authority will dominate as well as upturning structures and systems that have outlived their usefulness.

Saturn in Sagittarius trining Uranus in Aries provides support to manifest change and innovative new beginnings, while it lessens the intensity of the Pluto Uranus square.

Saturn can mediate the challenges, conflicts and tensions of the year, by encouraging us to have faith, and to stay with perseverance and commitment.

 Venus retrogrades from March 4th to April 15th, from 13 Aries to 26 Pisces

Venus retrogrades in Aries on March 4th and goes direct on April 15th in Pisces. Venus retrogrades once every 18 months, less frequently than the other planets. It is a unique time to reflect on Venusian qualities, what we value, the quality of our relationships, and to review our financial situations. With Venus in Aries, we are asked to slow down and review how we are taking actions. Are we achieving what we want? Do our actions require more refinement? When Venus goes direct on April 15th it conjuncts Chiron in Pisces and squares Saturn. At this time we ask ourselves, how are we developing compassion for ourselves and others? The retrograde period encourages us to address those that have been forgotten and the refugee issue, the wounds inflicted from past policies and behaviors. It tells us to review Piscean themes, the waters, the sea, issues around fossil fuels, health care, and hospitals, and how we help the homeless.

 The Solar Eclipse of August cuts a pathway across the USA

On August 21st, the USA will experience a total solar eclipse as it moves across the country. The path starts in the Pacific, and ends in the mid-Atlantic off Africa. It will be visible all over the USA, a rare event for us. It takes place at 28 Leo.

When the Earth perfectly aligns with the Moon as it covers the disc of the Sun, we can inspire our consciousness with the archetypal meaning of this perfect and spectacular alignment. The question we can ask ourselves is, How can we align ourselves with the light of higher consciousness at the same time being aware of our own shadow? Here in this moment, the deep soul, the feminine darkness, and mystery of life needs to be embraced, included, and admired.

It is a special day, even a holy day. It is worthwhile to slow down and make space for insights and participation. Often a hidden problem will be revealed and acknowledged. Insight can clarify a direction to be followed. This clears our way forward. Our bodies do experience this powerful new moon, with a need to listen more deeply before continuing our day. Because Mars is aligning near the eclipse point it is a positive time to reaffirm an action that supports your larger intention for the year.

What Does All This Mean on a Personal Level? How can I work with the energy of the year?

Since 2008 many of us have been moving through very profound life changes, letting go of life patterns, relationships, or ways of being. We have been challenged in unexpected ways to free ourselves up, realign ourselves with new possibilities and overcome limits and fears. In a sense, to radically alter our approach to life! Attending to the wounds of family, culture, and society, open the way for new beginnings. We see many developments in the society that support a holistic approach to understanding ourselves. This is the long awaited return of the Feminine, predicted at this turn of the ages. It is the Feminine arising to balance the overly extreme development of the masculine, whose dark shadow is racism, misogyny, greed, power at all costs. The Feminine is holistic, intuitive, and carries depth. The seat of the feminine consciousness is in the heart. What a radical transfer of consciousness, a rebalance of the feminine to the masculine, from head to heart, and finding a balance between their functions! The Libra wisdom of deliberation, reflection, calm repose, and awareness of cause and effect supports this movement.

“What is trying to take form in your life? What vision do you have that opens your life, into possibility rather restriction of old judgments? How can you promote reflection and calm, clarity and attunement to your own deeper values?” Engaging with these questions strengthens your ability to navigate through this year, keeping flexible with unexpected changes and coming back again to assist the possibilities. Jupiter and Uranus together promote awakening to expanded insight and knowledge, inventive creativity, and insight to radical change combined with social justice. Around what set of new images will reorganization take shape? And what obsolete values are now being recognized as unable to support the future? These are themes for 2017.


 A Brief Look at 2017 the USA and Donald Trump with more articles to follow

(Please see “The Awakening; The Destiny of the USA and Donald Trump” for a more in depth article on this subject, Order Susan’s talk on “The Awakening” )

 Since 2009 the Uranus Pluto square aligned with the USA Sun and Saturn, marking the timing for upheaval and radical change to our identity as a country, to how we govern, and our role in the world. Now as Saturn in Sagittarius transits the 1st house in the USA chart, we are called into a more serious and reflective position about ourselves, and what we are manifesting as a country. With Uranus transiting Chiron in Aries, the wounds and healing of the country are up. Since last year and through 2019, those that have been repressed, dominated and forgotten rise up and demand change. These wounds lie in the very foundations of our country and are being exposed. (Note Black Lives Matter and the Native Americans at Standing Rock). Saturn has also triggered the shadow aspects of the USA chart, highlighting our superficiality, busyness, and lack of depth. Saturn asks us to participate and take up responsibility together.

During 2017 there will be a great challenge in the country over what actions we will take, both internally and world wide as Saturn opposes the USA Mars. Obstruction and resistance to the actions taken by governing forces and the President elect will present themselves. While Jupiter and Uranus harmoniously align with Saturn, breakthroughs that lead us forward is possible, but they demand an expanded vision of who we are and our priorities.

With Uranus transiting the USA Mercury, another big topic for the year will be a focus on communication, social media, and reporting the news. The American people are called to pay attention. The social media companies, how they track and store information on customers, how they support fake news, will all be up for in-depth debate. Hidden communications will be exposed. (Expect more wiki leaks). We are sorting out the power, use, and invasion of social media and the internet, to affect and shape who we are and who we will be.

Donald Trump in 2017

 2017 will not be an easy year for Donald Trump. Saturn conjuncts his Moon, opposes his Sun, Uranus, and Nodes through October. He will be challenged, obstructed, and resisted. The chart declares that he is having a shock to his way of life. The way he has organized his life receives unexpected crises and an opportunity to be radically changed. He does have help and support, as Jupiter trines his Sun, so his confidence and need to be right will continue.

Stay alert to what takes place in August with the Solar Eclipse in Leo falling on his Mars and Leo rising sign. Hidden situations or matters will be exposed. His impulse to retaliate can be triggered in a grand way. The Office of the Presidency will be the greatest challenge of his life. It is a karmic opportunity for Donald Trump to mature, deepen his understanding of himself, and handle responsibility from a place of discipline and wisdom. (See prior article on how he activates the USA chart into awakening, )


Seek the deep soul and its wisdom.


In chaos and unraveling, an era ends. We confront the old and are restless to breakthrough and make new beginnings. We are initiated through our perseverance to develop heart and courage. Seek the deep soul and its wisdom. In the predawn hours a Rooster’s throaty song rattles our sleep.

“And so, the stars see you.
While you drift away they have their own courses and they watch you.
And listen, they already know your name.”   

 by William Stafford


(An overview of the year for each of the signs will be in the next issue. An extra special thank you to Donna Runnalls and Cheryl Ban for editing.)

 Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 34 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and or, painting classes, and for personal consultations, call (831) 479-3751, or go to





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Jan Edgerton
January 6, 2017 at 8:20 am

Susan, That was a wonderful message about hope and that light comes when we recognize and embrace our own shadow along with the shadow of our country. The change we seek can happen when we do our personal work which is how the global consciousness changes. Thank you for the work and light you provide for all of us.


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