January 7, 2019

Astrology for 2019

Mars into Aries

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The year begins with a thrust of energy. Mars enters fiery Aries on December 31st and activates the year with renewed and motivating energy, the desire to meet our goals and courage to take risks. (Ask yourself what you want and take a risk. Step into something new).

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

On Saturday, the 5th, our first new moon is a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, (not visible to us in the USA). Eclipses bring an intensification of energy and potentially, clarity of insight. The question presents itself, “What no longer serves us and needs to be seen? What needs to be cut away?” The Capricorn energy focuses our determination to ground ourselves and clear away nonessentials. Taking time before or on the day of the eclipse to tune into ourselves helps us to stabilize a place of inner clarity.

The Capricorn time of year births the returning light and so we ask ourselves, “What is it I want to manifest in 2019?” Capricorn calls for simplicity, structure, and goals, with a drive to achieve. It wants a clear intention by which to navigate.

Fire and Earth, Sagittarius and Capricorn

On January 3rd Nancy Pelosi, an Aries with plenty of Taurus, stepped up to the Speaker’s podium in her newly elected House Speakership and invited all the children to come stand with her. She rang in her Speakership with an honoring of the 100th year of woman’s right to vote, a 2019 Congress of 100 women and the most racially and culturally diverse freshman class of Representations.

We enter this new Congress with a sense of great hope and confidence for the future and deep humility and prayfulness in the face of the challenges ahead.”

Here is an expression of the planetary energies, for the year ahead, fiery Sagittarius and earthy Capricorn, both hope and humbleness to meet the challenges ahead!

And so we begin the year with an emphasis on Sagittarius and Capricorn, the elements of Fire and Earth. Fire is restless and in the moment, wanting to expand with confidence and hope into a greater vision of what is possible. It thrives on spontaneity. Capricorn/Earth is practical and deals with the physical world in which we live. Earth seeks focus, staying power, and structure, anchoring down into step-by-step process our lofty Sagittarian ideals. It is patient, knowing that what we intend will manifest with our deliberation.

Our goal in January, and throughout the year, is to manage this creative process, our intention and vision for ourselves with grounded patient enduring step-by-step design.

Negativity, blame and shame, fear, anxiousness, and judgment are thick in this old paradigm that is now disintegrating, in its last grasp to maintain its power. The paradigm is shifting. Recognize the inner voice that guides you by spending time in quiet and receiving yourself. Through you, the intelligence of the creative forces that underlie all creation will guide you. This is the “Igniting the Light” in the year 2019.

Mars, Venus and Jupiter in harmonious alignment in Fire

Mars, Venus, and Jupiter align in a harmonious trine from the 18th to the 26th encouraging us to attune to our passions. Embrace their energy by expressing your love and gratitude. Relationships and creativity are then nurtured. Take the risk of being vulnerable to your own inner sacredness of heart. Write, sing, paint the deeper self.

Jupiter square Neptune

The first of 3 Jupiter squares to Neptune takes place on January 13. A very powerful and rare alignment. They challenge each other toward bringing clarity and compassion. Fiery Sagittarian Jupiter seeks truth and greater moral alignment. It wants to expand, find greater meaning and justice, while dreamy Neptune in Pisces, amplifies the imaginative worlds. Neptune in Pisces is formless and exists as possibilities in potential states, is deep feeling, and porous to the collective suffering and hopes of humanity.

The square, through tension, establishes a new relationship between the two archetypes, creating a foundation, which guides philosophical changes in our belief systems. Neptune potentially provides the emotional and spiritual refinement, the imaginative powers to grow and evolve into more mindful, inspired awareness. It amplifies our highest nature.

Both represent idealism and have their shadow sides. So be vigilant to your values and sense of truth. Old solutions to old problems no longer work. Jupiter can overdo, becoming too idealistic and like Icarus flies too high and near the Sun. Neptune in Pisces is susceptible to illusion, delusion, and denial. Let us be vigilant to collective and personal denial, knowing with Neptune in Pisces we are all more sensitive to each other and the world condition, susceptible to overwhelm and confusion. The grace of the universal timing gives us the power inherent with Saturn in Capricorn to create healthy boundaries and cut away the dross of an over stimulated culture. Saturn teaches though inner quiet and listening.

Cultivate both amusement and compassion for oneself and the world. To open the portals into the New Age spaciousness in breath, thought, and response are the ingredients that amusement and compassion provide.

Einstein said, “There is some beautiful and mysterious order underlying this visible world”. We are connected to something much larger than ourselves, our culture, and society, flowing through us. As we trust this underlying order we can participate in a much more conscious, collaborative, and creative way. This is what is awakening in humanity and seeking to set the foundation for a new age. Its intelligence carries innovative solutions to our challenges. We call it the ‘Return of the Feminine’, changing the dominant cultural dictates and once again honoring the world behind the world, the soul and imagination of the World and each other.  

This is the call, the “Igniting of the Light” for 2019. Our actions and consciousness pave the way for the Saturn Pluto conjunction of next year which radically destructures that which is no longer life sustaining. Jupiter gives us hope and courage; a new force is on the move. On New Year’s Day, the New Horizons spacecraft, now in the furthest reaches of our solar system, sent back photos from the most distant planetary body ever closely explored. This heavenly body is named “Ultima Thule”, an ancient Latin name, meaning “Beyond the Known Worlds”. Ultima Thule and New Horizons so aptly symbolizes our movement into the Aquarian age, connecting our most ancient past with frontiers of consciousness. Through new horizons and beyond our known worlds we are laboriously birthing a new world, a new self and a new humanity. As Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn would say, “Keep the faith, cultivate stillness, and take action!”

The Twelve signs for 2019: For Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries 2019 brings a boost. We start with Mars in Aries giving you energy and direction. On February 14th, Mars enters Taurus and slows the pace to cultivate a more steady rhythm. Beneficial Jupiter enters the fire sign Sagittarius and harmoniously aligns with your Aries. This alignment can bring more ease and confidence especially after the challenges of 2018! Jupiter in Sag encourages you to expand the boundaries of your life. It may be in little ways or grander ways. Let yourself sync up with seeing the positive, and practice gratitude. Gratitude is the song that brings Jupiter into your life. Do away with phrases and dialogues where you communicate what you are not, or what’s not happening. Look to the future and envision positive possibilities. Publishing, taking up a study, teaching, and travel are all highlighted. Now that old Saturn is still moving through Capricorn, testing your patience and commitment to the goals and intentions you have chosen. Jupiter wants to get there right now! While Saturn says, “Have patience, as you clarify more and more your intentions and values. This is the year to grow and become skillful in what you do.”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, Uranus fully enters Taurus on March 6th. Change things up! Be flexible and enter into the mindset of flow. Shake loose the old way of doing things. As you ponder the year ahead, think outside the box. Saturn in Capricorn encourages you to stay with a plan, a focus to accomplish, something perhaps you didn’t complete before. Let Uranus instruct you to think in ways you didn’t before about who you are and what is possible for you. If you find your Taurus feet are digging in and resisting, lighten up. Remember that we are dreaming up our lives. Revelations and new insights hover nearby. With Jupiter in Sagittarius this year, it calls you into unknown lands, asking you to seek greater truths for yourself, to clear your space and lighten the journey ahead, as you manifest the life you deeply value. Intimacy with others is a key this year. You learn much about yourself through opening your relationships. They are your catalysts for change.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, this is a wonderful year to collaborate with a partner. If you are looking for a partner, the doors are open, the timing supportive. If you are hoping to improve a relationship, now is the time you most benefit from learning, traveling and exploring the roots of issues together. As you embark on your journey this year, possibilities open and your imagination is active. Growth and expansion of your horizons come with the optimism, excitement, and stimulation from others. Your vision for what you can manifest comes from your highest ideals. With Saturn in Capricorn, you are asked to ground yourself, and understand the deeper needs within your intentions. Through relationship and collaborative partnerships you become aware of your feelings and the emotional interactions between yourself and others. Mercury, (your ruling planet), retrogrades in water signs during March, July, and November. These are keys times for you to slow down and become reflective. By stepping outside of your busy mind and integrating your feeling experiential self with the brightness of your thinking you are most successful.

 Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, you start the New Year with a bang. Energies intensify. So much clearing going on! Clearing, completing, and following through. You are held to a strict measure of achievement. With Mars entering Aries through the beginning of the year, be sure to take action as soon as you can on the intentions that are pushing you forward. This is a year for regeneration and refinement, both psychologically and physically. In fact the two go hand in hand for you because action, and igniting the student within, promote the stimulation and expansion now needed on your journey. Jupiter in Sagittarius encourages you to analyze your belief systems. Loosen up tightly held ‘truths’ to open to possibilities and amusement. Increasing your business can take place this year as you take time to analyze the details of what’s working in your day to day running of it. The next six years bring you closer to fulfilling a larger intention. With Saturn in Capricorn you are developing greater wisdom of what is needed to fulfill your intentions. Saturn yields a great scythe and now you see where and how to prune back what has limited your confidence.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, there are two strong influences as you start the year. One is the need to organize your space or things. Somewhere in your life there is the need to cut away and let go of too much stuff. The second influence, and the exciting one, is Jupiter is now in fire sign Sagittarius stimulating your fiery passions. What a great year to pursue your creativity! (Have a child, or engage with children). With Mars in active Aries until Feb 14th you enter a field of hopeful optimism and potential creative fury, or sweet love. This is a good year to take stock of your health. Start a yoga or Chi Gong class to realign body, mind and feeling. Great benefits will follow over the next two years. Uranus entering Taurus challenges you to activate something different and new in your life. Change things up and be open to unexpected events that take you into new territory and new levels of consciousness.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, the year starts with stimulation to realign yourself. You may feel the strong need to give shape to your own creative expression in a more distinct form. The question is, “How to structure your time and life to allow the unfoldment of your creative expression?” With Jupiter now in Sagittarius your home becomes the sanctuary. You find yourself expanding your writing, your study, and your intuitive processes. Your home becomes a place where others gather to learn and grow, to laugh and enjoy good food. There is delight and restoration for you here. Mercury, (your ruling planet) retrogrades in the water element this year. Earthy Virgo will feel deeply nourished during these times if you will pull your energies in, and quiet your busy searching, evaluating mind. So take note, and give yourself time to retreat in March, July, and Dec. The month of March is especially productive time for you!

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, So much soul searching going on! But its right as Saturn calls on you to reflect deeply. You are handed Saturn’s scythe to carefully and with determination cut away old daily patterns and perspectives that overload you, obstruct, and limit you. What has out grown its usefulness over the last number of years now calls for limitation. Radical restructuring is taking place as you step by step rebuild your inner foundation. It’s a worthy task. For some Librans it will be family issues that promote deep consideration, an effort to find and offer wisdom to each other. With Jupiter now in Sagittarius harmonizing with your Libra energy all outreach for learning and expanding your horizons is beneficial! There may be someone (or several) close by who supports your success and growth this year. Be open to possibilities from unexpected places!

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio you may experience the turn of the year as a bit of a whirlwind. Last year something new entered your life, a new possibility or person. This year you are ready to jump in and give it a try, or continue what has started. New intentions gather to motivate inspiration. With change activator, Uranus, entering Taurus, be flexible. Change is in the air. Surprises coming from your partnerships can allow needed rearranging.  The new people who enter your life, your lover or a friend will stimulate new ways of being and seeing the world. You hold an ideal you want to accomplish. Let Saturn in earthy Capricorn organize and structure your focus, so that you can move with steady momentum over time to the goal. Cultivate your patience as you move closer to what you dream. Your income may increase this year, especially with strategies and planning that compliments your needs.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, with Jupiter, your ruling planet, now in its own sign, your sign, Sagittarius, growth and expansion into new areas take place, and abundance begins to pour in. This only takes place once every 12 years. It blesses you with another round of new experiences, which makes how you seed this year with your vision especially important. The challenge of this year will be too muchness. In other words, you may be too busy, indulge yourself too much, or promise more than you can actually accomplish, which causes too much stress! Continue to be more conservative with your finances as Saturn moves through Capricorn. You can create a strategy that will greatly benefit you over the next several years. With Uranus now in Taurus, change up your work routines in your office; revitalize how you work to go to the next level of engagement. You may find that interesting people enter your work life, bringing refreshing insights and new possibilities.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Sometimes, as a Capricorn, you think, “once I have a thought of something I want to achieve then I should have achieved it by now!” But, No! Saturn instructs you to be steady and persevering toward your goal for success. Being born a Capricorn means you have taken on a worthy journey of transformation and contribution. As Saturn’s shadow passes over you and dims your confidence remember that this is the fading patriarchal paradigm in its last grasp to retain power through shaming and diminishing. Its slanted view of achievement distorts Saturn’s actual wisdom, calling you to navigate by that voice within, honoring your uniqueness, with no comparison to anyone else. This year, Jupiter in Sagittarius deepens your imaginative powers, so give yourself time to play and imagine. Let your understanding of this mysterious cosmos we live in change up the story you tell yourself. As Uranus enters Taurus these next 7 years you find yourself breaking out of the status quo and venturing forth in new ways. Keep affirming the possibilities and take action as planned. Steady as you go.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, you are in the last years of a completing a 29-year cycle. In 2019, be aware of this completion. Take the time to look over the last 29 years, contemplating what you have cultivated. Saturn in Capricorn asks you to retreat, gather yourself, and give form to your plans and ideals for the year ahead. At the end of 2020 both Jupiter and Saturn will enter your sign and initiate a new cycle with Aquarian overtones. A seeding for a new humanity! Your vision, thoughts, and words, are very important now. They help contribute to what will grow in the future. This year Jupiter in Sagittarius will bring you out to speak, to teach, to create further collaborations. You will be well received. With Uranus, your ruling planet, now fully entering Taurus for the next 7 years, you enter the next phase of awakening and change. Honor its wild heart and irreverent creativity as it rearranges your sense of self.

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): It’s not easy to be a Pisces, especially during these times, when the world is churning with chaos and uncertainty, when the deeper hidden belly of humanity is being exposed so as to heal the deep trauma in our lineages. But you have a special place. You carry the soul of humanity, of the great sea creatures, and of the whirling verdant Earth. We want to hear your voice now. We need your vision that holds the vast Neptunian spaces of love and generosity. And when you feel overwhelmed by the collective seas of emotion in which we live, that you, particularly, are attuned to, find your fiery friend who reminds you of the beauty of yourself. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, bring your creations out. Expand into new areas of teaching. Share your gifts. And travel to new places!

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 37 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and or, painting classes, and for personal consultations, call (831) 479-3751, or go to

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