January 2, 2020

Astrology for 2020

“Turning Point” Astrology themes for 2020

2020 will be a major “Turning Point” year for us personally and collectively. Hold the vision for powerful transformations for yourself and humanity. A rare planetary conjunction in Capricorn starts the year (Saturn conjunct Pluto) and another one (Jupiter conjunct Saturn) ends the year, in Aquarius, called the Great Mutation, leading us into new developing themes for humanity.

Highlights for 2020

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Jupiter now in Capricorn, last time, 2008

Jupiter expands Capricorn’s themes. Jupiter having entered Capricorn on December 2, gives us instructions in how to enlarge our confidence and find meaning through the Earthy sign Capricorn. We engage with our heart and allow our intention to arise, our inspiration to guide, and set a pace to attain our goal(s) with patience, staying power, and perseverance. The path toward the goal will carry its own unfolding as we listen to its calling. We connect with our inner wisdom, coupled with guides and/or mentors, who hold the vision with us, through the months ahead, to attainment and manifestation. Success now comes through steady progress, building our practice in a daily and weekly way, organizing our time, and creating a supportive structure. It’s worthwhile to name those goals, and to rename them during the year, utilizing the enduring power and patience of the steady and determined Capricorn energy. In 2021 Jupiter enters Aquarius, highlighting the sharing and enacting of our ideals and attainments with others.

Jan 10 – Lunar Eclipse: Lunar eclipse, full Moon, in Cancer with Sun in Capricorn, (eclipses continue in Cancer and Capricorn, June and July, until the eclipse lineup shifts into Sagittarius/Gemini in November and December) Under this eclipse our feelings are increased. We seek the balance of our inner and outer lives, our tenderness and strength, our needs for closeness and our solitary journey to be ourselves. Keywords: Anchor yourself in honoring your and others’ life journey, like a deep rooted tree, while the winds of emotion sway your branches, bringing empathy for the human journey and the transformations taking place.

 Jan 12Saturn conjuncts Pluto at 23 Capricorn

The influence of these planetary archetypes affected 2019 and in 2020 they exactly conjunct each other. Here is an ending and new beginning of a 36-year cycle. Saturn Pluto conjunction shows us what we have repressed or left out of our awareness but which still has power within or over us. We begin a new cycle of transforming the structures of habit and thought, governments and economies, that are no longer life sustaining, no longer support our growth in awareness, relationship, and consciousness of our greater identity. It takes courage and perseverance to transform the structures within our psyches, and within our societies which have programmed us. Let us name this, look inside, as Saturn insists, to understand and realize what we want to transform. (For how this affects our politics and the elections in 2020 come to Susan’s talk, “Turning Point” on January 24th)

June 27 – Mars into Aries, through January 2021

Mars enters its own sign, Aries, in June and then retrogrades, remaining in Aries until January 2021. (Mars only retrogrades every two years, in different signs each time). Here’s the urge to create new beginnings, and yet we must reconsider, even more deeply what those new beginnings are, during Mars retrograde, from September 9th through November 13, when we move forward again in a revised way. (Note it comes after the Presidential election). (More on this in Susan’s 2020 talk on January 24th)

Mars in Aries is the archetypal warrior, courageous, energetic, assertive, and fighting for its rights. How can we best utilize this energy during this “Turning Point” year? How can we become more aware of the values and conditioning that have propelled our behaviors and shaped our culture over the last 200 years? How can we become mindful of our initial reactions to defend and attack, caught in comparing and competing? Mars in Aries supports our courage and intention to stand for our deeper convictions. We can utilize this powerful energetic to move us forward creatively, asserting a new paradigm of equality, and inclusiveness. Like a powerful undertow oppressive hierarchical structures seek to pull us back toward the past, with tighter control and polarization. Let us counter that with consciousness.

 March 4th – Jupiter conjuncts Pluto     March 4th, June 29th, November 12th

Jupiter enlarges and increases the Plutonian transformative processes. This catapults us into ending one cycle and beginning a new phase of development. The Capricorn structures that dictated success and accomplishment, “how we should be” now begin a new cycle of transformation. Let us envision transformed possibilities for what structures our society, culture and our own inner psyches. Let us bring patience, self-love, and organizational skills to what we envision as possible.

Venus & Mars go retrograde – May 12th thru May 24th, and Sept 29th thru Nov 13th – respectively. Reviewing and revising our relationship patterns, as well as how we take action on our values. The challenge and opportunity for bringing mindfulness to our automatic behavior, reviewing our actions, and putting into place radical pioneering efforts toward what we value and how we govern.

 Mercury retrogrades in Water to Air signs   Feb. 16 – March 9, June 17 – July 12, October 13 – November 3

Reviewing our quality of life and how this is affected by our thoughts through out the year.

December 21st on the Winter Solstice – Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius

“The Great Mutation” – Jupiter and Saturn begin a new 20-year cycle in the sign Aquarius. This is a seeding for our ideals and our collaborations with each other that will grow over the next 20 to 240 years. This conjunction is called “the Great Mutation” because for the last 240 years the conjunction has been in Earth signs. The last time the conjunction begin its 240-year cycle in Air signs was about 800 years ago. It is greatly auspicious and therefore very emphasized, to have this conjunction begin on the Winter Solstice. (Since 1842 the conjunction in Earth signs emphasized material development, often based on Earth’s resources. The conjunction in air signs, beginning 2020 to 2219, will bring the emphasis to global social development, which includes innovative ideas, strengthening of information networks, communication and inclusive interrelatedness.)

 The Twelve signs for 2020: For Sun and Rising Signs

 Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, 2020 is the year to stretch and more confidently embrace your own growth and accomplishments. These last several years have asked for transformation and perseverance. Now you can experience the rewards of that determination. For the Aries approaches things with intensity and determined activity, while now the call is for more lighthearted spaciousness to ripen the fruit you have been cultivating. The focus is on accomplishing your career goals, or that which you have been aspiring towards. Then let yourself show up in public to share your understanding. Much healing takes place for you this year, or you may show up as the teacher, healer, that you are, integrating your fiery active Aries with patience and balance in all areas of life. With Mars going into Aries in June, situations speed up. The challenge will be to balance your assertiveness with a deeper wisdom, both within yourself and with those you encounter in work. Keyword: Patience

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, you may have been working diligently to learn and expand your repertoire of skills. You may have been seeing your shortcomings and the need to dig deeper, or to complete and finish things. You may have, through your own hard work, become more thorough and organized. This year a new element arrives, new possibilities for growth, meaning, and expansion of what you do. With Uranus moving through Taurus you can be more innovative, perhaps utilizing technology to expand your outreach, or encountering new teachings that awaken inspiration within you, taking you places you hadn’t entertained before. This is a time to trust those possibilities. With Jupiter in harmony with your sign, success and fulfillment of your plans are highlighted, marking 2020 as an auspicious year for you. With Saturn entering Aquarius you also want to limit your focus for the best results. Don’t take on too much. Keyword: Confidence

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, this year can be a very powerful transformative year for you. You may encounter, or reach out for, new healing techniques or teachers. There are deep lessons to be learned with those you are intimate with. Seeing old patterns that no longer serve you, and being willing to let them go, brings new collaborations, even a new sense of self. Finances and business transactions are also in the forefront of this year. It is good to review the rules and boundaries of any business partnerships. When those are well defined than you receive benefits and positive financial return. With Venus retrograding in Gemini with year your love life is highlighted. There can be growing affection and sweetness, or just a complimentary partnership from April 3rd to August 7th. Keyword: Transform

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, such a highlight in 2020 in the area of relationship, partnerships and showing up in the public with what you do! During the last couple years as Saturn transited opposite your sign, you were challenged to persevere and complete things. You, perhaps, moved through testing times in your partnership. You may have initiated large changes that refocused your sense of self, or brought in something new that cleared the way for transformation within yourself and in relationship. What you accomplished wasn’t easy, but now you are particularly feeling its benefits. This year as Jupiter opposes your Cancer Sun, traveling, teaching, and learning are increased. You begin to have a greater sense of confidence. In the later part of the year, there will be much learning in relationship. Its essential theme will be how to balance your needs and desires with those of others. Keyword: Connection

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, 2020 is a year of refinement and of focus on improvement. With Saturn and Pluto preceding Jupiter in Capricorn, you had already begun these improvements where you live or work. 2020 quickens this work, and brings more pleasure to what you have created. It feels as if you are getting things, and structures, in place for your daily living. You experience gratitude and enjoyment because of your efforts. Along with this, you now feel as if you have the follow through to take up some new diet, or exercise program to support your health and well being. Work is highlighted with more opportunities presenting themselves. You feel more encouragement and confidence. The second half of the year stimulates new adventures, travel, and/or taking up new interests or study. Keyword: Refinement

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, do you feel as though you have been steadily working at your creativity, or to express yourself in new ways? With Jupiter entering Capricorn, enjoyment and confidence in your creative expression grows. For best results, commit to a structure, or schedule, that gives you space and time to follow your heart’s desire. 2020 brings more shared experience with children and enjoyment with your children. You find it easier to participate, and are well received. Your wisdom is appreciated. This is especially a creative and innovative time for you, Virgo! You feel breakthroughs to situations that have blocked you, or obstructed growth before. This year, empathy, self- forgiveness, and acceptance brings more ease into all your relationships. Keyword: Creativity

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, your internal reflections over the last several years, after much hard work and consistent self-awareness, have transformed your inner foundations. You have built a solid inner stability which developed through your own deep listening and thoughtfulness. You have sought out those who could teach and support you. Now things come more easily and your confidence grows. The work you pursue in your own private space or studio at home now comes more easily as well. You benefit from creating and designing that space to reflect your ideals. Pick your priorities so that you don’t take on more than you can manage. Listen to your inner inspirations and guidance because this now supports success in your endeavors. Trust yourself! Keyword: Groundedness

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, once again you may experience the turn of the year as a bit of a whirlwind. Uranus in Taurus brings new energy, projects, and people into your life. You have the opportunity to step into something new and unknown. You may have mixed feelings about this, as part of you is open to expanding your horizons, learning, teaching, and acting in new ways. And yet you also feel cautious, not wanting to overextend yourself. You may be aware of fears or perceived inadequacies. This is the opportunity to see the fears for what are. Perhaps they are a caution to look practically at your time commitments and to understand your longer-term vision, so stretch that time for your plans. Refining and sharing your communication is a focus for you this year. Keyword: Communication

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, this year focuses on your values and talents. You perhaps have redefined what it is you truly want to manifest in your life, over the last years. Do you have the financial means and the ability to manifest that vision, you may have asked yourself. Last year was a key year for that new vision and it continues to grow this year. It is a good year to stretch into the possibilities you perceive for yourself. Your ability to plan and work out a map for the time ahead helps and supports you now, both financially, and with confidence in your achievement. From June until the end of the year are key times for your action and drive to embody your vision. Keyword: Values

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, once in 12 years Jupiter enters your sign and supports more ease and confidence. For hard working and serious Capricorn, this supports opening to new possibilities with trust. 2020 is a good year to expand into new areas of expression and interest. An excellent time to make yourself known as you are seen in very positive light, an excellent time to take up a new study, return to school, or move forward on a new project. With Saturn and Pluto conjuncting in Capricorn as well, you do well to be practical, to create a plan. Certain things or attitudes may drop away, so let go of them for they no longer serve you. You have been through a powerful transformative time for many years. You are a different person then you were three years ago. Uranus, in Taurus now, supports moving into the unknown, while listening to yourself, engaging you with inspirational creativity and self-expression. Trust yourself!! Keyword: Possibilities

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, with the gathering of planets in Capricorn, you are encouraged this year to retreat and gather yourself! Look back over your last number of years, the things you have done, have created, and choose to complete what is vital and soul connected in your life now. Let yourself reflect deeply on what is essential for you, and let it grow. Your instructions are to reflect, to summarize, dipping deeper into soul and spirit, moving into potent imaginative realms, and completing what needs to be completed, or let go of. At the end of the year both Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius, a potent sign of new beginnings. Especially for you, dear Aquarius! Gather your strength and energy. Imagine the future. Connect with spirit. Write and dream. Keywords: Cultivate self love and imagination

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, 2020 is the year for you to tune into your ideals. Connect with like-minded souls to open to new areas of growth. Share yourself with others in new ways. You have been so responsible for others. Now it’s your turn to grow through allowing new inspiration and support. Enjoy and spend time with friends, especially with those that support you in your desires and drives toward new goals for yourself. You find yourself transforming your goals and or revising your plans, or opening to something entirely new. Welcome it. As your energy grows in the spring you’re ready to take on that new project. In 2020 you create new structures for how you serve and support your community. Keyword: Engagement

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