July 24, 2022

Astrology for August

The New Moon of July 28, in the fixed fire sign Leo, has brought us into the month August. The sign Leo speaks of the radiance of summer, the fullness of expression, the passion of our heart felt emotions. Where does the sign Leo fall in your chart? Where and how do you carry and express the dramatic, self embodied sign, Leo? The summer activates this part of your chart

Uranus, the North Node, and Mars conjunct at 18 Taurus, July 31 and Aug 1. 

With this combination, something suddenly shakes us up, breaks us open to a new place with the potential to rearrange our consciousness. The emphasis on the sign Taurus points us in the direction of learning to honor our own worth, being present to the moment, and attuning us to values that are life sustaining for ourselves and the Earth. It rattles us with change around how we view security and money. It is collectively disruptive in order to bring about change and to re-configure what and how we are manifesting. It quickens with intensity our need for change. Watch the end of July and the beginning of August for clues to the collective impact and where we are headed as a society.

With the North Node in Taurus the issues that encourage our growth are: developing self worth, reflecting on our values, focusing on the needs of our mother Earth, and understanding what the idea of ‘security’ means to us. It’s a collective call for honoring the earth, understanding embodiment, and what it means to be here in our bodies in this moment on Earth. It brings our attention to what the collective values and therefore, also, to the idea of money, finances, and economies.

The South Node in Scorpio, highlights what we are needing to recognize and release. Scorpio, the sign of deep feelings, of intimacy, and emotionally relating with one another, brings our attention to the dynamics between us, how we nurture, or battle, with each other. It gives us an opportunity to understand the power dynamics of relationship. With the South Node, we are releasing, letting go of emotional complexity, and turning to the Taurus North Node, coming back to ourselves, as a rebalancing takes place.

Uranus is the change agent, awakening us to a broader perspective on life, giving us opportunity to change and grow, shaking us awake, overturning habituated patterns. But Uranus can also just bring chaos and disruption that fuels distortion of reality. Uranus is revolution that shakes the status quo and hopefully employs its visionary consciousness to plant seeds for positive change and growth, breaking out of old ways of being. With Uranus traveling in conjunction with the North Node, we are encouraged to change our orientation and grow with new awareness to what is deeply valuable both within ourselves, to each other, and within our relation to this Earth.

You may find yourself re-envisioning your sense of self and your next phase of growth. Like an earthquake rattling the stability of ground, we are ushered into a new relationship with the present, staying alert, especially through the times of uncertainty, all to awaken ourselves to the fuller dimensions of being which are possible for us. It is then that we come to the moment with fresh awareness. Uranus is the Fool of the Tarot, encouraging us to embrace the sacred journey we are on, to listen to our inner guidance, and watch for synchronicities along the way, as we participate with the creative energies all around us.

When Mars enters the conjunction on the the 31st and Aug 1st, all this is heated up. Both Mars and Uranus are related to lightning, so we can expect something sudden and dramatic around breakdown, breakthrough, or activism. Personally, this is a good time to move energy. If you have been thinking about a change or a new approach to things, now is the time. Imagine approaching this change with Taurian energy, being grounded, patient, and with a steady step by step approach. Attune to what you deeply value. Attune to creating that which is nurturing and supportive to your sense of self worth. Attune to cultivating life sustaining practices for our Earth.

Saturn in Aquarius is squaring the Nodes, Uranus, and Mars as we head into August. Saturn slows us down for reflection, to plan, to set a schedule, to find our inner wisdom. We might feel the tension between the old limitations we’ve hit time and again, and the momentum to change and go for it. It is good to take our time as we implement change. To inquire into Saturn’s wisdom of how to structure and schedule things, and staying in tune with our inner self as we implement changes.

Celestial Events for August

July 28 New Moon in Leo –  (see above) Jupiter goes retrograde at 8 Aries, trining the New Moon. Jupiter stations at 8 Aries as it turns retrograde, encouraging us to move forward with boldness. To step out into new territory. Where is Aries in your chart? What area of your life is being activated to create new beginnings?

July 28 -30 – Mercury squares Uranus, then opposes Saturn – Our thinking encounters new ideas, possible breakthroughs, moving beyond our usual patterns, then seeks to bring the new into more solid form.

July 31 – The Sun at 8 Leo trines Jupiter in Aries – enjoy yourself, share your good will and laugh together. Tackle a bigger project. A day we adventure, we trust, we come into leadership. A day for teaching, learning, and revealing wisdom.

Aug 1Mars conjuncts Uranus conjuncts North Node at 18 Taurus – (see above)

Aug 3 – Mercury enters Virgo – With Mercury moving into its own sign Virgo, our powers of discernment, analysis, and careful attention to detail can grow. Editing, research, and deeper understanding of new material is highlighted.

Aug 7 – Mars squares Saturn – From August 1st to August 7, Mars activates the Uranus Saturn square. We may be aware of our own inner polarities or resistances, and fired up to break through. When Mars squares Saturn we will want to slow down, being aware of what may seem like obstacles to our forward movement. This turning point in their cycle allows us to gain a missed wisdom in our actions.

Aug 11 – Full Moon at 19 Aquarius, squares Uranus, conjuncts Saturn here we balance the fullness of our self expression (Sun in Leo) with the awareness of being part of something larger than ourselves (Moon in Aquarius). Under this Aquarius full moon how do we step back from drama and become curious, inventive, and open to new experiences? With Saturn next to the Full Moon we may want to take our time to ground and formulate the vision that is growing for our future. This Saturn can be the master teacher slowing us down, and guiding us through our own inner reflection, or through the wise words of a mentor or elder.  If we feel Saturn’s restrictive qualities, or that there are frustrating obstacles to our journey, we will slow down and know that something is wanting to be known or learned. We experience the old and the new, being in the in between, seeking how to ground and embody the changes we are embracing. We are the “Fools on the Journey of Life,” daring ourselves to cross over into new territory. 

Affirmation for the Full Moon in Aquarius


“May I be open to the new possibilities before me with confidence and trust.”  

“May I know that we are all participating in an evolution of consciousness that has the potential to change the world.”

Aug 14 – The Sun opposes Saturn – When the Sun opposes Saturn, it is a day for reflection, for inner contemplation.

Aug 16  – Mercury trines Uranus – we can open ourselves to insights and revelations, our thoughts are more inventive and creative, conversations are stimulating. We are open to learning new things.

Aug 18 – Venus trines Jupiter – The Goddess of Relatedness joins the God of Abundance and love of life. Find time to enjoy the day and appreciate what is good in your life.

Aug 20 – Mars enters Gemini – Mars enters the sign of communication, the sign of the twins, light and dark, old and new, artist and warrior. This activation can help us bring awareness to how we communicate with each other and how we listen. It can heat up our minds with creative ideas, and creative writing, or we can create argument and debate the issues, our passions overtaking our conscious communication. Where is Gemini in your chart? This area of your chart is lit up with energy to act. We can use its long stay in Gemini (through March 25th 2023) to bring more consciousness to how we listen and communicate with others, to taking note of our inner polarities. Mars goes retrograde at 25 Gemini on October 30, then goes direct at 8 Gemini on January 12th. This is a very unique time of reviewing our intentions, our actions, our projects, the way we have communicated ourselves. We can use it for our growth, and fine-tuning our intentions and actions.

Aug 22 – The Sun enters Virgo – as the summer begins to transition into fall. We feel ourselves pulling inward and refocusing ourselves. With this practical earth sign, we put things in place.  

Aug 24 –  Uranus goes retrograde – Uranus, the change agent, peaks, highlighting the unpredictable, with the potential to bring about breakthroughs and new insights.

Aug 25 – Mercury enters Libra – Mercury now enters Libra away from analytical pursuits to highlight the artistic and poetic mind, thinking about and communicating ideas of fairness and justice.

Aug 26 – The Sun at 3 Virgo squares Mars in Gemini – a day of vitality and decisiveness. Watch for conflict, competitiveness and comparisons. Use its energy to take action on your intentions.

Aug 27 – The New Moon in Virgo – Virgo is the sign of attunement and refinement, of health and conscientious work. It does not call attention to itself but sets about its task with dedication. With the New Moon in Virgo practical matters can be successfully focused upon. Time to put things in order, to refine, edit, and review our work and service. This New Moon receives a square from Mars in Gemini, so we feel the tension of taking a new kind of action, or making a decision. If we are feeling frustration or in conflict, we see that Mercury, which is the planetary ruler of both Gemini and Virgo, directs us to find our equilibrium, to pause, and deliberate on both sides of the issue. This is Mercury in Libra, the sign of balance, fairness, and harmony. This is the way we find our forward movement, as Mercury is in a harmonious trine with Mars the planet of action.


Affirmation for the New Moon in Virgo

“May I be attuned in body, mind, and spirit.”

“May I be in service to the highest good.”

The Twelve signs for the month will return in September: Sun and Rising Signs

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